Three WooCommerce Extensions to Help Increase Customer Loyalty

Finding new customers can be one of the most expensive and difficult parts of running a business. It is why repeat customers are so important. Selling to existing customers is much cheaper than attracting and converting new customers.

Loyal customers are not only loyal, but they also make repeat purchases. They often tell their friends and families about your business which leads to more sales through referrals.

How do you create customer loyalty online?

WooCommerce has created three extensions to your online store that will keep your customers coming back.

Shopping made fun with WooCommerce points and rewards

Online selling of products has one disadvantage. Customers don’t get a loyalty card every time they purchase. With the WooCommerce Rewards extension you can add some joy to your online shop with personalized deals and other offers.

How it works:

Customers earn points every time they make a purchase, review your product, sign up for your email newsletter, or join your member program. These points can be used to get discounts on future purchases.

You can set up Points and Reward to customize the number of points you earn for each purchase and the value each point gives you for discounts.

Let’s say you give one point per dollar spent. 50 points are earned for every $50 spent by a customer. You could then set 25 points to equal $1.00 off. These 50 points could be used to get $2.00 off your next purchase.

This is a great way for customers to feel satisfied about purchasing from you and to motivate them to return so that they can redeem their points.

Loyalty Marketing Options

You have full control over how your reward system operates with the Rewards and Points extension. These are just some of the features that you have access to:

  • You can control the maximum discount you are eligible for by using points at the product, category, and cart levels.
  • You can earn points by signing up and writing product reviews.
  • Customers can redeem points immediately for discounts by applying points they have earned on previous orders.
  • For a customer, adjust the points balance.
  • Name your reward system and assign points that match your brand.

It can be a powerful branding tool to allow customers to change the name and number of points they earn. Imagine that Sugary Treats sells chocolates and candies online. Your reward program could be called “Treat Rewards” or points “Treat Bucks”.

Your customers will be more inclined to stay with you if your reward program feels special. Your loyalty program can be personalized to make it unique and special.

What about loyal customers who have been with you for many years? You can add a reward program for an online store so that customers can redeem points immediately. This is a great way for customers to be surprised and treated!

Loyalty programs can increase your customer lifetime value. Your customers will return to your online store rather than shopping elsewhere.

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Customers will return with smart coupons

Discounts and coupons are great ways to encourage repeat purchase. With the Smart Coupons extension you can create and manage almost any type of coupon.

You could offer:

  • Additional products may be discounted after one product has been purchased.
  • After spending a certain amount, gift vouchers are available. Spend $250 to get $25 off, for example.
  • Customers can gift certificates to their friends and families.
  • Coupons that can be accessed at checkout in one click
  • URL-based coupons can be shared via email or social media as a link.

A credit system can be set up so that customers can save money to their online accounts. One example is that someone could add $100 to their online account but only buy a $40 product. They will want to return in the future to get that $60 extra!

It is possible to offer other payment options, but not all customers will be interested in storing their money on your website.

Smart Coupons integrates seamlessly with many WooCommerce extensions such as Chained products and Subscribes. You can also create coupons for subscriptions or memberships with additional integrations. Offering limited-time renewal coupons to members can encourage them to renew their memberships.

Smart Coupons will automate the process of creating coupons. Smart Coupons can automatically generate thousands of coupons, email them to customers and add them to your store. You can even export them as CSV files to share with business partners.

This is a great way for customers to be loyal and increase average transaction size.

Six more Smart Coupons strategies.

Increase customer loyalty with email follow-ups

Email marketing can be a powerful tool to build relationships with customers and encourage repeat sales.

The Follow Ups extension automates email marketing and keeps everything on your WooCommerce website. Your entire store workflow can be managed from one place, as it is all done through your WooCommerce dashboard. It’s also a cheaper option than other email marketing platforms.

Follow-ups offers all the functionality that you would expect from an email program. You can:

  • Automate your email marketing.
  • You can schedule emails ahead of time.
  • Import email addresses.
  • Personalize your emails with merge tags and custom variables
  • Send newsletters.
  • Make templates.
  • Segment your email list.
  • You can track your email metrics like opens and clicks.

Follow-ups goes one step further. It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce so it can enhance the effectiveness of other extensions as well as deepen customer relationships.

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You can use Follow-Ups, for example, to create coupons and mail them personalized for each customer. A coupon that has their name on it will make buyers feel special and appreciated.

Pre-written emails can be created that trigger based on customer actions. This is a great way for customers to be engaged at key points, such as when they sign up for a membership or return to your store after a long absence.

You can also use Follow-Ups to send thank you tweets following a purchase, request reviews and connect directly with buyers on Twitter.

Engaging with customers through multiple channels can increase customer loyalty and help you attract new customers. You can use Follow-Ups to increase your business’s growth with smart coupons and points and rewards.