International HR Day 2022: 5 Reasons to Appreciate Your HR Teams All

International HR Day 2022: 5 Reasons to Appreciate Your HR Teams All

The role of HR professionals has changed significantly over the past two years. The HR team has done everything possible to create a culture that is compassionate, from introducing new methods of working to quickly realigning existing management practices. These teams are busy innovating strategies to improve employee engagement and overall well-being. We’ve compiled five reasons to be grateful for your HR staff on International HR Day.

1. They supervise the employee lifecycle

The HR professional plays a crucial role in the employee’s journey, from learning and recruitment to performance and exit management. Every stage of the employee’s journey is a chance for HR professionals to create an extraordinary working environment.

For example, HR professionals are moving towards a paperless process for onboarding new employees so they don’t have to deal with all the paperwork. They also use new technology to assess employee performance. Companies can use this technology to evaluate employee performance using a variety of methods, such as self-appraisals and concrete measures of goal progress. They also get 360-degree feedback so that they can offer fair raises and recognition. To ensure employees can concentrate on their strategic tasks, HR departments are automating more of their day-to-day operations, such as attendance, leave and employee queries management.

2. They are able to balance the needs of employees and organizations

The HR professional is often the link between employees and their managers, which can put them in a difficult spot. No longer is customer satisfaction the top priority for organizations. The HR departments of today understand that a company’s success is dependent on its employees. They must take care of them and prioritize their happiness. They are involved in the development of strategies that benefit employees as well as the company. Human resources professionals are the ones who invent employee-centric initiatives such as flexible work schedules and mentoring opportunities, feedback exchanges and inclusive work environments, diversity of hiring, greater autonomy, etc. These strategies help employees stay happy and engaged, which ultimately leads to better employee retention and productivity.

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3. They care about employee well-being

The relentless efforts of HR teams to improve mental health and well-being in the workplace have made well-being an essential part of the workplace. 68% see employee mental and physical health as a top priority. HR professionals play a key role in developing strategies to improve the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of employees. This includes ensuring employees have a reasonable workload, counseling employees, setting up wellness practices such as yoga and meditation, encouraging social interaction, creating employee assistance programs, and improving recognition of employees.

4. They are the foundation of an organization’s culture

An organization’s culture is crucial. It is the foundation of an organization’s work ethic, its management style, its employees’ happiness, and its perception by outsiders. HR professionals are responsible for establishing and maintaining a company culture that is compatible with the organization’s mission, values, and goals. HR professionals make it a priority to hire people who share their values and culture. They also ensure that their employee management practices are in line with the company’s culture and needs. They help managers and C-level leaders to better understand the company culture and show respect for it.

5. They are responsible for overall communication

The key to improving transparency, productivity, and building better workplace relationships is streamlining and managing workplace communications. The HR team is responsible for ensuring communication flows within an organization by creating multiple communication channels to accommodate multi-generational workers. They keep the organization informed about important developments and facilitate communication between employees and upper management through emails, meetings and other forums. They also help to foster collaboration by participating in team-building activities. These activities are vital to ensure employees stay on the same page, and prevent workplace silos.

Honoring HR departments

Human resources professionals play an important role in helping employees achieve their potential and provide the support they need. Many organizations wouldn’t be able to have such positive work environments without HR teams. We wish every HR professional a happy International HR Day!