MoEngage and announce a strategic partnership to help marketers personalize email recommendations

MoEngage and announce a strategic partnership to help marketers personalize email recommendations

What makes you believe that Spotify and Netflix have won the hearts of everyone? Both offer sophisticated recommendations that are tailored to each person’s personality. Consumers of today, even the most privacy-conscious ones, expect personalization at every interaction, and brands need to keep up. To help you with this, we are excited to announce a partnership with, an intelligent recommendation engine for real-time, personalized email interactions.

What does MoEngage-Pique integration mean for marketers?

You will be able to send contextual emails to the right people at right times with this strategic partnership. Recommendations are made based on past behavior (searches and clicks, cart events, email engagement, and cart events) and not just browsing history. Every email is customized to ensure that the content sent to different users is unique.

Send contextual emails to the right people at the right time

MoEngage uses behavioral, demographic and geographic data to provide a single view of a customer. This information is combined with the AI-powered recommendation algorithms used by Pique to create unique emails via API calls.

By personalizing emails, you can drive product discovery/rediscovery, purchase/repurchase, and open up multiple avenues for bringing users back to the funnel, driving them towards deal closure. Access to many algorithms that can be used for different purposes and in different conversion scenarios. These are just a few examples of the benefits that this integration can bring to your business.

Onboarding: Get personalized emails to drive first-purchase

You can create a segment within MoEngage to isolate users who have viewed products but not purchased them. This integration allows you to offer personalized recommendations to each user. You can list similar items and offer a discount to encourage them to make their first purchase.

Send the right recommendations to drive first purchase

Adoption: Retarget abandoned carts with product recommendations

A segment can be created that allows you to identify users who have added items in their cart, but not finished the purchase. This integration allows you to send personalized emails to users containing the products they have added to their carts and ‘frequently purchased together’ items.

Incentivize users to complete the purchase

Retention: Before they churn, engage dormant users.

Using MoEngage’s RFM Analysis, you can isolate users at churn risk, and then use this integration to send them individual emails recommending their favorite items at a special price.

Keep your users engaged to prevent churn

Conclusion: Happy customers with personalized emails

Digital consumers expect personalized experiences from every interaction. Landmark Group saw a 56% increase in sales and Blibli saw a 43% increase in repeat purchases. This was possible because they used personalization in their marketing. Users want to be recommended the products or content they’re looking for.

We hope this partnership with will help you improve your personalization by delivering the best email recommendations and forging an emotional connection between users and your brand. We are excited to see what your results will be with this partnership with So go ahead and give it a shot, and let us all know what you think.








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