Retail Training: How To Effectively Develop Top Sales Skills

Retail Training: How To Effectively Develop Top Sales Skills

Are you looking for an easy way to improve your retail sales skills.

Knowledge is not the problem

Let’s face it, how many people hear something and then immediately use it?

Truth is, there are very few of us.

We would all be much more successful as business owners, executives, and salespeople if we all just listened to smart advice.

So, I started to wonder why it doesn’t stick once we are exposed to something, whether that’s reading a book or watching a video.

This post is meant to help you bridge the gap between knowing something and actually using it.

Let’s face the truth, unless we actually apply what we have learned, it’s only short-term memory.

It disappears, unless there is something to do with it.

I was very interested in my own advancement when I first started in retail. I read Zig Ziglar’s book See You At the Top, and all the other great business books.


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These books made me feel smart. It was all easy to understand. It was very clear.

After a while, however, I realized understanding did not help my pay check.

Here’s the truth: Personal development takes time.

It is not possible to train until you comprehend it.

It is not possible to train until you are capable of doing it once .

It is necessary to make it a habit.

It is essential to keep doing it until you are free from the need to think, “Do this, then that.”

This takes practice.

It’s a helluva lot.

The main problem is not the information; it’s the inability to implement.

This is why many people fail in sales training.

They can give you a lot of information but it’s not enough time. fire hose of training

The owner might have shown exactly what they did to sell their products when they started…

The trainer might have shown all the sales associates would need to launch the new product.

At their store meeting, the sales representative may have felt fantastic having presented 20 ideas about how to sell more their line.

Information overload can lead to many people being shut down.

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I’m sure I did.

I have been to many sales meetings, and often thought, or written on a piece of paper, Do this.

Then, I would hear another story and I’d think…also this.

At the end of this article, you’ll have a list do this thing.

It was so long, I just had to file it away.

These are some of the great ideas that I found?

They were all I could remember, and I only remarked on them after I was again exposed to the idea. I felt guilty that I had never done anything with it.

I didn’t take the second step, which was to put into practice what I had heard.

Although the information was clear, I wasn’t obligated to use it.

People say that unless you make something a routine, it will remain work.

I didn’t know that.It will work.

It just seemed like it would happen.

Could it be you?

This is not how it works when you’re trying to learn to play the piano or to paint a picture. It is important to put in the effort to use what you have learned.

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The first step to improving your sales skills is to try something in the real world, not the abstract.

My retail sales training program teaches you how to greet customers with a simple Good Morning greeting. This will allow them to respond thank you. You can commit to this greeting and you will greet each customer with Hello. Then, you’ll close your mouth. It’s impossible to resist saying, “How are you today?” or “Can I help you find something?”

Then, practice mastering what you have learned until it is so natural that you can’t remember how you did it another way.

Your sales training will be more effective if you decide to give it a try and then practice it.

You are changing the way you think and feel by choosing your words every single time. This is where learning really takes hold.

This is because every learner must go through four stages in order to make behavioral learning stick.

First, the learner is unaware. They don’t know what to know 

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you don't practice til you can do it right once

They become conscious ignorant. They are able to see what they don’t.

They become conscious educated. They are able to know what they need, but it is difficult for them to do it. They need to think like a baby . Place one foot in front of the other, then land on the heel. Next, roll the foot forward and select the other foot.

They are unconsciously educated. They no longer have to think about what they should do. It is easy to do because they have done it so many times and are so successful that it has become second nature.

You have the option to make a change in your behavior.

Like waking up an hour early to run, leaving your phone in another room while you eat dinner or confronting a boss head-on, the decision to make a change is what will separate those who live from those who live simply.

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An excellent salesperson, who has been properly trained, doesn’t need to think “OK, I’m going up to greet this guy with Hello,” but simply walk past him at a 45 degree angle, wait for him to learn the terrain, and then engage.

They do it simply because they believe their unconscious and body will make the right choices regarding words, timing, body positions, and emotions in order to sell.

Their way of thinking has been influenced by the idea of how to sell.

Don’t confuse that employee who wings it repeatedly and repeats the same thing over and again. That’s not what this is about. This is just lazy!

They don’t engage, they don’t care about the other person and they just want to get by , without needing to think.

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It is how consistent and extensive you practice your sales skills that makes the difference between great and average salespeople.

You must practice regularly to reach your goals and be better than you are now. Consistent practice is key to your success, just like Lady Gaga or Yo Yo Ma.

Knowing what to (or not to) do is just a small part of it. The real instruction is in your head.

Consider all the instances when people start a diet with the best intentions, but then abandon it with fresh-baked almond croissants on January 10.

You’ll continue to struggle until you can change your subconscious operating system.

This is because repetition is the most important thing to change. Not the knowledge but the practice of doing it repeatedly without thinking about it.

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As new behaviors are learned the old familiar will cling to its way to remain in control. This moment represents your moment of truth.

Do you have the will to go beyond that and reach the other side, where you will unconsciously learn?

If your goal is to use your retail sales skills and exceed your sales goals, you will.

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It is important to put everything you have learned into practice – this holds true for writing, basketball, and selling.

Let’s make it more interesting…

You have the option to be replaced or renewed as a human being in a world that is increasingly dependent on technology and automation.

You will lose your ability to connect with others if you don’t learn the soft skills.

Then, where are you going? You won’t find anywhere…

This is how you can leverage your knowledge.

You can change your behavior by taking small steps.

How do you develop your best selling skills?

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Keep practicing until you are able to use the sales process without thinking. You can then teach the process verbatim if you are satisfied with your results.

You will be more valuable and your sales goals will be achievable. Your hard work will pay off later, and you’ll look back and say, simple.