These are the items people plan to buy post-pandemic: Shoes, milk bottles, and even shoes

These are the items people plan to buy post-pandemic: Shoes, milk bottles, and even shoes

It’s now a cliché to say that the pandemic has forever changed the way we shop. Many of us were forced to change our habits by the enduring lockdowns, closures of retail stores, and orders placed at home. This led to new products and services being brought into the spotlight. Ecommerce activity skyrocketed in 2020, as customers flocked online for home office furniture, masks and sweatpants, as well as flour to meet all of our shelter-in place needs.

With ongoing vaccine distribution and lifting lockdown order orders, all business owners need to ask themselves: How do they plan a product strategy which is pandemic-proof. Do stores stock up on the hottest products for 2020 or should they shift their focus to new categories? How can online businesses retain the customers they have already earned as they prepare for retail spending to shift?

For clues into the future, we turned to shoppers: We teamed up with a research team to poll 3,000 North Americans about their shopping plans after the pandemic. What will their future shopping plans look like after the pandemic?

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Here’s a list with the top ten products that shoppers will be buying after the pandemic. These items can be used to inspire new products or to create a brand new.

Post-pandemic product trends


1. Baby clothes and accessories


Is there a secret baby boom due to a pandemic? Our research revealed that 24% expect to spend more after a pandemic, despite headlines claiming a “COVID baby bust”.

This audience is perfect for ecommerce because it values the safety and convenience of online shopping more than any other group. Contrary to their adult counterparts, baby products are more commonly viewed as commodities than items that you would spend time buying in-store. You stick with the baby formula that you love once you’ve found it. One of our survey respondents stated, “With craft supplies and baby toys I don’t need to worry about the size and prefer shopping online.”

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It’s a competitive category but there are still opportunities to get into it. You could either curate products under your brand or focus on a specific product. Although functional items like diapers, baby bottles, and bibs may have lower margins than other products, they are also prime for subscription-based revenue. If you are more creative, you might be able to generate higher margins but it will also take longer to attract new customers.

Are you not interested in product development? reseller company could be your business where you focus on selling and marketing products from other companies.

Lauren Sotto is a Shopify employee and runs McCoy Kids. She curates sustainable, heirloom quality brands and products both online and in retail. Her online marketing strategy is focused on creating differentiators or reasons customers will choose to shop at her store over buying directly from retailers and marketplaces. She advises companies to look into specialized gift services. Lauren notes that she has been successful in offering free gift wrap/messaging as well as local delivery.

Organic Baby Shop specializes in the import of European formula, which many parents consider superior to American formula. They can concentrate less on branding and more on customer service, shipping and fulfillment by finding an niche that is in high demand.


McCoy Kids, Organic Baby Shop are two examples

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2. Experiences and classes virtual


Companies in the entertainment and education industries struggled to get online after lockdowns started. These resilient businesses are fortunate in that the consumer demand for virtual learning will continue after the pandemic. What is the reason? Maybe it’s the protection and immunity against new viruses. Perhaps we love the convenience of being in a class or watching a live concert from anywhere around the globe.

Pre-pandemic, I would have had to fly to Rome to take a chartered bus to get to Nonna Nerina for her famous live cooking demonstrations. The classes are now hosted by , an 84-year old grandmother. Nonna sells Italian-imported pantry products, and all of her recipes can be made from ingredients available in the local supermarket.

Yoga Wild is a Washington-based studio that launched virtual classes on demand during the pandemic. It charges a low monthly subscription fee. You can also find shorter versions that are free. The virtual classes allow teachers to maintain contact with their students and to expand their reach to potential new students who might return to the studios or go online.

Yoga Wild shares free, shorter versions of their in-person classes online. YouTube

Virtual classes and experiences also have the added benefit of being able to convert them into video ads that can be used on multiple platforms. You could recut your video for any of your favorite social media networks, YouTube, and so on.

This “category” was by far the most controversial among consumers. Virtual classes and experiences in a post pandemic world were expected to be more popular with 23% of respondents, while 20% said they would spend less.


