These are the 17 best places for Ecommerce entrepreneurs to find product ideas

These are the 17 best places for Ecommerce entrepreneurs to find product ideas

Sometimes, you will find a brilliant idea for an online product that you can sell. It’s something that you should be looking out for, but it happens all the time.

There are many resources online that can provide inspiration and ideas, but how do you start as an entrepreneur? We’ve put together a list of top resources that will help you get started. Our ultimate guide to making money online is also available.

17 places where you can find product ideas that are profitable

  1. Start with the things you already have
  2. Your community
  3. Online consumer trends publications
  4. Industry leaders
  5. Trend and product discovery websites
  6. Social curation websites
  7. B2B wholesale markets
  8. Online consumer markets
  9. Social forums
  10. Social media network
  11. Third-party and on-site customer reviews
  12. SEO insights and analytics
  13. Consumer lifestyle magazines
  14. Your competition
  15. Audience Survey
  16. Crowdsourcing
  17. Looking back at the past

It is important to remember two things as you read through the various resources in this post.

When looking for product ideas, don’t forget to consider the possibilities beyond the product.Although it may sound cliché, we have learned that it is true.Strategies to Find Your First Profitable ProductThere is a lot of competition in the most popular and well-known product categories. Your success can depend on your ability to find a unique angle. Don’t just focus on the products; look for opportunities within the product category. Look for new markets, new features, and new ways to use products.

Do not be afraid to explore smaller product categories or niches.A niche is a subset of a larger category that has fewer potential customers. However, it compensates for this by having fewer competitors and a targeted audience. It is easier to rank high on Google and it is often more cost-effective and efficient to market to your customers.

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This post will discuss the best places to find product inspiration and ideas for a store extension. We will start with some general ideas to help you get started on your search, and then we’ll get into the specifics closer to the end.

It’s a good idea to write down all your ideas as you read this post and the list. Once you have all your ideas jotted down, you can return to them later to evaluate their viability and potential.


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1. 1.Start with what you already have

It’s best to start with what you already know before you search the web for small-business ideas or the vast expanses of the Internet for niche and product ideas.

Perhaps it’s an idea or product you have had for many years. Perhaps it’s a half-written business proposal that you have stored in a folder on your computer. It’s worth re-examining it, even if it was dismissed at one point. You thought it was a brilliant idea at one time.

These are some questions to ask yourself when creating your internet business idea list.

  • Which products, industries, or niches are you passionate about?
  • Which industries, niches, or products are you passionate about?
  • Which pain points are you experiencing in your life?

Exemple:Lisa Kalberer, a sister and entrepreneur, and Allison Hottinger, a businesswoman, are passionate about tradition and family. These values are instilled in their homes through the assembly of a manger for Christmas. Friends were keen to start their own traditions.The Giving Manger was created. This product was born out of passion and attracted the attention influencers, making it a national hit online as well as in-stores.

Identify your pain points and challenges

Solve the problem if it’s there. Think about the pain points in your life and those of others. Active Hound was born to solve the problem of dog toys that could be easily destroyed and chewed. Unreliable products can cause frustration for dog owners, which can lead to high costs. This was the market for that product.

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2. 2.

Sometimes you don’t even need a brand new idea. Ecommerce is a newer form of business, but brick-and-mortar businesses are more popular than ecommerce. You can create a unique and profitable internet business by paying attention to the trends in brick-and-mortar retail and adapting these to ecommerce. Take a look around your local community to see what interesting retail concepts are being discussed. This type of information and news can be found in your local newspaper.

Exemple:InstaCart, a grocery-delivery company, is an excellent example of a company who saw a way for a brick and mortar business to be made online. According to PwC’s 2017 Total Retail Survey most grocery shopping takes place in-store. However, with services like Amazon Pantry growing in popularity, it’s possible to drive and capture online orders. InstaCart partners up with brick-and-mortar retail stores to ensure that customers can still shop at the grocery store they love and trust. Customers can also shop at local grocers, which supports small businesses.

3. 3.

The top consumer product trends publications are a great place to start your product idea search. It’s a great way to get a feel for the trends in consumer products and what other entrepreneurs are doing to bring them to market. These publications can help you discover new industries and product categories that you didn’t know existed. You can find new products, services, and experiences to help your online business by following the trends.

Many popular trend magazines are available online, including but not limited to:

TrendWatching – TrendWatching is an independent firm that monitors the world for the most promising consumer trendsTrendWatching employs professionals from London, New York and Sao Paulo to report on global trends.

Trend Hunter – Trend Hunter is the largest and most popular trend community in the world. Trend Hunter, a global community of 137,000 members with 3,000,000 followers, is a source for inspiration for entrepreneurs and curious people.

Trend Hunter founder Jeremy says that he was an entrepreneur from the beginning, but didn’t know which idea he wanted to pursue. While I knew that my career would lead me to my business idea, I didn’t know what I wanted. I searched for inspiration for years. Trend Hunter was born. It is a place where insatiable curiosity can come together to share ideas and be inspired.

PSFK is a “business Intelligence Platform [that] inspires creativity as they develop new products and services across retail, advertising, and design.” You can use PSFK to validate and jump-start your ecommerce company ideas.

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Exemple:Dan and his product are a great example of someone who has noticed a trend in another country and brought that back home.Inkkas. Inkkas are unique, beautiful shoes made from authentic South American textiles. Dan saw the demand for these shoes in Peru and came up with the idea. He realized that this product would be a good fit for the North American market and brought it home to fund his Kickstarter campaign.