The difficulty of learning old ways and business disruption

Summer holidays are great because of many reasons. You can engage in many activities, learn new skills, and relax. It is easier to let go of old routines if you have the time to reflect on your past habits and make changes.

However, aShortlistIt was a business concept that originated and is still used in our daily lives at work and home. We make shortlists in the business world for partner preference and preferred job candidates.

From our mental list of favorite restaurants close to the office, we choose a lunch place. Another shortlist of politics is available to assist us in selecting a candidate or party to vote for. We all visit the same shortlisted news sites online every day. We follow the same conversations in social media groups. Even more, we choose our next destination holiday from a list of three options.

We shop at the same stores every time. Our company conducted a survey of consumers at the start of this decade. Our findings revealed that most consumers only frequent 2 to 4 supermarkets. This list is extremely short and only the largest supermarket chains are included.

Because it’s safer, we prefer tested and true. It is always risky to try something new. We prefer to keep doing the same things we’ve done for years. It is difficult to let go of old habits and venture out of your comfort zone.

Other thought patterns that are closely linked to shortlisting include ‘Repeating it over and over’ and Keeping to what worked in the past. Both of these thought patterns have been seen in action on various digitalisation and business development projects that aim to create the best new Something or another.

Many times, these projects result in minor changes to existing methods or giving a solution a new name and fresh outlook. The project cost the company between EUR700 million and EUR70 millions. The business goals of the company are reexamined at some point and made less ambitious. This is the thinking behind it: “Once this project is over the finish line we can continue to develop things.” __S.27__

Each project’s participants would love to create something new. However, the difficulties of learning drives us to make safer decisions. Unlearning can be difficult for individuals, but it is much more difficult to gather the courage of the entire organization to make a difference. The game-changing enthusiasm and courage often disappear due to severe cost and schedule pressures.

The disintegration of existing operating modelsBusiness disruption is also known as disruptive business. It has an impact on every company and organization. We select people we love because they either drive or resist change. Particularly when developing and producing digital services, it takes courage to challenge the status quo and the ability see beyond your bubble. A shortlist is rarely the best way to find the best option.

Summer holidays offer a welcome respite from daily routines. My holiday plan is almost complete. I will try new restaurants for lunch, eat vegan meals for several days, visit as many stores as possible, use new online services, and meet new people on social media. I will also be following the political debate without prejudice.

My goal is to have a more exciting life and to find new items for my shortlists. When I return to work, I will remind everyone to stop sticking to the same old ways. It’s worth trying at home.