Top 25 Creative Subscription Box Ideas From the Pros

Top 25 Creative Subscription Box Ideas From the Pros

Subscription boxes are a collection of similar-themed products sent to subscribers on an ongoing basis. The surprise is chosen by customers based on their interests. This makes it a great business opportunity. We have gathered some ideas to help get you started.

These are 25 innovative monthly subscription box ideas by the professionals.

Cratejoy - subscription box ideas

1. 1.

David Dubrino, Sr. Marketing Manager, Cratejoy

For years, people have been choosing to stay in rather than go out. As such, they are seeking new types of entertainment at home. This is why we have seen a sharp increase in Board Game sales this year. The Board Game industry has also seen significant changes in recent years. A slew “monthly mystery boxes”, which are extremely popular with friends and families, have been on the market. This niche is reaching its saturation point, but it’s worth considering fun activities that people can do at their home with friends or family.

Each subscription is unique, but there is one thing that all subscribers can agree on: expert curation is essential to providing the value they want. It is important to be as unique as possible when choosing products. Subscription boxes often offer unique and branded products that aren’t available in stores. This can lead to exponential success if you combine exceptional curation with great value.


McKremie - subscription box ideas

2. Subscription Service for High-End Exercises

Stuart McHenry, President, McKremie

Subscription boxes can be both fun and useful, depending on the recipient. A subscription service that sends out workout videos and wears on a monthly basis would be a great option for my wife. Subscription services for golf-related products are something I enjoy. Many of these subscription services are low-quality and offer lower-end products. I have used a few of these services before, and the quality of their products has always been a problem. Many service providers market their services using name brands, but they only deliver inferior quality products from off-brands. I prefer a higher-end service that offers quality products from name-brand brands.


This Online World - subscription box ideas

3. Make a personal development subscription box

Tom Blake, Campaign Manager at This Online World

My idea for a subscription box service that focuses on personal development is a subscription box that targets professionals and those interested in learning new skills. The subscription box would deliver monthly items, including books on business fundamentals, philosophical works, personal growth novels, organizational items, small pockets agendas, and coupons to one online course or seminar that is relevant to the subscriber’s interests. This market is more likely to invest in their own growth and have higher disposable income, so a subscription box targeting working professionals could prove to be a profitable new business opportunity.

This subscription box could stand out in a highly saturated market with fierce competition by offering a service that is both high in utility and fundamentally different from other products.


Nurture Life - subscription box ideas

4. For infants, we offer ready-to-eat meals

Jennifer Chow, co-founder, Nurture Life

Today’s parents are often stressed and time-starved. It can be difficult to balance work, family, and other commitments. This stress is compounded by the inability to plan, shop for and prepare healthy, nutritious meals. Nurture Life provides ready-to-eat, nutritiously balanced meals that are quick and easy to prepare for children, babies and toddlers. We aim to remove the stress from mealtimes for families and make it easy for parents to feel good about the food they are feeding their children.


Loccessories - subscription box ideas

5. Make a subscription box for hair care and accessories

Kamaria Hill, Owner and Loccessories

Let me introduce you to the HealthyLocs Subscription Box – a subscription box specifically for dreadlocks. Subscribers will receive fun and useful products such as loc jewelry and beads and loc maintenance tools. They also have access to hair products and T-shirts that are made specifically for Dreadlock Rockers. LocStars will find it a secret weapon to improve their loc skills and keep them looking fresh and clean.


 - subscription box ideas

6. For business clients, create a branding box

StickerYou CEO Andrew Witkin

It is important to know your audience before you create a subscription box. StickerYou has created a branding box that includes a range of products. This allows you to market your small business in a variety ways. For example, we can add a custom die-cut sticker to increase brand exposure and loyalty. You can also encourage customers to sport your logo by giving them temporary tattoos or custom patches. Finish off your subscription box by using branding tape. This is either a more costly way to brand your box or a simple box that has a label or sticker. Either way, your customers will be able to identify your brand once your subscription box arrives at their door.


RackHouse Whiskey Club - subscription box ideas

7. 7.

Dannie Strable, founder and CEO of RackHouse Whiskey Club

My unique idea was to visit U.S. whiskey distilleries and tell their stories. Then, I would ship the whiskey in a box to each member. I wanted to capture the craft behind these rare distilleries. Our team of professional videographers and photographers captured all the details at the distillery so that you can have the same experience as if you were there. The head distiller selects whiskey items from the tasting room and adds them to the box. Each bottle is signed by the distiller.

Our members have the opportunity to try whiskey that is not available elsewhere or locally. To create an amazing unboxing experience, the box is printed in the shape of a whiskey crate.


