Wix abandoned cart emails: A simple guide for merchants

Wix’s abandoned cart email is one powerful remarketing tool.

Why? 7 of 10 shoppers who add an object to their cart will not purchase it.

Abandoned carts are a major problem for eCommerce businesses, costing them $18 billion annually.

If you don’t have an abandoned-cart recovery strategy, you can bet that you are wasting money.

The good news is that we will now share all you need to know about emailing wix abandoned cart emails.

You’ll discover:

  • What is an email from an abandoned cart?
  • How to create abandoned cart emails that convert
  • How to automate and set up your abandoned cart campaign with wix
  • This is the best way to up your abandoned cart game

Does that sound good? Let’s get started!

What is an abandoned cart email?

An email titled “Abandoned Cart” is one that you send to customers after they have added a product or item to their cart and initiated checkout but not completed their purchase.

These emails can be set up to automatically send when a customer abandons a cart.

Most abandoned cart emails include a reminder and a link to bring the customer back into their cart to complete their purchase.

These emails can be a great way to increase your sales and should be a part of any eCommerce Marketing strategy.

How to write high-converting Wix abandoned cart emails

Great abandoned cart emails share the same fundamental characteristics.

These seven steps will help you create compelling emails that customers won’t be able to resist.

1. Send an email to perfection.

What is the best time to email an abandoned cart?

Rejoiner recommends that you send your abandoned cart email within an hour of the customer abandoning their cart. This time, emails convert at around 16%

You can expect a drop in conversion rates of just 11% if you wait 24 hours after abandoning your cart.

Instead of just sending one email, it is better to send several emails.

A 3-5 email abandoned cart flow will increase customer visibility and encourage customers to return to checkout.

Learn more:

2. Create a captivating subject line

An astounding 50% of people open email based solely on the subject line.

In a crowded inbox the subject line is what gets your customer’s attention.

These guidelines will help you write your subject line.

  • For maximum visibility on all devices, keep it under 80 characters
  • To avoid spam folders, don’t use more then one question mark or exclamation mark.
  • Only one message or offer that isn’t pushy
  • Encourage urgency and curiosity
  • If they are relevant to your brand, you can use humor or emojis
  • Keep it simple if in doubt

Esther & Co. has provided a wonderful example of these guidelines in action.

Want more inspiration? These are the top ones we have seen over the years.

  • Crate & Barrel – We have this saved for you.
  • J.Crew – Oops, something was missed.
  • Jack Irwin : Hey. Your shoes were missing when you left…
  • Alternate: Your cart is calling.
  • BlueMercury – Missing Something?
  • The House T: Did this get lost?

Tip: For more inspiration, see our complete guide to abandoned Cart Subject Lines.

3. Incentive

It is important to understand why people left your site in the first place if you want them to return.

Unexpected charges such as shipping and taxes are the main reason people abandon sales. You can overcome this objection by giving them a discount or free shipping.

The key is to keep your discount in check until you have received your last email from your abandoned cart flow.

This will make sure you don’t lose any revenue to customers who only need a gentle reminder to finish their purchase.

4. Encourage a sense of urgency

Once you have a prospect opening your email, it is important to encourage action.

It can be a great idea to remind shoppers that their items are only available for a short time and that they might sell soon. Use phrases such as:

  • Selling fast
  • Stock extremely limited
  • Stocks are limited
  • Your cart is about expire
  • High demand items are found in your shopping cart

Shopping can be made easier by scarcity. To increase your conversion rate, you can use time-limited discount codes such as “Get 15% Off if you order within the next 24hrs” to boost your conversion rate.

5. Optimize for Mobile

Around 60% of email openings are now done on mobile devices. Optimizing your email for mobile devices is essential to maintain high conversion rates.

Here are some easy ways to make your email look great on a tiny screen.

  • Keep your copy brief and to-the-point.
  • Ensure your email makes sense – even if your images don’t load.
  • White space is a great way to give your readers lots of room to click on your CTA.
  • Clear out clutter that does not contribute to your CTA
  • Pre-header text should support your subject line.

Tip: Always test your Wix abandoned cart emails on multiple devices before you launch your campaign to make sure everything is working.

Lather on Social Proof

In eCommerce, trust is essential.