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Examples: Yoga Wild, Nonna Live

3. Sporting goods


Do you miss that feeling of sweaty community gym? I don’t. Not me. It’s not surprising that 19% of Americans plan to spend more money on exercise equipment after a year of abandoning gyms in favor of retrofitted home gyms or outdoor trails.

Strength Fitness USA offers personal and commercial gym equipment as well as white-glove services. After spending his first half of his career in electrical engineering, Joe Serrao started the store in 2016. Joe believes testimonials are the best way to market high-ticket items such as gym retrofits.

Joe states, “Nothing will make you stand out more than generating positive customer reviews.” Offer exceptional customer service. Show genuine concern for your customers’ well-being and be helpful. All of this will help you succeed.

Strength Fitness USA integrated Shopify with Yopto in order to gather and surface positive reviews on its website and social media channels.

Dropshipping is a great option if you don’t have a place to store your bulky equipment. Dropshipping allows you to market high-demand products manufactured by third parties.

Bike saddles were also a top -trending product that we identified earlier in the year. The term “bike saddles” receives 22,200 searches per month. People also search for more specific types such as “comfortable saddles”, (12,100/mo), or “mountain saddles” (3.600/mo), or “road saddles” (4,400/mo). As long as people stick to their COVID-era mode, other bicycle equipment will likely remain stable throughout the warmer seasons.

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Examples: Strength Warehouse

4. Products for cleaning the house


Even though demand for cleaning products has slowed down due to the pandemic stockpiling, 19% of people plan to purchase more cleaning products once things get back to normal.

You can also add cleaning products to your existing product line. Hello Green, an Australian retailer selling eco-friendly household products such as disposable cutlery and reusable baby food pouches, is one example. They expanded their range of cleaning products to appeal to eco-conscious customers, offering green laundry detergent and sanitizers.

There are many retention opportunities for cleaning products, as most people stick with the same product and will repurchase it without thinking. You could offer subscriptions that allow customers to buy the products they want on a regular basis. A rewards program could be a great way to build customer loyalty. You can also use a rewards program to encourage loyalty.

Better Life features a line of plant-based cleaning products. It was featured in Shark Tank as well as numerous magazines. You can get 20% off your first order and a loyalty card.

Shopify store owners can add or start a subscription model with our plug-and play apps.


Examples: Hello Green, Better Life

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5. Beauty products (e.g. skincare, haircare etc.


The global beauty industry is expected to reach a staggering $756 billion by 2026. Although most beauty products can be purchased in stores, many people are now buying online. 47% of consumers purchased more beauty products online in 2020. 17% intend to purchase even morepost pandemic, as we return into the real world with fine lines and wrinkles in HD.

This category might suit you if you are an avid user and researcher of beauty products. The first step in selling beauty products is to decide what you want to sell. There are many categories: skincare, makeup, and haircare.

The next step is to find out everything you can about your target audience. Who influences them? Where do they go online? Where do they shop for new beauty products?

Vineeta Sing , founder of Sugar Cosmetics, saw a need for cosmetics that match Indian skin tones. Singh described her brand as a “Indianized” cosmetic brand that was different from other Indian brands. Her target audience included many women, making her a great test ground for new concepts.


Examples: SUGAR Cosmetics and Camilla Rose

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6. Personal care products (e.g. toothpaste, soap, etc.


The most stable industry you can join is personal care. We need to (or try to) maintain our personal hygiene habits, pandemic or not.

It seems that most people miss the convenience of buying toothpaste in person. 40% of people purchased more personal care products online in the time of the pandemic. 17% of those who bought them also planned to purchase more after the event. The pandemic allowed us to bypass the long trips to the pharmacy and go straight to online sellers, buying everything from shampoo to razors to menstrual pads.

What products should you sell? Soap is a good choice, with 71% of respondents saying they plan to wash more often even though COVID-19 is long gone. You can make your own soaps and bath bombs and they don’t need to be stored in expensive containers.

You could also choose to focus on distinguishing yourself from other generic brands by creating high-quality formulations. Twice, a premium toothpaste brand that Lenny Kravitz has backed, was created by a family dentist. It contains vitamins and antioxidants and is 100% recyclable.

Twice allows its customers to speak for themselves, with more than 1000 positive reviews on Shopify. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee, no minimums, and a 10% donation to charity. This is to instill confidence in first-time customers.

