How to use Evergreen Content for your Blog

The evergreen tree is the source of the name “evergreen content”, which means that it keeps its needles all year. What then is evergreen content? This is content that you create that will be relevant over the long-term, not just for a few months. Because it is long-lasting, evergreen content can save time, rank higher in search engines and increase page views.

Evergreen Content: How it works

When it comes to evergreen topics, there are two things you need to know: evergreen content and evergreen topics. An evergreen topic can be a high-level topic such as how to lose weight, or how to cook steak.

The evergreen content is more specific. For example, “50 Easy Ways To Style A Scarf,” or “10 Places to Visit In Venice.” Both content and evergreen topics can be included in your blog content strategy. Many people use both terms interchangeably.

Pillar content is another term for evergreen content. Pillar content is a method of explaining a topic so that readers can answer all their questions. This leads to more social media sharing and longer on-page time. This is also attractive for search engines.

Evergreen content has the goal to answer people’s questions. Evergreen content is preferred by search engines, which means there is a lot of competition for the top spot in the search engine result pages (SERP). To remain on the first page of search engine results pages (SERP), you’ll need to update your evergreen content regularly.

If a search engine notices that a user stays on a page and not moves to another topic search, it is a sign that you are providing excellent content.

Types of Evergreen Content

You can find many types of evergreen content. These include articles, videos and infographics as well as social media posts. Each type of evergreen content has its place in your content creation plan. Fans can share these types across social media platforms.

These are the types evergreen content you should create:

  • ArticlesEvergreen articles are often in-depth because they provide the best answers to questions. It covers the who, what and whereabouts of something. Because it will still be relevant a year later, this article is considered evergreen.
  • VideosAn evergreen video, similar to articles, shares information such as detailed concepts, shows how to do something and discusses the differences among things–in video format.
  • Infographics An evergreen infographic that provides statistics and high-level instructions on how to accomplish something visually.
  • Social media posts Sharing pillar content in bite-sized forms via social media is possible with the use of a post like a microblog on Facebook. The most social media platforms restrict the number of characters that you can use in one post.

An example of an infographic about how to tell the weather without using any gadgets (Source: Visually)

Evergreen Headline Ideas for Use

You can find timeless articles no matter what niche you are in. Here are some suggestions that I have compiled.

  • How to plan a wedding
  • Ten Tips to Land a Job Interview
  • A Resume Template For Chefs
  • The Ultimate Guide to Podcasting
  • 30 Marketing Ideas for Entrepreneurs
  • 8 Best Sauces You Can Make at Home
  • How to write a bestseller
  • Family-friendly Restaurants in the Bay Area
  • How to Navigate Your First Home Purchase.
  • 6 places to get free stock
  • What is a Hard Money Loan?
  • The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Rewards

The Fit Small Business online business page offers many evergreen articles, as well as timely articles.

Examples of Evergreen and Non-Evergreen Content

Understanding how each content type works best is to consider evergreen content to be something that will matter over time. Non-evergreen content, which is more time-sensitive, is less likely to be shared and garner attention beyond a spike in traffic.

These are examples evergreen content.

What should you pack in your emergency kit?

Your emergency kit may look different than your neighbors depending on your family size, pets and health conditions. A list of emergency supplies is a guideline that will not change. If you find a new cool tool, you can update the list.

When to visit the Emergency Room and when to go to Urgent Care

Ask any employee at an emergency room (ER), and they will likely tell you that treating the emergency room as a doctor’s office is a major frustration. Although each urgent care and doctor’s office has its own equipment and capabilities for diagnosing and treating patients, there are instances when you should always go to the ER. These include situations such as suspected strokes, heart attacks, difficulty breathing, and loss of limb. It is not likely that this will change so it is always relevant content.

How to boil an egg

There are many opinions on how long an egg should be boiled, but the basic principles are the same for most recipes. Add the eggs to the burner, then turn it up to high. Once the egg starts boiling, set the timer. Once the egg is done boiling, rinse them under cold water before removing the skins. This method will continue to be the preferred way of boiling eggs, even if science improves rapidly over the next year. Many recipes can be used over and over again.

Cinque Terre’s Best Places

The things to do in a grouping of cities will not change, but they are more of an opinion. Because these lists are relevant year after year, they are always valid. However, this doesn’t mean that any of these places will ever close. It’s crucial to regularly update your evergreen content. Because of COVID-19, I have had to make frequent updates to many of my “evergreen posts” as a travel blogger.

An example of evergreen travel articles on The Blonde Abroad

These are examples non-evergreen content.

Deadlines for 2019 Tax Filing

People don’t care much about the 2019 tax deadline because it’s not 2019. Any content on 2019 taxes is therefore not considered evergreen. If you write an article on how to save money taxes, it’s considered permanent.

Where can you watch the 2020 Olympics?

Each four years, the Olympics are held. The summer and winter games alternate every other year. It will be very hot while the Olympics are taking place, but it will quickly lose steam. You can write a timeless article about the Olympics by discussing the workouts of Olympic athletes.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Announce their Split

Although this headline is timely and relevant, it will only be read for as long as one has attention. This headline will become obsolete as soon as another major news story is reported. This doesn’t mean that everyone isn’t interested anymore. It just means that there’s not much to report.

