The best enterprise communication tools to accelerate integration

As businesses grow and get more complicated, the necessity for efficient communication tools that enable quick integration becomes crucial. If you manage remote teams or from multiple locations, communication is essential. This article will review the top enterprise communication tools that facilitate fast integration. You can ensure that everyone is connected, regardless of the place they’re located.


Wrike has a simple navigation system that lets users to move between various areas, folders, tasks, and files. Quickly change between your home screen and dashboards, timesheets or calendars. You can also get access to the notifications stream. Based on the company or team it also offers various customized solutions, like ones for marketing teams as well as professional service teams.

Wrike offers more than 400 native connectors. This includes connectivity to popular software for managing files like Google, Dropbox and Salesforce in addition to sales and marketing platforms like Marketo and Salesforce.

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Blink is a communications solution which addresses the particular requirements of desk-less employees who have, until now, not been able to access the same technologies in their headquarters. It integrates office messaging with a business feed using social media for top-down communications.

The APIs of Blink allow you to create new connections or use existing integrations with third-party platforms like Jira and Trello. Blink is accessible Blink through your browser, and it works with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

Microsoft Teams

Another reliable communication tools from an organization with a good name is Microsoft Teams. MS Teams offers communication services to businesses of all sizes and could be a good alternative to Slack and other well-known Slack competitors.

MS Teams interfaces with all of the Microsoft products, of course it also includes Adobe Creative Cloud, Trello, SurveyMonkey, Folly, Wrike, Jira, and numerous other applications. As a tool to communicate it is able to connect with many channels, such as emails, Google applications, social networks, and other social media sites. It naturally interacts with your important cloud services like Dropbox, Drive, and OneDrive.


Fleep provides video and audio conferencing in addition to individual and group chat via an integrated interface, which includes It also supports file sharing as well as document management. It also offers the possibility of creating discussion forums.

Fleep can integrate with other project management tools such as Trello, Confluence and Trello. Fleep can be integrated with the most popular social media platforms, as well as business applications such as Dropbox as well as Google Suite. It is possible to sync other apps with the Fleep API.

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Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is much more than a basic chat window. It comes with a broad array of features. It was created to increase internal communication among teams of all sizes, from small teams to large corporations.

This product is a great choice for tools for communication. It has all the features you’ll need. The main functions are video conferencing, voice-video calls, desktop sharing, file sharing and instant messaging.

In conclusion

Every business requires communication however it is particularly crucial for companies with remote employees and multiple locations. The right communication tools can help speed up integration and help reduce confusion. These are some of the most effective corporate communication tools that you can get in the present.