INOX Jewelry launches Microsites to Support Online Sales for Retailers

Empowering businesses in difficult times INOX JewelryA tool has been developed for retailers to increase their online sales. Retailers are looking for innovative ways to connect with customers as brick-and-mortar shops close across the country.

INOX’s Men’s E-store Microsite Program allows partners to link their existing website to a fully functioning store-branded website with all INOX styles. INOX handles the shipping and operations, expanding virtual sales opportunities. This allows retailers to focus on selling online with a large inventory and directing traffic.

Mark Hollis is the CEO of Salesone LLC. He says that with news constantly changing, businesses face the extraordinary challenge of reinventing their business every day. Our team discussed ways to support retail partners in the age of social distancing. We could help them sell smarter online due to lower foot traffic. Branded microsites drive traffic to a retailer’s INOX site using their existing website and social media. Stores are excited about the partnership opportunity and jumping at the chance.

INOX will manage all operational touchpoints for qualified retailers. This includes payment collection, sending a customized invoice with the store logo, order fulfillment and a monthly ACH payment to the retailer, minus shipping and tax, for all microsite sales.

We created the INOX E-store to target dads and new grads. We wanted authorized retailers be able offer all of our inventory to their customers, including the 2,000 unique styles. This would complement existing in-store programs. This gives everyone the opportunity to shop in a store and, more importantly, online,” Sebastian Velasquez is INOX’s sales manager.

Brand Ambassador Programs for Start-up Businesses: What Are They Worth?

It may seem like Instagram influencers are running social media. They have fresh content every day thanks to their huge following and the constant supply of free products in their mailbox. You may be wondering if you should hire an influencer or if you can afford one. Here’s the short answer: Yes, you can, and should.

Baby Steps

First, there are many social media influencers. These brand ambassadors can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Their followers range from thousands to millions. You can start your brand by starting with the newest, but more expensive, influencers who have just a few thousand followers.

A retailer of cell phone accessories began their brand ambassador strategy reaching out to micro-influencers with only a few thousand followers. These influencers would receive free products and would then share photos of the product to their followers. This strategy allowed the startup to grow from $150k per year in sales to $10m per year in just two years.

How do you find these influential people and organize your budget? Mark Stallings (co-founder of Casely) says that Casely started with no system. They were using Google Sheets and it was difficult to manage. “But, by using theAppWe found and contacted brand ambassadors, which really helped our engagement rates in Instagram,” Stallings continued, “We can tell [theinfluencers] about new products, get them into their hands, and they can promote them their following and friends.”

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Is Instagram right for your business?

This is a realistic goal that can be achieved without spending a fortune. Now it’s time for you to find the right social media platform to promote the brand. It all depends on what products you sell. Casely chose Instagram to be their brand ambassador because their phone cases were affordable, simple-to-use and beautiful.

Co-founder of Casely Emily Stallings stated that Instagram is an impulse buying platform. “Basically, because Instagram can show viewers our products and how beautiful they are, so it’s an impulse buy.” “I believe that Instagram is saturated with advertisements that our product can be used at a low price, so people feel they can purchase it,” Stallings said.

Social media popularity by the numbers

Get Your InfluenceThe leading influencer marketing platform, surveyed its social media influencers to find that Instagram remains the number one platform for brand ambassador marketing with 65 percent of them posting sponsored content most often.

However, Instagram is not the only platform. 38 percent of influencers using TikTok are competing for sponsored content opportunities.TikTokIt is a social media platform that allows users to upload short videos. More influencers are flocking to the site to share short videos about new products they have tried. TikTok is a social media platform where brand ambassadors and Casely are starting to make friends. It’s certainly worth keeping in mind.

Your overall strategy should go beyond the popularity and reach of social media sites. Retailers need to consider the demographics of each social media site in order to determine the most appropriate fit for the products they are trying to promote. HubSpotIt’s simple: The most popular age range for Facebook users is between 18 and 29, the most common age range for Instagrammers is 13-17, 27 percent of Twitter users range from 30-49, while teens are the most active age group for TikTok users.

2020 Goals

Brand ambassadors can help you get started and grow your company, regardless of which social media platform. Casely now pays influencers anywhere between a few hundred and a thousand dollars per post on Instagram. While this might seem scary, it is a way for the company to see the potential and growth that influencers bring to the company, so they are willing to invest more.

Mark states that there are three things you should consider before marketing. They include quality product, customer service, and the ability of the product to be delivered to customers quickly. Once you have these down, it’s time to get the product in people’s hands and spread the word. Small businesses may not have the resources to invest in a large influencer. Instead of spending a lot on one person, get the word out via smaller influencers.

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