The Complete Guide to Instagram Advertising 2021

The Complete Guide to Instagram Advertising 2021

You’re probably familiar with the feeling of talking into an empty space when you post anything to social media. Too often, no one replies. There are no likes, comments or retweets.

Instagram is different. Instagram is a great platform for sharing your content, regardless of how small your audience. You’re likely to get at least a few comments and likes on your posts, especially if you use the top Instagram hashtags. It’s a highly effective marketing channel with over a million users worldwide. Check out our guide How to Get Instagram Followers.

There is strong business argument for learning how you can make money on Instagram. Instagram’s engagement is not only superior to Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn but it also outperforms Facebook by an average of 10 factors. You might be wondering why Instagram isn’t used by more brands.

Shop on Instagram

Instagram has partnered with Shopify , to offer product tagging and a Shop tab right inside of the Instagram interface.

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How does Instagram advertise?

Anyone can create Instagram ads using Facebook’s self-serve platform. You have complete control over how your ads appear and who sees them. Your ads are posted from your account, unlike paid partnerships and sponsored posts.

This method of Instagram advertising has many advantages:

  • Pricing scaleable
  • Simple to use and self-serve ad platform
  • You can be in control with robust reporting
  • Targeting a highly refined audience

You have two options when creating Instagram ads. Promote is a similar tool to Facebook’s Boost button. You can convert any post into an Instagram ad. Only you need to decide where and who to send your ads to, how much to spend, and to whom.

You can also create campaigns using Facebook Ads Manager. This is an all-in one tool that allows you to launch ads on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.

The impact of Instagram ads on people’s purchasing behavior can be significant. It has been shown that Instagram can help a href=””:text=Instagram%20helps%2080%25%20of%20Instagrammers. “>80% of users decide whether they want to purchase a product/service. No matter how small or large your company is, you can create a campaign that attracts new customers and boosts sales.

What is the cost of Instagram ads?

Research by Revealbot shows that Instagram ads cost an average of:

  • Cost per click: $1.17 (CPC).
  • Cost per 1000 impressions: $7.01 (CPM).
Source: Revealbot

The campaign objective can also affect the average cost-per click. You can see that Instagram ads CPC ranges from $.50 to $7.50 depending on the objective.

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Source: Revealbot

Your campaign objectives will also affect the average CPM. Revealbot’s study shows that CPM can vary between $2.50 to $35 per thousand impressions.

Source: Revealbot

Good results will depend on your target audience, your industry and the ads that you use. There is no single benchmark. You should also note that Instagram ads costs will vary depending on the product you are selling. It’s likely that a $50 product will cost less to get a customer than a $1500 product.

Two things to consider when you are creating Instagram ads: How much you would like to spend on an overall campaign and how much for a specific result. You won’t be surprised at unexpected costs and you can test campaigns to ensure the best results.

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Types of Instagram ads

There are several types of Instagram ads you can run:

1. 1.

A photo ad can be one photo, either in square or landscape format. Because you only need one image, these ads are the easiest in terms of visual assets requirements. This is an example of a photo advertisement from jewelry brand Colours which takes users to a landing page where they can claim their military discount.

Source: Facebook

2. 2.

Instagram used to limit videos to 15 seconds, but that has been lifted. Videos can now be as long as 60 seconds and can be shot in either landscape or square formats. Pura Vida’s Instagram advertising uses the video format to promote its new Jewelry Club.

Source: Facebook

3. Carousel ads

A carousel Instagram ad may contain anywhere from 2-10 images or videos that users can view through swiping.

Source: Facebook

4. 4.

In that they are displayed as videos in the user’s feeds, collection ads look similar to video ads. These ads are composed of still images which play like a slideshow. Slideshow ads can be customized with text and audio.

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Source: Facebook

5. Stories ads

Instagram Stories ads are one the most recent types of advertising available to businesses. Instagram Stories allow users and brands to share self-destructing videos and photos.

Instagram Stories can be used to advertise for brands with video or photo content. Pura Vida, an online jewelry company, has successfully used Instagram Stories ads to increase brand awareness and recall.

Source: Facebook

6. 6.

