To Cultivate an ecommerce Company, step away

I recently returned from a visit to Amsterdam. It was not a vacation, but a plan meeting. The three owners of Beardbrand spent a week in town to concentrate on the bigger picture of how to create the company. Beyond this, we worked on ways to enhance our relationships with one another, how our roles within the business will work, and what’s going to be the huge implementations to choose the business to another level.

Too often, ecommerce merchants become caught up in Facebook advertising, website conversion, or the many other daily tasks which are sold to us as excellent ways to grow our businesses.

The truth is that one of the best ways to cultivate your ecommerce company and is to just step away from it. The day-to-day grind requires a toll on your own creativity. It can restrict your ability to see the big image. Inspiration for new ideas seldom comes when pressured. It is stepping away that can help you find opportunities to your game.

One of the core structures of Beardbrand is quarterly plan sessions. Importantly, we make certain you hold these sessions away from the workplace. I have found that meeting in the same city could be distracting, as the typical daily grind is always pulling me back in. When we place our meeting in a new town, we break our habits, to be more concentrated.

My coworkers and I love to get out of not only our town, but also the nation. The costs are higher to have strategy meetings out the U.S.. But we have found we get a lot more inspiration for how to improve our business. By simply immersing yourself in another culture you’ll find fresh ways of doing things and easy changes that can make a large effects.

During these strategy excursions, we make it a point not to only sit in a seminar room. We’ll have two times created for plan, and leave three to five times for different meetings and exploring the city.

We are going to reach out to local business contacts for insight into how they’re building their business, in addition to things to do in town. These connections with other entrepreneurs are useful, as it eases future collaborations, in addition to referrals to prospective vendors.

For Example, if in Amsterdam I met with the founders of Dick Moby, a sunglasses company. They said a fulfillment partner that’s been a very helpful resource for them. Those kinds of connections come about only through building a worldwide network.

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Another benefit of leaving the company for a longer duration is that it forces you to be sure that the daily fires can be dealt with by other group members. A core structure of being able to grow a business is to step away and know that others will pick up where you left off.

For the magnitude of Beardbrand, it is reasonable to restrict our international trips to 2 annually. We will have our other two quarterly meetings at the U.S.

Regardless, the sessions help us establish quarterly goals and stay focused on core investments, to grow the company. Additionally, it helps us identify sales supplies from prospective vendors that promise the world, but might not really fit our business model. Having that strategy to fall back will help avoid these errors.

Strategic planning must happen at all levels of your company to guarantee enormous projects are constructed to move the business forward. It all begins at the top. Go ahead. Feel good about stepping away. Build something bigger.