Shopify Dropshipping (2022). The Ultimate Guide To Pushing Your Sales

Shopify is an eCommerce platform similar to WooCommerce and Bigcommerce. Shopify offers Dropshipping with many advantages over other platforms. Shopify Dropshipping has been a popular choice. We are happy to share how to dropship with Shopify.

What’s Shopify Dropshipping?

Shopify Dropshipping allows the operator to ship the goods directly from the customer. You will need to contact the supplier (third party) in order to receive orders from customers. The request order will be made and shipped directly to the customer.

Start a Shopify Store, also known as a virtual eCommerce, to conduct Dropshipping. This online store would be used as an intermediary to purchase and sell products from suppliers. Shopify is a great tool to help you leverage your Dropshipping business. It also has outstanding support features.

Although dropshipping profits at Shopify are not high, this business model does not require a lot of capital upfront. Only three things sellers should focus on are product marketing, order tracking, and customer care. They can do this all online using trendy tools such as buying ads on Facebook.

The global Covid epidemic has impacted the demand for online shopping. This trend is encouraging cross-border eCommerce commerce. The Dropshipping market will see more growth.

The Market Analysis Report shows that the global dropshipping market was worth 102.2 billion dollars in 2018. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR), which is the expected increase in dropshipping market size, will be 28.8% between 2019 and 2025.

What’s Shopify and Is It Good for Dropshipping.

Tobias Lutke (the founder of Shopify) and Scott Lake (the CEO) wanted to create a website for their ski equipment business. However, they couldn’t find an affordable platform. Shopify was developed by them and has since grown to be a billion-dollar company.

Shopify, an eCommerce platform, uses cloud storage technology to maximize online business and transactions. The platform allows you to create a complete sales website. It integrates and synchronizes all business support features, including payment, shipping, warehouse, social networking, offline point-of-sale connection, and more. This resource contains more information about Shopify Review.

In Below is a chart that shows the search interest worldwide for four eCommerce platforms.

Shopify is well-known for its Dropshipping support. Shopify is well-known for its Dropshipping service and convenience. However, many people don’t realize that it’s a global eCommerce platform.

Dropshipping with Shopify is an all-inclusive solution to Dropshipping. It is safe and less risky than traditional Dropshipping. This business model allows everyone to test it without having to invest a lot. This article will help you understand how Shopify Dropshipping works.

What Does Dropshipping Cost?

Here is an overview of the initial costs of dropshipping. This price is subject to change depending on what each business needs.

Factors that influence spending Cost
The basics: A Shopify subscription costs $29 per month. An Oberlo subscription costs $29.9/month. Domain name cost: $15 $73.9
Marketing $100
Traffic and Order $100
Additional functionality $15
Total $288.9


Shopify: How does it work?


Setup is easy

You need an online store to dropship on Shopify. Shopify is well-known for its eCommerce website and global eCommerce platform. Shopify was founded on the belief that it is an eCommerce platform for all. Shopify’s dropship theme Shopify makes it easy to create a website.

Scalability and Good Price

Shopify is perceived as more expensive than other websites creation platforms. The $29/month package will give you access to a variety of features such as:

  • You can quickly create a booth without having to outsource.
  • Data management is not a job for IT professionals in senior positions
  • Unlimited products posts
  • Connecting to other sales channels like Etsy, Amazon, eBay…
  • Sending units can be linked
  • Connect with offline sales points (ShopifyPOS)
  • Unlimited installation of supported Apps in Shopify’s App Store
  • Flexible monthly payments so that you can temporarily or permanently close your business at any moment
  • Support available 24/7

Shopify can also help you renew advanced packages if your business expands faster. It takes only a few clicks to complete the process.

You will first get 14 days to test your website. This time frame is sufficient to create and test your online business booth. Shopify’s best feature is the ability to email the support team if the store has not been completed within 14 days.

You can also get other resources for free, such as App Store, Theme Stores, App Store, and Design tools like Logo, Slogan, and Brand Name.

Shopify is the only platform that offers as many features and applications as Shopify. Shopify is a technology ecosystem that allows you to design eCommerce sales pages.

High Speed Safety Protection

Website loading speeds are critical to increasing customer experience and keeping them loyal. Woocommerce users will need to use Hosting services in order to get the fastest page loading speeds. Shopify’s cloud storage technology ensures that your website runs smoothly on both mobile and desktop computers.

Dropshipping is a model that allows you to view the website as a business asset. Shopify will provide you with high-level security for your website.

For startups and small- to medium-sized businesses, security features are more important than ever.

Website security is also a problem that can lead to loss of advertising dollars. You will need to place ads on Facebook and Google to inform your customers about your products. If the website is not accessible due to security issues, the customer will click on the advertisement link and won’t see any information. This disrupts the buying process and decreases sales.

Shopify offers high-security website design and development.

SEO Optimization and Marketing Tools

In a series, designing a web shop is the first step. How to Get Sales with Shopify Dropshipping Or an Effective Dropshipping Business Operation requires additional Marketing activities.

Shopify offers an application store that supports online marketing features. Shopify can provide functionalities like Facebook ads, Google, Email Marketing, and social networking links.

Shopify recently partnered with Google in order to make it easier to have your products displayed on the search engine. SEO (search engine optimization) will get your sales page to the top of Google searches, where you will be able to convert more customers. SEO standards are not for everyone.

Dropshipping is possible with Shopify. Your sales page will be optimized by Shopify. Shopify also allows you to install and use other applications that support search optimization to make your store more Google-friendly.

Dropshippers Highly Recommend

Shopify is an excellent platform to build a drop shipping page. We looked through forums to find common reasons drop shippers trust Shopify.

