How to use AI to boost your customer journey

How to use AI to boost your customer journey

It would be amazing if your conversions from lead to sales could soar.

This is a problem that many business owners have to deal with.

According to data, 79% never convert leads into sales. This shows how difficult it is to move leads through customer funnel journey.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can boost your customer funnel to increase sales, is the good news.

AI will effectively weed out low-quality leads, eliminate repetitive tasks and allow you to concentrate on more profitable leads.

AI will help you brand grow. It prevents your leads from getting lost at every stage of your customer funnel. This increases your conversion-ready prospects.

Continue reading to find out how AI can be used to boost your customer funnel journey.

Customer Funnel Journey: What’s it?

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The structure and components of a customer funnel can vary depending on its industry or company.

You can choose to include the following stages in your customer journey:

  • Awareness.This stage is focused on increasing awareness of your brand and sharing information about you value with your target audience.
  • InterestYour leads will learn more about you, your products, and your services here. By encouraging people to sign up for your email newsletters, you can promote your brand and capture leads.
  • Take into account.Engage your leads by sending personalized messages that reinforce the brand’s benefits. To overcome objections and qualify leads, provide specific information.
  • Evaluation.At this stage, prospects begin to show interest in your products and services. They then decide whether they want to purchase from you or another brand. To make prospects stick, highlight why they should choose you over other brands.
  • Conversion. Once your leads have become customers, you can market your onboarding materials and send messages to celebrate their decision. Finally, assess customer satisfaction. This is a great stage to launch your cross-selling and upselling strategies.

You can use the customer funnel to see how your leads interact and fall short with your brand. This allows you to refine and improve your strategies so that your leads move through each stage of the funnel until they become paying customers.

You can optimize your lead capture, engagement and nurturing efforts by creating a customer funnel.

It informs your strategies and helps you create memorable experiences across all devices, channels, platforms, and other media. That will make your leads stay with you and encourage them to become loyal customers.

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AI is crucial in the customer funnel journey

To create a customer funnel that works, it takes time and effort.

AI can automate the tasks of your sales and marketing teams, such as identifying qualified leads faster. This helps to reduce the stress on your resources, and it also allows your team to avoid chasing down less qualified leads.

Artificial intelligence can be used to automate repetitive tasks and make your company’s marketing and sales easier. This allows your team to focus on higher-quality, revenue-generating work.

Technology can reduce human error, work 24 hours a day, and optimize your lead engagement, nurturing, qualifying, and qualifying efforts.

Machine learning technology allows you to “train” your AI so it responds to conversations and events in the same way as you would.

Your AI can learn from data and lead interactions. The more input it has, the better it can optimize its functions.

There are many ways to use AI at every stage of the customer journey

Here are some ways that AI-based technology can help you improve your customer journey.

Get your lead generation processes streamlined

The customer journey begins with brand awareness. This is the most difficult part of the customer funnel journey.

You will need to design and build campaigns that target potential customers who may not have heard of your products or services before.

This includes writing content, including blog posts, articles and lead magnets (ebooks, whitepapers) and website content, to increase brand awareness and capture leads.

The content creation process is time-consuming and costly unless an AI-powered platform can automate it.

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Broca is a great tool for this purpose.

Broca is an AI platform for deep learning that generates content in a matter of seconds. This saves you the time and effort involved in creating content.

Broca is a great tool for creating content for all of your campaigns. It instantly generates content from ideation to distribution for your website or marketing channels.

First, write a brief campaign description (in a few words) that describes your campaign and the places you want your traffic to go, such as your landing page or blog post.

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Core messaging is then created based on your campaign brief. It gives you three key benefits, an attractive value proposition and a compelling headline. Before proceeding, you can verify and modify these messages with your team.

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Broca also creates promotional content based on your core messaging. This allows you to send brand-aligned, ready-to-distribute email, ad copy, and social media posts.

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This platform allows you to create marketing and sales content across all channels. This helps ensure that your messaging and content remain consistent throughout the customer journey.

Broca streamlines the creation of Google ads by analysing your existing ads and generating suggestions. You can also put your ad channels in autopilot.

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An AI-based platform for content generation is an asset that can transform your content creation process for lead generation.

This reduces the time-intensive, tedious and often complex process of creating content that is effective by taking on the heavy lifting.

AI is a tool that allows you to work with your team without breaking a sweat, while still generating high-quality content on a scale that generates significant leads.

Automate your lead nurturing & qualifying processes

Nurture and qualification are essential to get leads to engage with your brand and lead them to the next step of the customer funnel journey.