The Boobie Box - subscription box ideas

8. Create a subscription box for breastfeeding mothers

Amanda Sukkert CLC, CEO+Founder, The Boobie Box ™

The Boobie Box ™ is a monthly subscription box that delivers breastfeeding products to women each month. The Boobie Box is curated by a Certified Lactation Counselor, a breastfeeding mother of two and offers support through a private group. The boxes usually contain five full-size products, including lactation food and drink, as well as items for mom and baby.


Schmiggy - subscription box ideas

9. Subscribe to Activewear

Alex Tran, Yoga Instructor, Founder, Schimiggy

I would subscribe to activewear subscription boxes. I do yoga and live in activewear. Fresh clothing would be great to receive at my door on a regular basis. Although I was initially against having someone choose an outfit for me to wear, after trying out a few boxes I started to trust the stylist. I now love the items in my subscription boxes. Each time it’s a surprise.


TrailBlazer SEO - subscription box ideas

10. Make a Cannabis Subscription Box

Joe Goldstein, TrailBlazer SEO’s Operations Director

It was obvious that the majority of cannabis users are very narrow-minded when they were looking for subscription boxes. Nearly all the subscription boxes for the cannabis market included the same types of rolling papers, grinders and smoking peripherals. They don’t need to be replenished monthly or require large quantities without personal curation. This is why I created a subscription box to cater to cannabis users who don’t require more rolling papers. Each box will contain a variety of unusual and delicious goodies, including exotic candy, bath bombs, novelty socks, activity kits and home decor. To make sure that they have a good time, throw in some odd items like a million-dollar Zimbabwe bill (which is less than a dollar) or a VHS of Jerry Maguire.


learning box preschool - subscription box ideas

11. For growing children, we offer educational toys

You know what it is like to have a toddler at your home. A subscription box that sends you educational toys every month can ease the stress of not having to go out to buy new toys or rely on TV for your children’s learning. It would be great to be able register your child’s birthday and receive toys tailored to their age. As your child grows older, the toys will become more difficult or change in each month of a year’s subscription. The learning box preschool subscription box is an excellent example of this concept.


Hello Fresh - subscription box ideas

12. Create your own ingredient box for healthy dishes

For those trying to eat healthier, the challenge is finding the right produce and ideas for cooking. They eventually give up on their efforts to eat healthier. A subscription box that features healthy recipes is a great way to promote a healthier lifestyle. Subscribers should indicate their preferences and diet as well as a list of allergies. They will then receive a month’s supply of ingredients and a set of properly-designed recipes. Hellofresh provides such a concept, but it is weekly rather than monthly. You can subscribe to a box of pre-measured ingredients, which makes it easier to access healthier cooking options at home.


cheesemonthclub - subscription box ideas

13. Get a Wine and Cheese Tasting Box

A wine and cheese tasting package can be a great way to increase your restaurant’s customer base. If you aren’t a specialist in one product, this can be an opportunity to work with other businesses. This subscription box has a wide market. It can be used as a reward or a simple gift for employees, or simply to be enjoyed at home by collectors. A monthly theme can be created, similar to You can also choose wine pairings that are not limited to cheese or wine pairings. You can be creative and your business will develop loyal customers.


Book of the month - subscription box ideas

14. 14.

Are you a bookshop owner? Book lovers still prefer the tactile feel and smell of physical books in this digital age. Subscribe to a monthly subscription box and you will receive recommended readings each month. You can sell pre-loved, well-maintained books for a lower price than a traditional book sale. You can add value by offering bookmarks that have a QR code to your site and invitations to book-lovers to swap books. Similar services are offered by Bookofthemonth.


TheBouqsCo - subscription box ideas

15. Get Subscriptions for Flower Delivery

There are many flower shops out there. Some flower shops are lucky enough to be near pedestrians or to be chosen by event organizers as suppliers. Others only care about seasonal demand in order to increase their sales. Subscriptions for flowers and delivery are a great way to attract regular customers who can meet low-season demand. You should have a page on your website dedicated to information about flower subscriptions. You can offer once-a month customizable delivery dates and addresses. Also, you can choose from a variety of flowers or themes. This service is popular with anyone who wants fresh flowers in their office or home. This service can also be used as an incentive for employees or clients to celebrate birthdays, top performers, or other milestones.


Stitchybox - subscription box ideas

16. Make a Cross Stitch or Hobby Box

Hobby boxes are very popular today. If you want to be noticed, offer customers what they are most interested in instead of trying to introduce them to new activities. You should cultivate a specific interest. A cross stitch subscription box might start with a signup form asking customers whether they are beginner or an experienced cross stitch enthusiast. To get a better idea of your customers’ preferences, show them finished cross stitch projects and ask them which ones they like. This will ensure that you don’t send your customers projects that are too easy or too difficult. A page can be set up on your website for subscribers to share their completed work with others and share it on social media.


