How to Increase the Performance of Every Blog Post You Write

How to Increase the Performance of Every Blog Post You Write

Are you happy with the performance of your content?

This question is not answered by many content creators, which is understandable.

Digital content accounts for at least half of all clicks, and even articles that drive some clicks leave us wanting more.

There is no such thing as too many traffic or too few conversions. These are some ideas to increase traffic and convert more visitors to your blog.

1. 1.Add a section where you answer related questions

There are always questions that people want to answer in any niche. It is a good practice to do quick research on any question you have when writing a new article.

Answering popular questions on your pages can help on many levels.

  • Rank each page higher to increase your chances of being rankedAnswering questions will add relevant content to your pages
  • It’s featured MoreMake your content more interestingOptimized for voice search
  • Increase engagementAnswering popular questions is a great way to get people’s attention.

Google also introduced structured markup for content creators that provide answers to niche questions to make them stand out in search.

Google has introduced structured markup to help them stand out in search. Here’s an example of what FAQ schema looks like in the search results.

All you have to do in order to implement the FAQ schema is answer at least two questions on your webpage. This can be done in a separate section under each article. This is a quick process, especially if the topic is familiar to you. A WordPress plugin allows you to implement FAQ markup easily on your WordPress website.

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You can use the following tools to find answers to your questions:

1.1% of People Also Ask

Since a while, Google has featured related questions and answers within a special search element called “People Also Ask”. They are now present for most search queries and give you an idea of your target audience’s search journeys.

The “People Also Ask” results can give you good ideas about what your audience is searching for.

It’s a smart idea to take a moment and make a list of the top-ranked queries for your search term. Then, you can cover some of them in your content.

1.2 Text Optimizer

Text Optimizer offers a cool feature which allows you to search semantically relevant queries for any search query. Text Optimizer gives you a bird’s eye view of all questions related to any topic. This allows you to quickly understand how to structure your content.

Text Optimizer shows you related questions for search terms and helps you get a quick understanding of how to structure your content.

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1.3 Ahrefs

Ahrefs has a separate section that allows you to see all queries that were phrased as questions. You can also use the handy filter to group these questions by keyword modifier.

With Ahrefs, you can see all search queries that are phrased as a question.

1.4 Search Quora

All the tools mentioned above rely on Google. Quora allows you to see real people talking about what interests them. Quora allows you to view the most talked about articles and keeps track of threads that you might want to join.

Quora has a wealth of valuable data that can be used for SEO or exposure.

As part of your keyword research process, check Quora — it is a goldmine of useful data for SEO and exposure.

2. 2.

Video is well-known for its ability to increase engagement across all media, including email marketing and on social media.

Videos are the future of social media. According Maxwell Hertan, Megaphone marketing, video is the most popular type of content on social media. There is no content marketing without video.

Why not make videos more often?

Videos are now very easy to make. To create video content, you don’t need expensive software or training. Zoom allows you to easily record yourself sharing wisdom. If you’re shy, you can convert your text content into video using online tools such as Invideo.

Tools like Invade let you easily create videos based on your text-based content.

You will be able to promote your articles on social media by creating videos every time you write.

Social media users aren’t as interested in links as images and videos. This means that you will get more clicks and shares if you have a great video to promote your article.

You will have the opportunity to rank your content higher than in organic results. Video carousels give videos extra exposure and drive more clicks.

Videos get extra exposure in search through video carousels.

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3. Diversify your in-Content Calls to Action

While it is great to attract many readers, what do you really want them doing on your site? While most articles are intended to entertain or inform, if you’re smart about marketing your blog you want your readers to be your customers or subscribers.

These are some actions that you might consider:

  • To get more clicks, share your article
  • Sign up for your email newsletter
  • You can always come back in the future.

Most likely, you already have one of these CTAs. Here’s an overview of what you can do to add more.

Add push notifications to your website with tools like Push Monkey.

These calls to action can be added quickly. It is important to avoid confusing your readers by too many calls to action.

Avoid clutter by prioritizing your CTAs. Use heatmaps so that your readers follow your conversion funnels exactly as you intended.


It is important to create unique and useful content, but that is not enough. You need to make sure you are noticed in an era of overwhelming information. These tips should help improve your content performance.

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