MoEngage has been named one of the Top 20 Diversity Companies (SME/Startup category).

MoEngage has been named one of the Top 20 Diversity Companies (SME/Startup category).

MoEngage was named one of the top 20 diversity companies at DivHERsity Awards 2020 (Start-up/SME category) by Jobs For Her, India’s largest online platform for women. This unique award for gender diversity is designed to recognize and support the excellence and commitment of Indian companies in increasing women’s participation in the workforce. MoEngage is honored with this award for its continued efforts to increase female inclusion and gender parity within our workplace.


We are important because of this recognition

This is a testament to our commitment to diversity and inclusion at all levels, as well as to our people-philosophy. Our business is centered on people and all that we do. This recognition highlights our commitment to gender parity, inclusion and diversity. We are committed to creating a welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds and we are an equal opportunity company.

We are thrilled to receive this award on International Women’s Day 2021, which is a week when we celebrate women’s rights around the globe. MoEngage will be a great place for everyone to work. We also pledge to fight gender inequalities at work in the form of gender biases, norms and stereotypes and promote gender parity.

Certification of DivHERsity awarded to MoEngage








Startups often fail to recognize that there is more than just building the right product and achieving the desired product-market fit. It is also about the economics of their businesses. This is company culture, diversity, inclusion, and diversity. Many have lost sight of the importance of Diversity and Inclusion after the COVID-19 epidemic and its effects on businesses. This new reality has made it difficult for employees to balance work, family, children, mental and physical health, and much more. This has certainly had an impact on the way women work to keep a balance between work and family. Inclusion and diversity should be more important than ever.

It is therefore crucial that we talk about gender parity in workplaces and beyond, address inequalities and celebrate women’s achievements.


What’s next?

We are proud to have been recognized as a company that values diversity. This is only the beginning. We are committed to creating a workplace that is equal for all genders, and supporting the well-being of all.

We promise to make the ratio equal soon and work hard to improve it. A more positive work environment is created when there are women in leadership roles. Different perspectives and experiences are a great way to bring innovation and improve decision-making. We will therefore strive to increase the number of women who hold leadership positions in the future. We have plans to create a mentorship culture that encourages collaboration and empower our diverse workforce. Tech at MoEngage recognizes the contributions of women to the technology innovation sector and aims to increase participation from other sections of society. We will ensure that our policies and programs make it easy to create a workplace where everyone can contribute meaningfully in their unique way.

We are grateful for the contribution and commitment of our women in creating balanced growth for the company and #choosetochallenge gender biases and inequalities.

We also have multiple openings. If you want to join us and help us create a world-class product and impact millions across the globe while working with an extraordinary team, check out our job openings and see if there’s a fit for you!






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