Scalability for SAP HANA on IBM Power

What’s next for IBM Power and SAP HANA?

Hard to believe it’s already been over a year since we announced our first IBM Power10 server, the Power E1080. It’s been quite a journey for Power10, including our most recent announcement of our midrange and scale-out servers last July. Now that we have our full portfolio of servers SAP HANA supported and available, what’s next on our journey?

As we have done throughout our history in IBM Power, we talk and listen to our clients and partners to understand their challenges and needs. These insights fuel further innovation to help our clients mitigate and hopefully overcome the technological obstacles that inhibit their ability to grow and succeed. As we release each new generation of Power servers, we must continue to provide our clients with additional options, enhancements and innovations to fully optimize their Power infrastructure.

Today, we are announcing some new enhancements to our IBM Power solutions designed to enable our clients to optimize their Power server experience while simplifying and accelerating their journey to SAP HANA.

Accelerate SAP HANA migration with new 2-6TB bundles

IBM Power continues to grow in larger SAP HANA workloads over 6TB due to our outstanding performance, reliability and security. Power10 provides up to 2.5x better per core performance than the compared x86 servers [1] so that customers have the option to do more with less.

We understand there is a need for these enterprise-class attributes in smaller SAP HANA workloads, as well. To support clients in need of solutions for smaller workloads, we are introducing new 2-6TB bundles. These bundles will be available through our business partners and feature our Power L1022/Power L1024 servers, memory and services ideal for smaller SAP HANA workloads. The goal for these new bundles is that they will be competitively priced and provide outstanding value to clients. To learn more about these exciting new bundle options, please contact your business partner.

Scale SAP HANA OLAP workloads with flexible options up to 40TB

IBM Power has a history of innovation and leadership for SAP HANA, allowing clients to create new SAP HANA environments flexibly by allocating incrementally from as low as 0.01 cores and 1GB memory. We are excited to share that we recently received support from SAP for up to 40TB (OLAP only) on IBM Power [2]. To be clear, we are the first and only server vendor to be supported for SAP HANA workloads this large. This is a testament to the engineering and design of our Power10 servers and our commitment to support our clients’ growing needs.

Get started with SAP HANA on IBM Power

As we continue to listen to our clients, their feedback on Power10 has been wonderful. They appear excited by the new Power10 technology and how our continued innovation supports their needs to simplify and accelerate their journey to SAP HANA. We look forward to ongoing discussions on how IBM Power can continue to help them optimize their SAP HANA experience and achieve their business objectives.

You can learn more about SAP HANA on IBM Power here or visit our website.


[1] SPECInt Math: (Power10 2170 peak /120 core)/(1620 peak/224 cores)=2.5. Max System SPECint IBM Power E1080 (3.55-4,0 GHz, Power10) 120 Cores, 8 CPUs SPECint Score 2170 per CPU Score 271.25 per Core Score 18.08 Date: As of Sept 2, 2021. Max System SPECint Hewlett Packard Enterprise Superdome Flex 280 (2.90 GHz, Intel Xeon Platinum 8380H) 224 Cores, 8 CPUs Intel Xeon Platinum 8380H Speed 2900 Mhz SPECint Score 1620.00 per CPU Score 202.50 per Core Score 7.23 Date: Feb-2021 Link: CPU2017 Integer Rate Result: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Superdome Flex 280 (2.90 GHz, Intel Xeon Platinum 8380H) (test sponsored by HPE) (