Where can I find Kate Middleton’s engagement cardigan?

Kate Middleton prefers classic pieces that will last, but fashion trends and where you can find them regularly change. Although the engagement photos of Kate Middleton may show what Harrods has in stock, it is unlikely that Harrods will be open for three months.

An example of non-evergreen content in TMZ, detailing how Kevin Hart feels after a serious car accident.

Who is Evergreen Content Right for?

It’s not just content that is posted on niche websites or blogs. Evergreen content can also be used in other ways. It can also be found in social media posts, emails and videos. You can create evergreen content, regardless of whether you are a blogger or a new business owner, an influencer, or seasoned writer. This will help you get more people to your content and position you as an authority. It could even increase sales.

Evergreen content is right for:

  • Bloggers: Getting page views traction can be difficult when your blog is constantly updated with irrelevant content. While you may see an immediate increase in page views, it is not the best strategy long-term, especially for Monetizing your blog.
  • Small business owners: Evergreen articles work as pillars for your website, which is great news for busy small business owners. High quality content is more shared and linked to than evergreen articles. This allows for more page views and less work after the article is live. More page views equals more sales opportunities.
  • InfluencersContent that’s evergreen is treated as a resource, since it often appears on the first page in SERPs. This can be content that influencers post on social media. However, videos, articles and blog posts are what usually rank at the top of SERPs. Evergreen content can help influencers increase their authority.

Whatever your content strategy, evergreen content allows you to show off your knowledge. Your platform can be used to share ideas, best practices, or how-tos. You will be recognized as an authority in your field if you produce more content. This helps you build your personal brand.

Kumiko, aka The Budget Mom, built her authority by creating evergreen and non-evergreen content about money.

When to Use Evergreen Content

Every content strategy should include evergreen content. Evergreen content can be a key strategy to build your authority and increase page views. Your time will be spent creating evergreen content. If you have to, you can stop the evergreen creation process and get back to the relevant content.

When is it appropriate to use non-evergreen content

Non-evergreen content can be used whenever there is a newsworthy event in your field. If you write about technology, an announcement about a new Apple product is very timely. If you write about human resource topics, you might be compelled to write about the impact of a pandemic such as COVID-19.

How to create evergreen content with freelancers

To ensure that your article ranks at the top of a SERP, it can take some time to find keywords. Evergreen content is long-form content that can be posted to a website or blog. It takes time to research, write, and content creators often outsource this work to freelancers.

You can find freelancers through project posting websites like Upwork5rr and even Facebook groups. These groups often have many freelancers who post evergreen content or ideas for headlines. The price of content will depend on how long the article is, whether it’s being optimized for search engine optimization (SEO), or if there are pictures included.

You can either buy content from a freelancer, or have them create it for your. Then you can post the content to your blog or website. A 300-word blog article can be sold for between $20 and $300. Recipes with high-quality images are usually the most expensive posts.

You will most likely have to read the article of the freelancer to make small edits or add your voice. These are ghostwritten articles so it is important that the article sounds like you. Ghostwritten articles are simply articles that have been written by someone else, and your name is on them. Ghostwritten content is used by some of the most well-known content creators and authors, although many are reluctant to admit it.

Evergreen Content: The Pros and Cons

Evergreen content is content that can be used for a long time. This saves time and gives you the best answers for your audience. It also helps to rank higher in search engines for keywords. You must update your content frequently to avoid losing your evergreen content.


There are many benefits to using evergreen content:

  • Time-saving Focusing on quality content will reduce the time it takes to create similar content.
  • Higher keyword ranking: When you create evergreen content you are often answering a specific question. People are more likely to refer to your articles and link back to them. This will increase your keyword ranking in the SERPs.
  • Provides the best answersEvergreen content takes more time to write and research because it is an authoritative answer to a question. This results in the most accurate answers.


There are some cons to using evergreen content:

  • You need to keep your keyword rankings up by making periodic updates: You will be competing with other content creators for the same articles. Therefore, you need to keep your content current in search engines.
  • Content that is newsworthy might be more important than Your article on how to get tickets to Hamilton may lose its place when it becomes known that the Hamilton cast has been involved in a real-life love story.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), About Evergreen Content

This section contains the most commonly asked questions regarding evergreen content.

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How can I keep my keyword rankings with evergreen content?

Every day new answers to questions are made available. This means that the content you create today will be answered by others. Keep your keyword ranking high by updating your article every six months. This will ensure that your article is providing the most accurate answer to any question.

What is the definition of evergreen content in social media?

Social media evergreen content is similar to content published on blogs, websites, or magazines. Because of the limited character count on social media platforms, they are usually posted in microblog format. It’s okay to keep your social media content relevant for a long period of time.

Can I use evergreen content in marketing?

You can use evergreen content for marketing. This is an example of a webinar funnel. A business may host several live webinars to iron out any issues with the presentation and sales pitch. The business will take the final video and create an ad campaign that links to the webinar. This is an ongoing marketing strategy.

Bottom line

For the long-term, you need to have evergreen content. Your brand’s authority, authority, and trust will be increased by using evergreen content on your website. This will help you get your message across to more people by improving search engine rankings and page view.