Instagram has recently extended its Reel ads beta program to Canada, France and the UK. Reel ads offer a vertical, full-screen experience similar to Stories ads. These ads appear between users’ Reels and can last for up to 30 seconds. They can be liked, commented, saved, shared, shared, skipped, and viewed by Instagrammers.

Source: Adweek

Advertise on Instagram with the following objectives

You can choose from a variety of campaign objectives when advertising on Instagram. You can choose from a variety of possible goals for your Instagram advertising campaign. This choice will impact how your Instagram ads look and what you pay for them. If your goal is to get people watching your video, then you don’t need to care about how many people click on your link.

Perhaps you are already familiar with campaign goals from creating Facebook ads. There are many options:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Reach
  3. Traffic
  4. App Installs
  5. Engagement
  6. Video Views
  7. Lead generation
  8. Conversions

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1. 1.

This objective can be used to increase awareness about your product, service, or business via Instagram advertising. This objective, formerly known as awareness, now includes the objective. The brand awareness objective supports image ads and video ads as well as slideshow ads and stories ads.

2. 2. Reach

You can increase awareness about your product, service, or app by setting a reach goal. This objective now includes the objectives previously known as local awareness, reach & frequency, and reach & frequency. All Instagram ads can be supported by the reach objective. Reach allows you to reach a wider audience while brand awareness targets users more likely to remember your brand or ad.

3. Traffic

Traffic objective can be used to drive people to your site. This is great for driving engagement with your mobile app. Traffic now includes the objective, formerly known as website clicks. This objective can be used to create an offer for your target audience. This traffic objective is compatible with all Instagram ad types. The Mountain Collective sells ski packages and passes. To drive customers to its online shop, it used photo ads.

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Instagram traffic ad example

4. 4.

The app installs objective, which is not surprising, is a great way to encourage users to download your application. With the app installs objective, you can use any Instagram ad. This Poshmark carousel ad leads users to the app store to get its mobile app.

poshmark app install ad example

5. 5. Engagement

Engaging customers is another way to promote your offers. This objective is also very effective in promoting your Instagram account posts and photos. Under the engagement objective, you have three options: image ads, slideshow ads, or video ads.

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6. 6.

To promote a video, video ad or slideshow ad (or Stories ad), you can use the video views objective. This objective is a great way to increase awareness about your brand and products.

7. 7.

Insta ads with a lead generation goal are great for gathering information, such as email addresses, from users so that you can market to them in future. This objective is compatible with all Instagram ad types.

8. 8.

Ecommerce businesses looking to increase sales should consider the conversions objective. Both the objectives previously known as website conversions or dynamic ads are part of the current goal. Conversions is the objective if you want to optimize your app for users who complete a particular action.

Notice:This objective can only be achieved if you have the following:Facebook PixelYou can have one installed on your site. You’ll receive a message informing you if you don’t yet have one.

How to make Instagram ads

  1. Connect your Instagram profile to your Facebook Page
  2. Create an Instagram Ad Campaign
  3. Set an Instagram ad
  4. Optimize and analyze your Instagram ads

Let’s take a look at how to create your first Instagram ad.

Step 1: Connect your Instagram business profile with your Facebook page

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Linking your Instagram account with your Facebook page is the first step in creating an Instagram ad. This is only one step.

Visit thePage settingsClick on the button below to create your Facebook Business Page.InstagramIn the left column

setting up an Instagram ad from Ads Manager

Next, clickConnect Account. You can toggle “Allow access Instagram messages in Inbox” to on or off. It will allow you, and any other person who manages your account to respond to Instagram messages when it is turned on. Click hereContinue.

setting up IG ad permissions

Enter your Instagram login credentials and click on “Login to Facebook”

Remember that you must switch your Instagram account from a personal account to a Business Manager page.

confirmation that IG account is connected

Step 2: Create an Instagram Ad Campaign

Once you have linked your Instagram account with your Facebook page, you can head over to Ads Manager to create your first campaign. You may already be familiar with the process of creating Facebook ads.

Click on the Campaigns tab in the Ads Manager and then click the + Create button at the top-left corner of the screen.