  • It is easy to create a sales page.
  • Multiple vendors’ applications
  • Dropshipping is supported by many applications
  • These links will take you to international payment gateways.
  • Shopify Dropshipping Suppliers:
  • Shopify has more information about Dropshipping.

7 Steps for Dropshipping on Shopify

Dropshipping is a promising industry. Here are some details about Shopify. How to set-up Dropshipping on Shopify 2021 We have provided all the details in our Shopify Dropshipping Guide.

Shopify supports dropshipping. Shopify Dropshipping apps are the best to help you connect with third-party sellers that will fulfill your orders. Dropshipping with Shopify is by far the easiest way to dropship.

Creating Shopify Account

You first need to create an account at Shopify. To create a booth, all you need is to go to Shopify’s website.

After payment, you will receive 14 days of free access. You can also access your online store dashboard, where you can set up and manage the business.

Optimizing Your Shopify Account Settings

Once you have completed the design step (set up website domain names, update information, etc.), you can start adding Shopify dropshipping products to your store. The next section will explain how to add and select products. This section will explain how to add Drop Ship Products to Shopify and optimize Product Information in the Store.

Edit the title and add the description, as well as the photos. Customers will be more likely to find your site through relevant searches if you optimize your products’ information.

You should also remember to add tags to your Shopify DropShipping products. If you sell baby clothes, for example, you can tag the baby dresses and baby pants. This will allow you to easily categorize your products and make it easier to control them. You can either manually add product tags to each product or bulk add tags to products in your product list.

Launch Your Shopify Dropshipping Shop

Once you have successfully set up your shop, you can launch your Shopify Dropshipping site. You can launch an online shop by using the “Sales Channel”, which is available in your Shopify settings.

Create Your Shopify Dropshipping Shop

You can make your store more appealing by visiting the Customize theme to personalize its layout and color scheme.


The next step is to add a payment option for your Shopify Dropshipping shop.

  • Click on Settings to install. Next, select the ” payments” tab, and then fill in the details.

Other settings, such as shipping and delivery policies, are also important. Your store will look better if you do what Shopify asks.

Adding Products

You must first add products to your Shopify Dropshipping shop in order to start selling. There are two options for adding products to Shopify Dropshipping. You can save time and effort by choosing the manual method using another program.

Design Your Shopify Dropshipping Shop

You should not only create an account but also design your website to reflect your business philosophy. A professional and beautiful website will boost customers’ confidence as well as their buying decisions. Now it’s time for you to design your store.

  • Choose from these themes

Shopify allows you to create an online shop with no-cost themes. Shopify offers a variety of options to customize your store according to your needs and preferences. You can also choose to talk with or charge designers. Click on the tab Online Store on the left sidebar to see a variety of website themes. Shopify offers dropship themes for both free and premium.

After you have chosen your preferred theme, return to Shopify’s dashboard. Click “Customize” and follow the instructions. This will take you to the Website design features. It allows you to design your website and make any edits.

  • Layers can be enhanced with more photos

Images can be added to every section of your website to make it more professional and attractive.

Upload images directly from your computer, or any other device. You can also upload images from Burst, Shopify’s library of stock photos that will help you find the best images for your needs.

If you are interested in a particular photo, you can view it before you publish the entire website.

  • Other

You can also modify the general settings of your Shopify theme. You can also play with:

  • Layout of web pages
  • Your website’s color scheme
  • Your website’s typography
  • You choose the social media icons that you use and the accounts to which you link
  • More Subtitle Pages

Shopify’s best feature is its ability to edit the product until you are completely satisfied. Then, click ‘Save’ to save the final product.

Make Your First Sale

After you have created an online store, it’s time to start selling your products. The first step in Dropshipping is to create an online business model. You should also combine it with Shopify Dropshipping marketing campaign. Promote your online store and products via multiple channels in order to make Shopify more popular.

It is important to remember a key keyword for online business: traffic. Traffic is how many times customers visit your site and view your products. If your product appeals to the right customers, and the store has enough trust, then they will purchase your product.

To attract customers, we will split the traffic into two sources:

  • Traffic is free

To attract customers, you will be able to create free social media channels. Although this is free or very inexpensive, it requires you to put in a lot of effort and time before you receive your first order. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and Instagram to get your first order.

  • Paid traffic

This is the fastest and most efficient way to sell large quantities of products in a short time. To reach your customers, you will need to pay for ads on Facebook, Youtube and Google. It is important to realize that this will depend on your advertising skills as well as your advertising budget.

The Pros and Cons Of Shopify Dropshipping

Dropshipping with Shopify offers many benefits, but it also has its limitations. These are the main pros and disadvantages we have listed so you can easily compare them:

Pros Cons
Very little capital Low margins
You can sell many products Control over supplier or inventory issues is impossible
It is easy to expand Shipping costs are higher
It is easy to manage Customer services
There are few overhead costs


Shopify Dropshipping: Is it Right for You?

There are many e-commerce platforms available today. Shopify is the best choice for dropshipping businesses. Shopify fully integrates features like connecting with hundreds suppliers to stock, pack and ship products. The upfront cost of this platform is often very low or even free.

Shopify connects to over 100 dropshipping applications, which is a great feature. This allows you to launch and manage your shop more efficiently.

Final Words

Failure is the mother of failure. Try to find the best solution for you business. Your marketing strategy will depend on the industry you are in.

Shopify offers many advantages, including speed, security and cost-efficiency. You can use it for any size business, from a small shop to a large corporation with minimal management and set-up resources.

This article will give you more confidence to launch a Dropshipping company on Shopify. We wish you success and are available to help you if needed.