To ensure long-term growth, follow the post-purchase path

To ensure long-term growth, follow the post-purchase path

Today, direct-to-consumer companies face three major challenges that make growth challenging.

  1. We surf the internet differently than we did in the past.We spend most of our time online using a few apps. These are the ones you know! You’re likely paying for advertising on your online store.
  2. The sales channels are over-extended.Social media channels that you can advertise on are becoming more crowded. Every day, there are more direct-to consumer brands that launch. They compete for keywords and target audiences. Email inboxes are overflowing with messages from brands, friends, and family.
  3. The cost of acquiring customers is rising.In the last six years, the cost of customer acquisitions has risen 60% and will only rise due to all the reasons mentioned above.

Although the landscape may seem rocky, acquisition is just one path you can use to grow your company. Post-purchase is the second and most overlooked path to growth.

Long-term growth requires you to play the long game

The post-purchase strategy aims to convert first-time buyers into long-term customers. While you’re in the long-term, there are short-term wins. Customers who are satisfied with their experience buying from your brand will spend more with you over the long-term. Customers also encourage new growth by sharing your brand’s offerings with others. This strategy is about maintaining existing customer relationships. It’s been a hard work to get that first sale. It’s now time to keep the relationship in your thoughts and to build trust through ongoing service.

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These are some of the post-purchase strategies:

  • Clear receipt and purchase details should be sent
  • Tracking updates and order status
  • Increase your marketing of your products or services
  • Notifying customers promptly with offers and discounts
  • Answering customer questions
  • Telling your brand story, and sharing your values

Traditional post-purchase strategies are expensive and time-consuming. Shopify created a sales channel that automates and provides these services free of charge. Independent businesses will have a leg up in mobile commerce’s future. We know how to bring you closer to customers by seamlessly integrating all post-purchase touchpoints from your store into a mobile app.

Shop to build lasting relationships

We knew that a Shopify sales channel would be configurable like an online storefront. It should also provide direct communication between you, your customers, as well as a supportive environment for the entire shopping experience. A channel should be able to put your brand experience first. Shop is the first brand-first channel that aims to increase customer lifetime value. Shop is not like other social channels that allow for video or photo sharing, and are funded by ads. It was designed to provide better shopping experiences for customers in order to build brand loyalty.

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Shop, a personal shopping assistant app for your customers, is available.

  • All touchpoints with your brand can be streamlined into one mobile app experience
  • To help you build trust, and loyalty, we offer better service during your shopping experience
  • Make sure your brand is always top-of-mind with relevant touchpoints that encourage repeat purchases.

Shop is used by 32% of customers.

The Shop team has grown an audience of over 24 million Shop app users in the last year. Shop Pay’s one-tap checkouts made shopping easier and tracked orders were a key part of our success. Shop’s ecosystem plays an important role in helping customers return to your store more often. The post-purchase stars are what I’m announcing today.

Targeted marketing automation can drive repeat sales

Shop can help increase repeat sales. Your customers will be delighted when the first of many marketing automations is implemented. Shop’s post-purchase notifications allow you to automate a push notification which sends a discount code to your customers for their next order as soon as the current order ships. You can communicate with customers when they are excited (because their order has shipped) and offer them a reason to smile while showing your appreciation for their business.

You can now have more space in your cart at checkout to make your post-purchase deals even more appealing. Shop’s new cart allows customers to check out from multiple shops at once, making in-app checkouts easier. Multi-store checkout and other improvements help Shop stay at the top of your customers’ smartphones and give your brand more opportunities to interact with them.

How do you get started? Add Shop channelnow to create your first post purchase offer automation.

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Optimize to increase repeat sales

Shopify and Shop app both use data to grow and provide more value to customers. We want to empower you with the ability to do the exact same for your mobile sales through Shop. You can track Shop’s performance, optimize sales and compare it to other channels with the new analytics dashboard.

Find out how many customers are using the Shop app, how Shop Pay works and how many Shop users follow you store profile. To find out which incentives are most effective, you can track the performance of your post-purchase campaigns.

Shop gives me a clear view of Shop’s effect on my business and gives me the data and tools that I need to increase sales. I have learned a lot from Homesick’s Shop stats about the importance of maintaining a relationship with customers after a purchase.

Taylor Sicard, cofounder and CMO of Win Brands Group

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Shop can help you play a better long game with automated tools that engage customers and increase their lifetime value.

Merchants from Canada, Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom can use the Shop channel. Some Shop features require specific requirements. The settings page of Shop allows you to check the status of your store. Or refer to Shop’s merchant guidelines.

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