Launching my third website business in 15 years

The countdown has started: I launch my Australian wedding decorations site, my third ecommerce venture in 15 years, in eight months. And like many online retailers that sell things with value for their lives, so will My Wedding Decor.

My very first site, from 2000 to 2003, was a communication business booking service named CommunicationGame. I made this after being a writer and editor in Australian architectural and customer home publications, where I sourced freelance writers, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and stylists. Individuals who dwelt in Australia sent me their portfolios, which I posted online.

By embracing their portfolio in this way, it was easier for businesses to employ pre-qualified professionals. CommunicationGame was coded from scratch using Microsoft SQL — shopping carts did not exist in precisely the exact same way then. This site was a excellent exercise in acquiring new business and creating publicity for clients and my business.

Around this time, many friends became engaged and I enjoyed discovering how they chose wedding decoration.

From an outside country wedding in which Sally hand painted the wooden planter boxes in hot pink and orange to meet her gerbera bouquets, and Jacqui’s sophisticated, beachfront event in a cliff top restaurant in Capri, Italy, to the New Age elopement of my sister Kirsten at home in Melbourne, Australia, these weddings and decoration were true to the women’s sense of themselves.

I had given my buddies 30-page astrology relationship reports due to their birthdays or birthdays, and they encouraged me to follow my hobby for astrology, which I had studied since I was 12. This led me to install It’s In The Stars, which I started in 2006.

I had seven tries to discover a programmer who could engineer the clients’ birthdates, the astrological software, and my freshly-written astrology report substance to a finished, formatted PDF prepared for downloading or printing as a bound report. The first developer used a proprietary system costing me hundreds of dollars each month. Changes took some time and too much cash. My second developer in 2010 re-launched it on WordPress, which made it much easier to make changes yet it had restricted cart flexibility. He could not meet one deadline.

A year before shutting down, my site was re-launched by my third party programmer on ProductCart, a U.S. shopping cart, to give me more customization choices. But Google updates and inadequate search engine optimization work decimated my visitors. Closing down in mid-2014 was in the stars.

Twenty months ahead, my now husband, who’s from England and that I met on a plane flying to London on an auspiciously-chosen astrological date for my vacation, proposed.

I soon discovered how time sourcing wedding things could be for brides-to-be. Most wedding-hire companies don’t list the price, the amount, or the availability online. Just organizing a pair of mirror plates and cylindrical vases each table required me to contact five sites.

As my wedding programs came together, so did my thought for My Wedding Decor, which, depending on the best astrological date to start the website, will be April 23, 2015.

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The insightful articles on Practical Ecommerce proved useful in determining the best shopping cart, which for me is Shopify. I enjoy its cheap pricing ($29 a month), responsive designs, array of template topics, 80,000-strong retailer community, its Build-a-Business contest, and more than 900 useful apps (paid and free) ranging from social networking competitions to customization.

Lately I hired three oDesk builders in the Philippines to design my logo and newsletter, undertake research, provide data entry, and rewrite wedding-related blog posts from my old site.

Meanwhile, I have been writing my business plan, building My Wedding Decor social networking presence, undertaking SEO research, creating an ebook landing page, and compiling a spreadsheet of over 200 unique wedding decoration items globally.

My tasks next month would be to secure relationships with the providers, finalize product copy for the spreadsheet, create draft press releases, write the newsletter, and start the landing page.