Reading List: Al Keck, Creator of Infinity Nation

Reading List” is our occasional series where we request ecommerce professionals to name a few of their favourite books and blogs. With this setup, we corresponded with Al Keck, founder and managing director of Infinity Nation, a U.K.-based advertising and consulting company. Infinity Nation helps ecommerce businesses discover and implement new opportunities and growth plans.

5 Favorite Books

Winning by Clive Woodward


“Winning” chronicles an astonishing trip to long-term success. Through their unbelievable attention to detail and willingness to question everything, Woodward and his training team revolutionized the management structures of the England rugby team and created a blueprint for sustained winning.

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Start with Why

It’s typical for business leaders to begin with”what” and”how.” What are we trying to reach? How are we going to enhance our operation? Sinek’s book taught me to think bigger. The most successful leaders, in most areas, focus on”why.” Why do what we do? Asking this question about yourself and your staff could be genuinely inspiring.

The Autobiography: Winning Is Not Enough by Jackie Stewart

Winning Is Not Enough

One of the best race car drivers of all time, Sir Jackie Stewart battled fiercely if the chances were against him — such as beating undiagnosed dyslexia — to become an international superstar on the trail, and of course a successful businessman it off. His book is written in his own, inimitable voice.

Top Dog: Impress and Affect Everyone You Meet by Andy Bounds

Best Dog: Impress and Influence Everyone

It’s easy to take communication for granted. This publication explains how the subconscious signals we send could have unintended effects. Shifting even minor ways you interact with other people may make you more impressive and persuasive. The book is very important for business and beneficial in different spheres of life, also.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money by Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Our attitudes on money have a tendency to get fixed pretty early in life. But they should not be. If you need your money to work for you, instead of being a slave to money worries, it is all about changing your mindset, as this book explains.

5 Favorite Websites

Shopify Blogs

Shopify Blogs

An extensive look at the world of ecommerce, the Shopify sites are respected by people in the know. They provide far more than your standard retail pieces and have a sideways look at things you thought you had worked out.

Insider Trends

Insider Trends

Up to date and innovative, Insider Trends gives breakdowns of the most recent retail developments. It provides a fantastic assortment of content. It is dependable and up to the moment.

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Firms

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Firms

This class revolutionized things for me. I maintain regular contact with other small business owners I met on it. As all of us continue to grow — and find out more about our companies — this forum is now an invaluable support network.


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BBC News

BBC News

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