Inspirational DIY Projects that are Emotionally Driven to Increase Consumer Purchases

Emotion drives DIY projects. It takes a lot of effort to make the perfect sweater, install a shelving unit, or plant a sustainable garden. These are items to be shared, gifted and experienced with pride.

In many ways, home improvement and DIY retail aren’t tapping into the deep-rooted emotions of shoppers and the reasons why they shop. Inspiration is key to impressing the customer.

You are the best source of project ideas and supplies

You are likely to think of Pinterest when you think about do-it-yourself inspiration. This site , which considers itself a visual searching engine rather than a social media platform is a hub for ideas and possibilities. The consumer trends speak volumes. 72% Pinners use Pinterest to get new ideas. 83% of Pinners of home decor are searching for DIY projects.

These ideas are then taken by the consumer to their local stores, where they can start to build their projects. They arrive with an idea of what they want to buy and a plan.

Why let the internet be your only source of inspiration? The store should be a one-stop shop for both products and ideas.

Communication is the first step. That’s why eye-catching, inspiring signage and displays are so important. Use Pinterest to find the most popular projects for the next season – fire pits in summer and outdoor lighting in winter – then combine all the components in-store. Make sure you have attractive signage and printed instructions so that everyone can understand the process. A video or easy-to-follow video could help consumers find your directions. Your customers have many options to explore and learn, from digital to print to video. Demonstrate to them the versatility of elements and how they can make it their own.

Cross-promotions allow you to think outside the box

The shopper will most likely rely on several brands when it comes to home improvement and do-it-yourself projects. If products are displayed together in interesting combinations, project displays can be quite appealing.Your audience will be pleasantly surprisedInterested in them?

Take this idea one step further. You can partner with a different retailer or a brand that isn’t usually carried in your store. You can create a DIY mural in your master bedroom by bringing in a bed with designer sheets. It’s unexpected, practical, and inspiring. It encourages customers to stop and think about the possibilities. Use a creative display card to show customers how to create this look at home with paint products, design templates and step-by–step instructions.

This surprising and synergistic partnership will delight audiences. It gives them the chance to create the bedroom oasis they have always wanted. This is the best way to express your individuality.











The more excited and surprised shoppers are, the more likely it is for them to act and buy.

Enjoy demonstrations

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It’s easy for people to buy what they want. How do you go that extra mile? This is upselling.

Consumers from all sectors are looking for experiences.

Home Depot is a home improvement store that does the same thing as Williams Sonoma for cooks. They offer creative demonstrations on-site to highlight each retailer’s products. Home Depot’s workshops in-store teach customers everything, from how to make wall planters and birdhouses to how you can install a ceiling fan.

These events provide valuable lessons and inspire homeowners to try new ideas. These demonstrations give customers a boost of confidence and creativity. Demonstrations have a triple purpose: they attract shoppers to the store and excite those who are already there, as well as encouraging everyone to buy more.