These can be added to your abandoned cart email to increase conversion rates

  • Customer reviews
  • Media outlets that feature your brand
  • How many satisfied customers do you have?
  • Posts on social media from happy customers

Customers are 3X more likely than customers to purchase a product that has five reviews. So find ways to remind customers how much they love your product.

How to set-up Wix abandoned cart emails

Now that you’re confident in writing emails that convert, let us learn how to set up your abandoned cart emails with Wix.

Wix’s pre-built automation makes it super simple to get started.

  • Log in to your Wix account
  • Navigate to “Automations” in your dashboard
  • To retrieve an abandoned cart’ , click email visitors
  • Click to ‘Activate’
Source: WIX

You can then customize the look of your email and the timing.

Source: WIX

After you have set up your abandoned cart email, make sure to verify that the shopper is able to access your store using an incognito browser.

Make sure you get your email about the abandoned cart and everything is in order!

Carti: Wix’s Better Way to Recover Abandoned Carts

It’s great to set up an abandoned Wix cart. But what if you want your cart recovery skills up a notch.

This is where an app such as Carti comes in to play.

Let’s take a look at the features Carti offers and how you can get it tested for free. You can watch our video to learn how to set up Carti. Let’s continue!

What is Carti for Wix eCommerce and how does it work?

Carti allows you to automate cart abandonment across multiple Wix channels.

Carti sends smart reminders to shoppers that encourage them to return and complete their purchase via:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Messenger (Coming soon)
  • Push notifications (Coming Soon)

What makes Carti so special?

In the past, it took a lot of effort and a lot of knowledge to set up a campaign for cart abandonment across multiple channels.

Carti makes it easy to get started in just a few clicks

Carti is loaded with templates, flows and automation that will help you recover carts from your customers and increase your profits.

How to Recover Wix Abandoned Carts

In just four steps, you can set up multi-channel cart recovery at wix

Step 1: Install Carti in Your Store

  • Go to the Wix App Market and search for Carti. Click Add to Site’
  • Next, you will be able to review the information Carti requires. This information is relevant to the app. Once you are satisfied, click “Allow and add”

Step 2: Select a payment plan

  • The pricing plans will be displayed on the next screen. They vary depending upon your needs. You can start by choosing the Free’ plan, which allows you to receive up to 200 emails each month.

Note: If you require more SMS credits, you can buy them separately. This free credit allows you to test SMS and determine if it is suitable for your store.

Step 3: Set up your cart recovery sequence

  • The next screen will show our automated cart recovery process. Carti automatically sends five email reminders, three browse abandonment reminders and three SMS reminders.
  • Select the reminders that you wish to send. Enter the maximum discount that you wish to offer. Usually, this is between 15-30%. Hit publish, and you are done!

Step 4: Get familiar with Carti’s Interface

Once Carti is installed, let’s see how to navigate the backend.

  • You can see key metrics such as total revenue, email sent, and remaining SMS credits on the Carti dashboard.
  • You can manage and view your subscribers by moving down the menu to the “Subscribers”tab. This section will not be visible if Carti has been installed.
  • Next, use the left-hand panel to navigate to each channel. You can view and modify your cart recovery email flow by clicking Email’.
  • You can edit and view your SMS reminders by clicking the SMS tab.
  • You can edit and view the “Countries” subtab to see the countries to which you wish to send SMS reminders. Carti automatically allows all countries that are less expensive.
  • You can click Help Videos to get assistance if you are stuck at any stage. This button is located at the top-right corner of each page in the app. To contact a support agent, you can also use the livechat widget.
  • You can also view your subscription plan and make changes by clicking Pricing at the bottom of the left-hand navigation. You can see how many reminders have been sent, and you can upgrade your plan as you store grows.

Get Better Wix abandoned cart emails today

That’s it!

This post will help you send effective abandoned cart emails. It will also show you how to set up Carti for your Wix eCommerce store.

You can reach us 24/7 if you have questions or comments. We are here to help!

A clever cart recovery strategy could make the difference between running a profitable eCom company and closing down your shop.

Don’t waste time. These tips, along with Cart for Wix, can help you to recoup lost revenue on autopilot.

Source: https://www.reconvert.io/blog/wix-abandoned-cart/