Magento’s Community Engineering Program: How Merchants Can Benefit from Working with Partners

Magento’s Community Engineering Program: How Merchants Can Benefit from Working with Partners

Magento’s open-source heritage has kept it at the forefront of commerce innovation. It empowers a global community to customize and expand its core capabilities to suit a wide variety of industries, markets, languages, and regions. Magento merchants have a lot of freedom to adapt their customer experience and chart their growth, as well as the ability to change their business requirements as they arise. This unprecedented shift to digital channels has placed a premium upon speed and flexibility in the face COVID-19.

Magento launched an innovative program in 2017 to help facilitate and coordinate all of the outstanding code contributions from the global Magento ecosystem. The Community Engineering program was created to help developers connect – both within and outside Magento. It also brought us closer together in an open and collaborative environment.

It has enabled Atwix‘s team to be more involved in the development and performance improvement of Magento features, as well as extending Magento capabilities.

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Roadmap visibility and product influence

Our developers have been a key contributor to the Community Engineering program and it was great to work closely with the Magento Engineering team in pushing Magento’s capabilities as well as our team’s expertise to new heights.

It has allowed us to compare our experience with different merchant use cases, and to give feedback to Magento Architects. This will help them validate their assumptions against real-world cases.

These insights have opened up new doors for our team and given us the opportunity to collaborate with merchants who are looking to push the boundaries. We have been able share our insights with clients about how future features and changes can help them achieve their goals and challenges.

A merchant could save time and money by knowing that a specific change will be coming in the next Magento release. Contributing to continued GraphQL coverage within Magento 2.4.1 allows it to time a new front end release with a Magento upgrade that powers it on backend.

Rapid adoption of innovation, acceleration of learning curve

Each new software version brings new features and enhancements. It is not unusual to make architectural changes that impact the functionality of third-party integrations and modifications. Magento is no exception.

Developers often contribute to Magento code and work on future features and changes. Contributing partners know the changes well and have worked with them in the Community Engineering program.

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As an example, contributing engineers can gain a comprehensive and current understanding of Mage PWA implementation details.

Merchants can benefit from this because contributors already have the experience and have built the functionality that will be released as part of the core.

Access to new features early

Partner who work closely with Magento often find early access opportunities. Adobe offers a beta program with every Magento release. This program allows partners who are part the Adobe Solution Partner program, or Adobe Exchange Partner program (for technical partners), early access to code. This is especially important as Adobe’s extensive product portfolio connects to Magento.

Adobe’s AI engine Sensei is a notable example. Wyze is one of Atwix’s clients. They were among the first to adopt Sensei-powered product recommendation technology, allowing them access to all of its benefits before others.

Current documentation and timely reporting

The Magento Community Engineering Program goes beyond code contributions and includes documentation. Both technical and non-technical participants can contribute to DevDocs to learn about Magento in a way that is different from what they are used to. This allows them to improve their skills and gain a wider view of Magento, which will allow them to offer better advice and solutions to customers.

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Get access to the best talent and experience

The Community Engineering program is a transparent and easy way to validate an individual’s experience. This is applicable to agencies and individuals alike. Adobe gives credit to all contributors in its release notes.

Merchants can also use certifications to help them align their eCommerce development needs with the expertise and experience provided by a partner or solution team.

These dynamic times are accelerating eCommerce roadmaps and delivery timeframes. Partnership and collaboration are essential. Adobe keeps an updated list of Magento contributors . This includes over 50 system integrators who are actively participating in the Magento Community Engineering program throughout each year. This webinar will show you how Atwix uses its Community Engineering insights to help clients like Wyze prepare for high-volume holidays.

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