New subcategories increase sales and signups

Ecommerce sites typically launch with a small product range and, possibly, category names which will become redundant as the company grows.

I found My Wedding Décor over a couple of years ago with 80 wedding décor products, a couple of product categories, and eight topics — from shore to vintage.

The majority of my products were balloons, centerpieces, lighting, signs, table decorations, and vases, and unusual candy for your dessert buffet table.

Before I started, I understood that product measurements are a determining factor for clients selecting wedding décor items.

The height of a décor merchandise lets couples and wedding planners decide if it can fit on the guest or bridal tables; is appropriate for the floral display; is the correct size visually for a space (by way of instance, ballrooms demand tall figurines ); or provides adequate”play” for photo opportunities (for example, 40-inch helium balloons).

In an extreme example last month, by way of instance, 1 lady was looking for a particularly substantial wedding arch to clean the mind of her husband-to-be, who stands 6 ft 8 inches.

When I launched the site, I thought I’d save time by set the height at the start of the item title.

When I introduced leasing products four months after, I kept the naming convention to record the product’s height at the start of the item name so visitors could compare the physical size of things as they scrolled down the page. I repeated this process once I started My Event Décor in January 2017.

And I never thought to reevaluate the viability of the naming approach until recently.

Dimensions vs. similar products

Just a week ago I was live-chatting with a potential client. I had been telling her about a taller vase she had not seen. As we chatted, we scrolled together through the”Purchase Décor” collection, trying to find the vase.

It was then the lightning bolt struck me: she would not have seen it since products were recorded by dimension order. This meant that a 40-inch high balloon was recorded beside a 40-inch plinth, though a 6-inch tall vase was adjacent to a desk amount measuring 6 inches, etc.

With numerous products measuring approximately the same, it intended shoppers watched dozens of disparate items on the same page, which made it confusing and frustrating to scroll through. A relevant product could be pages away.

One solution is to utilize flyout subcategory menus. However, I find them unwieldy on mobile phones.

So that day, following the live chat, I undertook the task of assessing the product titles for both sites, in most cases using the generic title for this item to commence the title.

By way of instance, all candle items were preceded with the phrase”Candle.” Bowl-shaped figurines began with”Bowl.” Food service carts now started with”Drinks Sweets” to set them, etc.

Immediately, it made it much easier for prospective clients to scroll and view similar things grouped together. In addition, it has saved me time.

The results?

And it’s made a difference, in only 1 week. It sounds shoppers can find what they want more easily and more quickly. And sales and signups have greatly improved.

For The Wedding Décor, comparing the week before the shift (August 14-21) to the week later (August 23-30), the bounce rate dropped from 1.60 percent to 1.59 percent, the average time on page from 28 minutes to 23 seconds, and the exceptional page views fell from 3,644 to 2,733.

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Significantly, sales for My Wedding Décor climbed 1,069 per week on week whilst newsletter signups have increased 36.4 percent.

And, for My Event Décor, comparing August 14-21 to August 23-30 shows that the bounce rate dropped from 65.9 percent to 58.7 percent, the average time on page dropped from 70 minutes to 47 seconds, and the exceptional page views grew from 615 to 673.

Earnings for My Event Décor dropped from August 14-21 to August 23-30, whilst newsletter signups climbed 20 percent over the same period.

Have you changed the names of product classes? What difference did it make to your company?

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