The lead nurturing and qualification process can consume a lot of time and energy. Your sales team should be able to optimize their efforts to implement strategies to close the deals.

What’s the solution? You can delegate lead nurturing and qualification tasks to a trusted virtual sales assistant.

An AI-powered sales assistant can help you take your business to the next level. is one such solution., a powerful virtual assistant with conversational AI, works alongside your marketing and sales teams to qualify and nurture your leads.

It allows you to move your leads through the customer funnel until they are ready for sales.

Exceed’s AI-driven platform utilizes a conversational robot and machine learning technology to provide leads with highly personal and contextual interactions.

It uses AI to provide human-like replies and follow-ups via chat or email. This automates your lead engagement, nurturing and qualifying.

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It first engages leads via your chat-like or web forms, through friendly interactions. Exceed’s AI generated email is shown below. This email was generated by Exceed’s own email marketing team. It’s always a positive sign that a company uses their own product. Exceed handles all the lead nurturing through their AI assistant.

Your virtual assistant will then assist your leads by answering their questions, resolving objections and responding to their inquiries while simultaneously gathering data for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

It then implements automated nurturing and intelligent follow-ups in order to move your leads through each stage of the customer journey.

Your VA is a virtual sales development representative (SDR). They validate your leads based upon the conversations that have been had and your Sequence/Playbook. (More on this later).

After the VA qualifies your lead it passes your sales-ready prospects on to your human sales reps for closing.

It will automatically book your leads’ schedule based on the availability of your sales reps. This is done using

This AI-based virtual assistant manages the entire process from engaging leads to passing them on to sales reps. This virtual assistant saves time and energy for your team while also ensuring that you qualify, nurture, and generate leads efficiently.

Sequences are another key feature.

Sequences can be used to organize your campaigns or playbooks with pre-built, customizable email and chat templates.

Each campaign sequence includes a set of templates that can be used for many purposes, including grabbing their attention, engaging them in a product introduction, and handover chats.

To customize the template or create one from scratch, you can set the automated responses that your Virtual Assistant sends for each sequence of your campaign.

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These features will streamline your lead interactions and help customers move through the customer funnel.

Your sales and marketing teams can spend minimal effort on qualifying leads and nurturing them with AI-led lead nurturing. You can use their time to close sales, which will increase your company’s sales performance.

Close sales by improving customer communication

Even though prospects make it to the point of closing a deal, not all prospects convert.

It is crucial that your sales reps are able to effectively and skillfully steer the conversation, so prospects can convert into customers.

Cogito is an AI program that uses real-time emotion intelligence software and incorporates machinelearning with AI. It can analyze voice calls between reps and prospects (or customers).

This software is designed to enhance your sales team and call center with an AI coaching system.

Cogito will send a prompt to alert reps if they talk too fast on a customer call.

Cogito’s technology blends speech analytics with conventional sentiment and proprietary voice insights. This can be used to help sales reps identify opportunities during customer and prospect conversations.

Cogito’s AI-based coaching software measures customer sentiment by:

  • AI based on behavioral science and machine-learning to discover over 200 voice signals. This reveals how speakers feel.
  • Data gathered over many conversations can reveal patterns and trends that are almost impossible to spot by humans.

Cogito also offers an automatic generated experience score, which alerts your agents to the sentiment of customers in real-time. This allows them to adjust their speaking style as a result.

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Customer loyalty and retention can be improved

Retaining existing customers can require less resources than converting new leads. This makes the loyalty stage an important phase in your customer journey.

Machine learning technology, which automatically displays highly-personalized before- and after-sales offers, can help AI to retain loyal customers.

AI-based Ecommerce software integrations, for example, can be used to automatically build, upsell, and cross-sell strategies. This will enhance the shopping experience of your customers and increase your average revenue per customer.

These tools can make recommendations for relevant carts using machine learning and algorithms, without you having to set up or configure anything.

It is an AI-driven platform that provides supplementary and unique product offers to shoppers, which in turn improves customer experience.

This creates a lasting impression with your brand and encourages repeat business. Trust is also fostered, which in turn increases customer loyalty.

Optimize your customer journey

AI-based software is a powerful tool that can reduce and streamline your busywork, and enhance the experience for your customers and employees.

The best AI-driven platforms will help to ensure that your leads don’t slip through the cracks during each step of the customer funnel process. These tools will optimize your strategies and help you convert leads to loyal customers.

Although it may not be inexpensive to invest in AI tools, the long-term benefits will outweigh any costs. You will have seamless lead conversion processes.

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