Julian Levine, founder of Shopify Masters , said that while features tell, benefits sell. Julian also stated that “At the end, you need a product which really speaks to the customer and shows them how it will improve their lives.”


Cleure, Cleure: Examples

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7. Groceries


Groceries make up a trillion-dollar industry. 90% of grocery buying still takes place offline. However, there are substantial revenue opportunities for ambitious ecommerce businesses. The pandemic triggered many new online grocery shoppers in a way that is expected to increase: 21.5% of grocery sales, which are worth more than $215 billion, will be done online by 2025.

The direct-to-consumer market is a small but growing part of this pie. The New Consumer editor Dan Frommer says that the vast majority of online grocery shopping happens through an aggregator like Amazon or Instacarts. However, he believes there is huge potential for independent brands because more people are now comfortable shopping online.

Frommer says that while high-end direct-to-consumer meals kits seem like a great growth opportunity, it will all depend on how companies handle pandemic-related inflation.

Omsom, for example, is a manufacturer of quality Asian sauce packets that allow home chefs to create Asian dishes such as Thai larb or Filipino sisig. Their brand is loud, bold, and daring, with colors that are almost as outrageous as the spices. Omsom, according to Frommer, is an excellent example of strong, high-end DTC brands in the grocery sector.

Omsom’s email newsletter sounds more like something you hear from friends than it does as a company trying to sell you. Because everyone was at home cooking, they probably experienced a low growth year. He says that the challenge is for them to make repeat purchases.

Another trend: Another trend? 58% of North American customers already say that they are constantly looking for ways to improve their health. Innova surveyed six of the 10 respondents and found that they are looking for products that support immune health. One in three said these concerns have increased in 2020.

Due to the large number of grocery sales that still take place offline, wholesale distribution is a key factor for many food and drink sellers.


Examples: Omsom and Eat Well Nashville, Jaswant’s Kitchen

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8. 8.


It’s a world of yoga leggings, and I love it. People have changed their fashion choices, swapping “hard pants” (jeans) with stretchy yoga pants, shorts, and sweats. Our survey revealed that 41% of respondents purchased more athleisure clothing online in the period of the pandemic. 19% intend to buy more as lockdowns allow.

is eager to see, regardless of whether or not this is a fashion trend that would make Coco Chanel swoon in her grave. We know one thing for certain: after a year of Zoom meetings where executives were dressed in baseball caps, it is unlikely that we will be wearing a suit and tie again anytime soon. Many studies have shown that comfortable environments are conducive to productivity.

What will post-pandemic athleisure actually look like? Is it necessary to allow for a hybrid work-life balance? It could be a home-to office-to-nightlife lifestyle. Entrepreneurs in this sector have an exciting opportunity.

This is the key word: “lifestyle.” Think about your target audience when you are thinking about your marketing strategy. Follow relevant social media accounts and influencers that your target audience follows. Consider tapping influential people to promote your products if you are just starting out.

Women’s Best is a brand that sells athleisure and health-conscious products for women. It targets those who don’t like the Barbie-proportioned sizes being marketed by other businesses. Their brand celebrates health over outdated concepts of beauty.

Internationalization of their Instagram stores has helped the brand make a name for itself. Each country, including the U.S., Canada and Australia, as well as Germany, Australia, Germany and the UK, has its own Instagram account that allows customers to access specific online shops in their local currencies and languages.


Examples: Best

on premise

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9. Accessory for clothing (e.g. shoes, hats etc.


Accessories sales were already on the rise during the pandemic. 48% of consumers purchased more accessories through ecommerce stores by 2020, and 19% of them plan to spend more accessories in a post-pandemic environment. Consumers are keen to refresh their accessories after months of wearing new Crocs or baseball caps.

It is likely that narrowing down on a product is the hardest part of starting a business. Jewelry Vintage clothing Bags? Bags?

Are you passionate about Italian leather shoes Working directly with the manufacturers can help you cut out the middleman and save money. That’s how Velasca was born. Enrico Casati & Jacopo Sebastio founded Velasca to compete against Goliath brands. They focused on photography and storytelling to appeal to a new generation of consumers hit by the recession in 2012.

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