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creating your first instagram ad

Next, select your campaign goal. Instagram Stories ads are compatible only with brand awareness, reach and conversions.

choosing campaign objective

choosing conversion objective

Step 3: Create an Instagram ad set

You can choose Purchase from the Ad Set page.

creating your Instagram ad set

An offer can be added to your ad. This will increase conversions.

toggle on or off Offer settings in Instagram Ads Manager


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Start low when deciding how much to advertise on Instagram. If your ad performs well, you can increase the daily budget or lifetime budget.

setting budget and schedule

Next, decide who will see your ads. Instagram ads offer the same targeting options as Facebook ads.

You can target them with your Instagram ads if you already have Custom Audiences.

creating a Custom Audience in Ads Manager

Next, choose your ad placements. Next, you’ll be able to choose whether your campaign will be run on Facebook or Instagram. You can de-select all except Instagram.

setting up placements in Ads Manager

Once you have decided what you want to optimize for, how much you will spend, who you target, and where you would like your ads to appear, click Next in the breakdown or the bottom right corner of the screen, if this is your first campaign.

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view from Ads Manager of Instagram ad campaign

Next, you will see the option to select your Instagram ad format. After you have made your decision, scroll down and upload your images.

choosing ad format

Once you have uploaded your visuals scroll down and you will see an option to add text or a call-to-action to your ad.

adding creative to your ads

You can also preview how your ad on Instagram by clicking the link to the right. This is how an example ad will look on Instagram Stories and feeds.

adding creative to instagram ad part 2

When everything is perfect, click the Publish button at the bottom right. If not, you can go back to make any changes.







publishing IG ad

Step 4: Optimize and analyze your Instagram ads

After you launch your first Instagram ad campaign, the work is not done. You’ll need to keep an eye on it and experiment with new ideas to determine the best messaging, creative, targeting, and targeting.

analyzing result of IG ad

Ads Manager allows you to edit your Instagram ads to include split testing, modify targeting parameters and view analytics about the performance of your ads.

The hardest Instagram ad to create is the first. It will be easier the second time around once you have conquered it.

Tips for Instagram ads

Advanced targeting techniques are recommended

Instagram ads offer the same targeting options that Facebook ads. These options include targeting based upon location, demographics and interests, behavior, lookalike audience, and automated targeting (i.e. let Facebook decide).

You can also target these people on Instagram if you have Custom AudiencesYour Custom Audiences are people who have connected with you in some way. You can do this by inviting them to your website, sharing their contact information, using your app or engaging on Facebook.

Try different ad formats

You can test different ad formats to find the best one for you. If Stories ads are more effective than regular images ads for your target audience, then you should invest more in Stories ads. This will allow you to generate more business, and achieve better results with less money.

Maximize your budget

Facebook’s campaign budget optimization allows you to optimize your campaign’s allocation of budget across all ad sets. This option allows Facebook to continuously identify the best opportunities for results in your sets and automatically moves your budget to achieve those results.

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Trilce Jiron Garr, CEO of TBS marketing, employs this tactic when she runs Instagram ads for clients.

To see which ads perform better, run multiple ads in one campaign. Nuke the more expensive versions to ensure that you don’t have to guess which creative is most effective. You can try several different variations to stop running ads that don’t perform.

Toggle Budget Optimization when setting up Instagram ads.

Use Instagram automation

Ecommerce brands and influencers sometimes get a lot of messages or comments when they post ads on Instagram. They don’t always have the time or resources to reply to everyone manually.

Brands are turning to Instagram automation to turn comments into customers and save time. ManyChat allows you to create Instagram Stories ads that automatically engage users with keyword automation.

Source: ManyChat

To start an automatic conversation in Instagram Messenger, someone simply needs to type in a keyword from your Story. You can then collect the contact information of your viewers, send a coupon code, or offer a lead magnet to help you achieve your business goals.

How to get the most out of your Instagram marketing strategy

Instagram ads are a great tool for business owners and marketers. With Ads Manager it is easy to create ads that reflect your brand and reach your target audience in the Instagram app. You can set your budget and manage your ad spending so that you aren’t caught unaware by the ad cost.

Start small by creating a campaign for your company. You can get comfortable with advertising on this social network, and you will learn a lot. Soon you’ll see how Instagram Marketing can reach relevant customers and improve your bottom line.

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