What’s new in WooCommerce? 4.1

WooCommerce version 4.1 is now available This is the next step in our quest to decentralize commerce. We released WooCommerce 4.0 in March. It brought significant changes to the UI and the under-the-hood and gave a glimpse into the future. We will continue to release updates for WooCommerce every four weeks. This is our goal to:

  • For store owners, create a powerful and usable WooCommerce experience.
  • Create a flexible, customizable WooCommerce core platform to support our developer ecosystem.
  • To support the sale and discovery of extensions, expand the WooCommerce.com marketplace
  • Support the WooCommerce community of developers, builders and agencies as well as freelancers and store owners.

We are thrilled to announce the next stage of our journey: WooCommerce.4.1. This minor release means that everything is backward-compatible with WooCommerce.4.0.

Here’s the latest:

For store owners

WooCommerce 4.1 offers a few unique features that will improve the shopping experience for store owners.

  • The Marketing Hub is a brand new website that allows you to launch and manage your marketing campaigns, measure them, and even discover extensions to grow your business.
  • The Setup Wizard has been updated. You can now select the WooCommerce payments extension to use as a payment option during setup. This feature is only available for US-based stores.

The WooCommerce Marketing Hub will help you grow your business

Store owners are now more interested in how to reach more customers and grow their business. We are committed to providing the resources and tools you need to market your products, communicate effectively with customers, and help grow your business. We have created version 1 of the new marketing hub which is directly within WooCommerce.


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We’re starting by using this space to suggest a few marketing extensions and content-related content.

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We’ll continue to expand towards our vision of a central hub where merchants can launch, manage and measure a variety marketing efforts including coupon management and analytics.

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Streamlining payments management using WooCommerce Payments

WooCommerce Payments has been released to all US customers after a successful beta. We have included this option in our updated setup wizard to help customers find our payment solution.

WooCommerce Payments allows you to securely accept major credit cards. You can also manage charges, refunds, disputes and deposits from your WordPress dashboard.