How to start a mom blog

A mom blog can be a wonderful way to keep track of your child’s progress and make some extra money. It’s easy to start a blog. In fact, your first post can be live in as little as a weekend.

1. Choose a blog host & theme

A self-hosted WordPress website is what you need to create your blog. You own the content and pay a monthly hosting fee. Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosts. You get a domain name (that’s you URL) for free for a year, and 24/7 support starting at $2.59 per monthly. If you have any issues with your site, or need assistance (even the most experienced blogger), support is available round-the-clock. You can.

Mom blogs often use bright, pastel colors that are reminiscent of kindergarten classrooms. This signals to readers that you’re a mom blogger. You can also find themes that combine function and style at places like Etsy and Envato’s Theme Forest. Many themes let you customize the colors of your blog.

You can also hire a developer and designer to create a website for you. However, this will cost you thousands of dollars compared to $100 with Etsy.

An example of a mom blog using bright colors

2. For mom bloggers, install useful plugins

A plugin is like an app. It expands the functionality of your blog by enabling it to do things such as aggregate data, link to affiliates more easily, and improve search engine optimiz (SEO). Too many plugins can slow down your website, so keep it simple. Next, choose one or two fun plugins that will spice things up.

  • Google Analytics This plugin is essential if you want to make a living blogging. Because many brands and influencer networks want your Google Analytics data, this plugin is essential. This shows how many page views your blog gets and how many sessions it receives. It also gives you demographic data.
  • Yoast SEO While many bloggers are not familiar with SEO, it is important to have a basic understanding. This plugin is the easiest way to learn about SEO. It walks you through each step of how to rank your blog posts on search engines.
  • Thirsty Affiliate I will be discussing making money with affiliate sales in-depth, but it is clear that a plugin such as Thirsty Affiliate makes managing links so much easier. You don’t have to search for every affiliate link in every blog post. Instead, the plugin updates all your affiliate links.
  • KingSumo giveaways:Brands love working with mom bloggers to offer giveaways. The KingSumo Giveaways plugin makes it easy to enter. This plugin allows readers to earn more entries by sharing their content on social media.

A sample giveaway using KingSumo Giveaways
(Source: Shelly Ślączka)

3. Publish Your Mom Blog Posts & Promote

Thanks to WordPress editor, writing blog posts is easy. It functions much like a Google Doc and Microsoft Word document. You can write your entire blog post and then edit it. To break up the text, I add bullet points and headers to this section. You can then add photos to the page or use Shutterstock.

A sample image found using Pexels

If you are interested in the newborn niche, you don’t have to blog about it all the time. My blogging journey began with a lot of writing about natural parenting and my lightning fast home water delivery (I nearly gave birth in the car). As the novelty of “new baby” faded, I found myself immersed in the daily grind of special needs parenting, bringing kids to sports and traveling.

  • This is a lesson that pivoting is more than okay. You should, in fact. Readers love to see the journey. So feel free to share your current life stage, from a new mom to empty-nesting to elementary school to high school. Your current readers will continue to grow as moms as your content is relatable to them. You’ll also attract new readers as you move on to the next stage of parenting.

These are some blog posts ideas that will help you get through the various stages of parenting.

  • How to wash cloth diapers
  • Here are 5 ways to remove stains from baby clothes
  • The ultimate guide to attachment parenting
  • 6 Valentine’s Day crafts to make in the classroom
  • A Survival Guide for Special Needs Moms: An IEP Survival Guide
  • Photo tour of the nursery
  • Birth stories
  • How to deal with pregnancy after a loss
  • Six ways to make birthdays memorable during quarantine
  • Five family-friendly road trips for the fall
  • How to French braid fine hair
  • How to choose a doula to help you with your home birth
  • Planning meals for large families
  • 21 things to do while you breastfeed
  • Netflix has ten shows you can binge-watch when you’re in bed
  • These are the best places to search for college scholarships

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer shows that titles with six words or more get the most clicks. Clickbait is a strategy that entices people to click on your posts with sensational headlines. However, it doesn’t work long-term.

To ensure that you are consistent with posting blog posts, it is a good idea to make an editorial calendar. Since 2006, I have blogged and worked with some of the most prominent brands around the globe. It is important to start a foundation. This requires organization and the building of a system.

Miro is a great tool for creating a high-level sticky-note calendar. Then, I use Trello to plan the articles. This helps me to stay organized. Trello is a tool I use to remind myself of deadlines with brands, and to help me create checklists during my editorial process. You can reuse blog content to get maximum mileage from your posts, so organization is essential.

You can promote your blog posts by sharing them on social media, especially in Facebook groups for moms and bloggers. Make sure you follow the guidelines of each group before posting.

A Tailwind is another popular option for scheduling Pinterest and Instagram posts. It’s specifically designed for bloggers to create their own content using what’s called “Tribes.” Tailwind also offers an image editor that makes creating beautiful images simple.

4. Blog about Making Money for Mom

You have many options for making money as a mom blogger. Many bloggers use multiple monetization methods and some even practice them simultaneously. These include selling products and services to influencers, working with ad networks, and participating in affiliate marketing.

Popular Influencer Networks For Mom Bloggers

A network of influencers connects brands and bloggers. The network manages all aspects of campaigns and payments for bloggers. Since bloggers are not paid until the network is, payment usually doesn’t happen until 60 to 90 days after the campaign has ended.

Soapbox Influence is one example of an influencer network for mom bloggers. These networks expect bloggers to publish high-quality, non-controversial material.

A sampling of the campaign opportunities available for moms using Activate

Each of these networks has been great for me personally. However, I just completed a campaign with Acorn Influence and will not be working with them again. This network has very strict campaign requirements. I found their campaign manager to be difficult to work with. They also have the most affordable rates for bloggers.

Top Affiliate Programs For Mom Bloggers

Affiliate programs pay you when a certain action is taken on your link. This could be when a reader purchases, or simply when they click on the link to provide their information. Because Amazon Associates is so popular, most mom bloggers are members. However, the program has some of the lowest rates in the industry (as low as 1%).

Bloggers don’t have to try and navigate each company’s affiliate programs individually. Instead, they sign up for affiliate marketing programs like Shareasale or Rakuten. There are thousands of opportunities for affiliates at these places.

The Top Ad Networks For Mom Bloggers

An ad network finds brands and displays ads on your site. While some ad networks charge per ad view while others pay for a purchase or a click, others pay after a purchase or a click. Google AdSense is a popular choice for mom bloggers because it doesn’t require that you meet any requirements. Most bloggers can get approval even if they have a brand new blog.

Bloggers long for the day when they can reach 50,000 visits per month. They can then apply to Mediavine, an ad network that offers significantly higher rates than Google AdSense.

Bloggers often switch to AdThrive after reaching 100,000 page views per monthly. The pay is even better. Find out more about Ad networks for bloggers.

An example of a mom blog working with an ad network

Products & Services You Can Create As a Mom Blogger

It doesn’t take much to create your own products or services that you can sell to your customers. You can find raw materials and suppliers to make products such as cloth diapers, coloring books, or bows. You can also offer digital products such as e-books and patterns to reduce the time it takes to sell your first product.

Because it is easy to create an e-book, many mom bloggers begin creating one. Many will create a course to complement the e-book.

An example of an online course using the Teachable platform (Source: Maybe Sometime Mom)

Bottom line

Although it is not difficult to start a mom blog, it can be very enjoyable. Once you have established your blog with great content, and built a following to it, you can start to monetize it through strategies like creating products or working with ad network.

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