Two new marketing options for FBA sellers on Amazon’s Brand Registry

There have been several articles and discussions over the last few months about Amazon’s Brand Registry. We have addressed it at”Will Amazon’s Brand Registry restrict market vendors? ” and “Why Use Amazon’s Brand Registry?

Resellers are worried that these changes are pushing them from the market, in favor of manufacturers and producers selling directly. The crackdown on counterfeiters continues to quicken, catching resellers in its aftermath. Meanwhile, ecommerce brands attempt to establish whether the marketplace is the ideal tool to help grow their earnings.

Regardless, the Brand Registry is obviously giving more power to brands and manufacturers.

In reality, Amazon has made adjustments that improve the marketing of brands which use Fulfillment from Amazon and which are registered in the Registry. Surprisingly, I don’t see plenty of brands taking advantage of them.

For those brands, under the Promotion menu button at the Seller Central account, you will find two new things:”Enhanced Brand Content” and”Early Reviewer Program.”

For those brands which use Fulfillment by Amazon and are registered in Brand Registry, there are two advertising options:”Enhanced Brand Content” and”Early Reviewer Program.”

These two have been established in the previous six months and are great additions to improve a brand’s FBA selling. Both are only available to vendors in the Brand Registry.

Enriched Brand Content

There has always been a difference between a product page created in Vendor Central versus one generated via FBA. Vendor Central merchandise pages had much more content, pictures, and videos, while FBA pages were somewhat sparse.

Enrolling in the Brand Registry allows FBA sellers access to the improved content.

Enhanced Brand Content enables the vendor to create a product page with a better description, using pictures, text, and the brand’s story. All this should result in higher conversion rates.

Amazon supplies five templates to pick from, to boost a brand’s product page. Each item can have its own template.

Amazon supplies five templates to pick from, to boost a brand’s product page. Each item can have its own template.

After building the page, sellers need to submit it to Amazon for approval, which normally requires less than seven days. There are particular items that Amazon won’t let on the EBC pages.

  • No vendor contact info.
  • Don’t mention competitors’ products.
  • Don’t use the term”product only sold by authorized resellers,” or some other authorizing statement.
  • Simply use the brand’s logos.
  • Images are high resolution. No fuzzy or low-quality images.
  • This is a fresh story page, so eliminate pricing promotions, free shipping offers, top-selling product announcements, or some other sales-focused terms. Use the space to emphasize the benefits, using text and images.
  • Don’t include third-party information, such as press clippings, endorsements, and Amazon customer reviews.
  • Don’t simply repeat what you’ve already written on your current product attributes.
  • Create new content designed to talk to the brand and merchandise.
  • Don’t mention guarantees or warranties.
  • Don’t link or direct users to other websites outside of Amazon or pages within Amazon.
  • Use bold and italic fonts just for headings or select words. Do not create strings of caps and bold words.
  • Don’t encourage illegal activity.
  • Don’t violate Amazon terms and conditions.

Early Reviewer Program

This past year, Amazon eliminated the ability for sellers to exchange reviews for a free or reduced-price item. Many vendors were abusing this. It was so out of hand that there was an whole ecosystem around trading or paying for reviews.

Reviews are extremely important, and since that moment, sellers have had to find other means to obtain them. This is quite hard work. But Amazon is currently trying to help.

Its first effort is that the Early Reviewer program. This is much like the Vine app, for Amazon vendors, wherein Amazon invites high quality reviewers for all those products.

To enroll in the Historical Reviewer Program, a company must be registered in the Brand Registry. The product has to be new. It needs to get less than five testimonials.

Just”parent” items can be filed. “Child” items will get picked up automatically.

The product must sell for over $15. If the price goes under $15, Amazon will stop collecting testimonials. Amazon charges $60 per SKU for this support, which will end in five reviews.

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