The Tea Spot - subscription box ideas

17. Subscription boxes for Create Tea

A subscription box of dainty tea is a great idea, especially when paired with small snacks. Instead of giving customers the choice of which tea they prefer, give them the opportunity to try a selection of loose leaf teas and tea sachets that are tied together. A small menu should be included explaining the history of each selection. You might also consider giving them some discount stubs which they can use for a discount on pastries that match your current theme. A loyalty card can be offered that allows your most loyal customers to get a chance at a part of a nice set of tea leaves. Your customers will be able to appreciate the beauty and smell of your products from the moment they open the box.


Stitch Fix - subscription box ideas

18. Low-Cost Personal Style

Do you want to be a professional stylist? You can make your service stand out with low-cost personal styling. You can also offer a styling service and a subscription if you are in the apparel and clothing business. You can create a website where you collect the details of your clients, such as their interests, activities, and personal style. Make sure to use the same personal packaging they’d expect from high-end brands. Each item should be folded neatly. Include a thank-you card with details about the style and a business card so they can reach you if they have any questions.


Cratejoy - Color Curate - subscription box ideas

19. A Subscription Box Based On Color

For those who want to express themselves, a color subscription box is a great option. You can choose from small pens to large displays for your home or office. You can find a supplier to create boxes for your website. Color Curate offers a monthly subscription bag that focuses on color. The items are mostly beauty products but you can add items to your subscription bag based on what your subscriber is interested in.


Awesome Pack - subscription box ideas

20. 20.

Parents are always on the lookout to find family activities that don’t cost too much. These activities sometimes fail because of the cost and the time required to plan and execute them. The subscription box idea is a great way to bond with your family. You can collaborate with other brands to create a box which includes movies, games and tickets to shows. A concierge-like box delivered to your family’s doorstep will encourage parents to have a one-month time of bonding with their children. You can find Awesome Package‘s ideas and make your own.


Hello Subscription - Movie Night Box - subscription box ideas

21. 21.

It’s not just about nights out that a date night should be. Couples are starting to recognize the importance of having fun at home, with movies and music, or attending unique events. Partner with other businesses to offer couples new and exciting date ideas. You can offer a recipe for couples to cook together, suggestions for movies, games, and tickets to great acoustic performances. A good network of suppliers and partners can help you create unique date nights that are tailored to your preferences, season and location. Movie Night Box has something similar that can help you get started.


Justfab - subscription box ideas

22. 22.

Although shoe stores are all over the place, customers are discovering the benefits of shopping online. This means that businesses must find innovative ways to stand out. A subscription box service is a great idea. You can send one to three pairs of shoes per month depending on the theme and season. You can create a page on the website that allows customers to answer questions and, most importantly, find their shoe size. Find apps that allow you to measure accurately and incorporate it into your website. JustFab has many customizations and a variety of matching bags to complement your look.


Globe In - subscription box ideas

23. Create Your Own Country Souvenirs Subscription Box

Are you a frequent traveler? Perhaps you have contacts in other countries that can send you souvenirs and novelty items from their country. Collectors would love to have souvenirs from all over the globe, so subscription boxes that offer these items will be in high demand. You should curate high-quality items such as stickers, postage stamps and vanity plates. Avoid things that are easily available anywhere.


GrandBox - subscription box ideas

24. A Seniors’ CareBox adds a personal touch to your home

While you were away at school, your parents might have sent care packages to you. The idea is similar, except that it can be used to send care packages to grandparents no matter where they live. Grand Box is a great way to create a customized subscription box. You can add photos or notes for an even more personal touch. Boxes can be offered for special occasions. It is important to understand what seniors like and use regularly so that they can look forward to receiving your package.


SaloonBox - subscription box ideas

25 25.

A mixologist subscription box is something that everyone who loves cocktails should look forward to. This is a great option if you are looking for a unique prize to give at company events or recognitions, as well as a gift for your loved ones. You would find recipes and ingredients for creating and testing cocktails mix-ups suitable for each season in the box. You can add value to your service by providing ingredients that are difficult to find or only available in small quantities. Consider offering customers a starter kit that includes all the tools they need to make their own cocktail creations.


Over to You

Subscription boxes are a great way to sum up Forrest Gump’s quote, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” This list will help you to identify the most exciting and inspiring topics for your target market. It will also help you grow your business quickly.