Merging Two ecommerce Websites

On April 23, 2018, the third anniversary of the launching of My Wedding Décor, I decided to combine that site into My Event Décor. I want to concentrate my energy on the website that generates the most revenue.


I’m in the process of transferring merchandise offerings from My Wedding Décor to My Event Décor. This provides a chance to delete products that have not sold or leased, and to analyze how well they match My Event Décor.

Over the last year, shoppers found a product for purchase on My Wedding Décor but were unaware that it was available for lease under a somewhat different name on My Event Décor — or vice versa. All products will now appear on a single website.

Offering a wider range per class will help people find what they want. And by offering the goods on My Event Décor, the average purchase value will probably rise.

Follow the money

My Event Décor has increased at the expense of My Wedding Décor.

In 2017, My Event Décor (which started January 31, 2017), had a purchase conversion rate of 0.30% to My Wedding Décor’s 0.21 percent.

Up to now in 2018, My Event Décor has increased its conversion rate to 0.36 percent while My Wedding Décor has dropped to 0.19 percent.

2018 earnings thus far for My Event Décor is already 90 percent of 2017 for the whole year. Revenue for My Wedding Décor over the exact same 2018 interval is only 15 percent of 2017.

Additionally, the average purchase value so far in 2018 for My Event Décor is 104 percent greater than My Wedding Décor.

Better focus

I had begun the job of positioning products on My Wedding Décor from bridal consumers to wedding stylists. On My Event Décor, I concentrated on occasion supervisors. But both target audiences overlap.

Wedding stylists and event supervisors have persistent events. They’re more likely to buy in larger quantities than would a few for a wedding.

In spite of this, it is unlikely I will alienate couples, that are my first target market. Couples celebrate many events, like anniversaries, baptisms, birthdays, christenings, Father’s Day, graduations, housewarmings, Mother’s Day, and Valentine‘s Day.

For all the events, I’ve had human consumers rent or purchase event décor in the previous three decades. I expect these orders to continue.

Unexpected shoppers

With my background in house and garden magazines, I tried on My Wedding Décor to pick wedding items for purchase that couples might want to maintain, use, and exhibit in their own homes afterward. I also have attempted to choose things on My Event Décor for buy that corporations would display in their offices after their event.

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I’ve chosen items for both websites depending on the décor trends in consumer and trade home books. Event managers like to utilize the hottest trends in home décor. By way of instance, velvet furnishings and brass finishes have appeared in house magazines and are popular for many occasions. And planning an event is much like a home renovation: pick a design and function to the décor and determine the funding.

Even if I pitch to event professionals on My Event Décor, many customers want to purchase those items for their homes. So home shoppers are an unexpected bonus for My Event Décor.

Less expense, hassle

By consolidating into My Event Décor, I eliminate many of the”cons” detailed in”Pros and cons of running two businesses.”

  • I’ll have half of the fees from Shopify and associated apps, in addition to fewer developer fees.
  • I’ll have a single business card and one printed catalogue.
  • I’ll have fewer advertisements and membership expenses.
  • I will focus my search engine optimization efforts on My Event Décor.
  • I’ll have fewer stock challenges, such as not having to juggle the identical rental product across two sites.
  • I’ll have one website and one newsletter to compose and, with time, 1 email address to handle.

I look forward to completing the merger.

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