Six ways to increase employee productivity

Six ways to increase employee productivity

We often associate productivity with long work hours and overworked workers. At its core productivity is the ability of an organization to convert inputs into outputs. Also, productivity is a function of how efficiently a company uses its resources and people to produce high-quality goods or services.

Your goal is to get the most out of your employees, in terms of output and happiness.

Research has shown that engaged employees have better business results. Gallup’s analysis on employee engagement shows that companies with engaged employees are 21% more successful than their competitors. Their productivity is 17% higher, and their customer ratings are 10% better.

It’s important to keep employees happy at work. How do you do this?

Increase employee engagement.

Think big. You can keep your employees happy by making them feel valued members of the team. Employees who are engaged will be happier and more successful, and will feel valued team members.

Communicate effectively with your employees.

Communicate with your employees about the role they play and how it fits in to the overall picture. Employees can give feedback through open communication channels about how things are going, what is working and what needs to be improved.


Employees who have the opportunity to learn new skills and grow professionally are more likely be motivated and engaged at work. Employees can also learn new skills and keep up with industry developments through training.

Recognize and reward employees.

Recognizing employees for their hard work is a way to boost morale and give them a sense of appreciation. Recognizing employees’ hard work doesn’t need to be about increasing their salaries or getting bonuses. Verbal praises, awards and extra time can all help increase employee productivity.

Encourage teamwork.

People feel more connected to a larger organization when there is a culture of teamwork. They feel more responsible because they aren’t letting their team down.

Make sure you have the right tools.

You can make your employees more productive and better manage your company with the right tools. There are three basic types of tools to consider: automation tools, data analysis tools, and communication/collaboration tools.

Automation allows employees to be more productive by allowing them to think creatively and collaborate with colleagues. Most of Zoho’s business-critical apps are equipped with automation features for sales, marketing, HR management, finance and many other areas.

Data analysis helps employees evaluate their performance and identify areas that need improvement.

Collaboration tools and communication tools allow team members to work together more effectively. Clear communication is often the difference between success or failure.

Technology can have a direct impact on productivity. It empowers employees to focus on the most important things and work efficiently.