Top-Tier European Loyalty Programmes that Will Inspire Your Brand

Top-Tier European Loyalty Programmes that Will Inspire Your Brand

Find out how these top European brands win with loyalty.

According to Yotpo’s State of Brand Loyalty2022, UK shoppers will gladly participate in loyalty programs. When asked what industry loyalty programs they would most like to join, respondents listed Food & Beverage (67.2%), Beauty & Cosmetics (59%), Fashion & Apparel (55.4%) as their top choices.

Loyalty has become an important tool in brands’ acquisition and retention. Our data shows that shoppers expect top-tier loyalty programs from their favourite brands. With Yotpo loyalty, discover these six European brands that are creating extraordinary customer experiences.

1. Revolution Beauty

Revolution Beauty was founded in 2014 by Adam Minto, Tom Allsworth and focuses on accessibility. The brand’s affordable prices and wide range of shades are just two examples of their commitment to inclusive beauty.

What were they trying to accomplish?

Revolution Beauty wanted to increase D2C growth, and encourage customers to shop direct. A loyalty program is needed to increase their retention rate. 75% of online shoppers made only one purchase. They also sought to gather more first-party data in order to better understand their customers.


Revolution Beauty developed RevRewards to help them achieve their goals. Tiered programs encourage incremental behavior change in return for VIP perks, points, and other perks. Revolution Beauty was able to easily monitor and evaluate different customer motivations through the program. The brand can quickly and efficiently restructure the program if certain elements fail to perform.

The VIP tiers, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, offer coveted perks to encourage shoppers “level up”. Gold-level members receive perks such as free shipping, a birthday present, and additional points per order. They also have early access to new collections, exclusive offers, and discounts.


2. Ruonhonjuuri

Ruohonjuuri was founded in Finland in 1982. It is an eCommerce and retail chain that specializes in natural cosmetics, food, supplements and other health products.

What were they trying to accomplish?

Ruohonjuuri wanted the same seamless customer experience in all their channels online and offline, especially when they expanded to new areas. Ruohonjuuri hoped to improve their customers’ shopping experience by personalizing and providing hyper-relevant experiences.

Ruohonjuuri Rewards

Ruohonjuuri handled in-store loyalty programs with stamp cards until mid-2021. This required shoppers to track loyalty rewards and created a frustrating user experience. The brand’s reward program was completely transformed by Ruohonjuuri rewards.

Yotpo’s customer service expert converted Ruohonjuuri’s manual stamps to “cones,” which are points for writing reviews or submitting photos and videos. This strategy allows the brand use customer experiences to prove its worth to future customers and also increases customer retention. What is the result? The result? A loyalty program that supports retention and acquisition.

Yotpo Loyalty analytics allow Ruohonjuuri enrich their customer profiles and provide highly personalized loyalty experiences like recommending products based upon diet preferences or skin conditions.


3. The Turmeric Co.

The Turmeric Co. was launched in 2018. It offers nutritional products that are functional and fresh to support holistic health. The Turmeric Co. is now available at Whole Foods, more than 100 David Lloyd Clubs locations, and other UK-based shops.

What were they trying to accomplish?

Although the Turmeric Co. received glowing testimonials and 5-star reviews, they wanted to increase customer lifetime value. The brand wanted to provide seamless customer service and increase customer retention by offering a loyalty program. They also wanted to build detailed customer profiles and loyalty data to improve shoppers’ shopping experiences.

Turmeric Tokens

The Turmeric Co. launched Turmeric Tokens a strategic loyalty program that offers 11 campaigns to earn points such as leaving reviews, signing up and engaging in educational content.

The Turmeric Co. offers a reward to shoppers who read their newsletter The root. This magazine covers topics such as pain management, immunity support, and other related topics. It then links relevant reviews to each page to create a seamless shopper experience.

The Turmeric Co. activates members’ data using Yotpo’s segmentation capabilities. This includes purchase activity, VIP status and reviews left. This information allows the brand to send highly relevant email flows that increase conversions.


4. Scarpetta

Scarpetta was founded by two Italian friends. It is a pasta franchise that aims to bring authentic Italian food to Londoners. After COVID closed most of its restaurants, the brand switched to a D2C model. They began selling pasta at-home meals for customers.

What were they trying to accomplish?

The brand set out to increase online offerings and convert IRL restaurant owners into active online customers as they started to build their D2C presence. Scarpetta had to convert pasta-loving customers into loyal brand advocates.

Scarpetta Rewards

Although global lockdowns have affected traditional dining experiences, the loyalty program encourages customers bring Italian cafes or trattorias to their homes.

The brand launched Scarpetta rewards to encourage shoppers to shop directly on their website. Shoppers earn points that can be used for discounts or higher VIP tiers. The brand’s Gold level members receive a free meal and special deals on products in the spirit of Italian generosity.


5. Candy Kittens

Candy Kittens was founded in 2012 with the mission of creating sweet treats for children and adults. To further their sustainability mission, the brand now produces vegan sweets in carbon neutral packaging. Candy Kittens sweets are available in the UK as well as internationally.

The Gourmet Gang

The loyalty program Gourmetgang allows shoppers to earn points for every purchase, follow Candy Kitten on social media, leave reviews and when they turn a birthday. The brand offers a reward program for returning customers who sign up for subscription services. Candy Kittens understands their audience, as more than 85% of UK shoppers stated that a subscription service makes them feel loyal to a brand.

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The brand also rewards TikTok. TikTok engagement is a key factor in Candy Kitten’s success with Gen Z.


6. Odd Molly

Odd Molly was a Swedish fashion brand that was founded in 2002. Through their unique silhouettes and garments, the brand celebrates female strength and courage. The brand also focuses on sustainability at all stages of the production process, including material selections, animal welfare, circularity and packaging.

Odd Molly Reward

Odd Molly Club gives shoppers a first-class experience from the moment they log in to the brand’s website. VIP members have early access to new arrivals and sales, so they are always in the forefront of customer purchases. Higher VIP members get exclusive offers that encourage Bronze tier members “level up” to increase their CLTV with Odd Molly.