How to choose the best marketing automation platform

How to choose the best marketing automation platform

You are ready to take your marketing to the next step. Did you know that there are more than 7,000 marketing automation platforms for merchants? How can you choose the right platform for your ecommerce store?

The right platform for marketing automation

Email marketing is one of the best channels to reach customers, share messages, sell goods and develop strong relationships with your audience. Email marketing is not the only channel you have these days.

These key considerations are important when looking for the right automation platform.

Future wants and immediate needs

Ecommerce is a dynamic industry that can’t be stopped. It is crucial to choose a platform that is flexible enough to grow with the changing needs of ecommerce marketing teams.

Before you start looking for an automation platform, make a list of what you need to market tomorrow and what you want in six months. A clear understanding of your goals will help to choose the right platform for you and allow you to plan for the future.


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The new platform is designed to meet your immediate needs.

  • Automated email and automation builders that are easy to use
  • Import capabilities for data
  • Templates for mobile-responsive emails
  • Campaign reporting
  • Support for onboarding and delivery
  • Integrations with ecommerce platforms and ERP and CRM systems, onsite personalizedization platforms and so forth.

When you look to the future, think about what the platform offers:

  • Chat and SMS are additional channels.
  • Comparative reporting capabilities
  • Technology partners have strong relationships, i.e. Loyalty, personalization, payments and search are all key components of strong relationships with technology partners


Modern marketers have many tools. Email marketing is only one of them. Customers move between devices and channels frequently, so you need an automation platform that can handle all of them.

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Merchants have many options to reach customers. These include SMS, push notifications and retargeting ads. Consider how the platform integrates with your other channels as you search for the right marketing solution. A platform that is able to do everything will allow you to meet all the needs of the future.


An ecommerce merchant’s most important factor is how well a platform integrates with their online store. You will be held back by platforms that only allow surface-level integrations or require custom development.

An automation platform that integrates with other platforms is essential. Adobe technology partners are ready to integrate with your marketing team.

Ecommerce capabilities

A platform provider should be able to understand your ecommerce marketing requirements. Additional capabilities, such as AI-powered product recommendation, ROI tracking and eRFM (engagement. Recency. Frequency. Monetary value), are not only a must-have for merchants growing, but they are vital.

A platform that is innovative with your needs at its core will help your brand grow and increase profits. Your future success will depend on your platform being able to do all this.

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A platform that provides deliverability support is essential in today’s noisy email world.

Nothing is worse than your marketing messages being flagged as spam and sent to the junk folder. To ensure that your messages reach the inbox, you should look for a solution with dedicated teams.

Other services and onboarding

You need to be confident that your marketing automation platform will deliver on its promises. It is crucial to choose a provider that has dedicated onboarding teams in order to get you up and running quickly. Onboarding specialists work closely with delivery teams to warm up your IP address. This allows you to send more emails over the new IP, building a good sender reputation. They also seamlessly transfer your marketing lists and ensure that your integrations are available from the moment you send your first email.

This is not the only thing to think about. You need a platform that can help you achieve your future goals. Design and creative services can assist you in any campaign or rebranding. Training teams are also essential to provide training to assist you in learning about new features and delivering customised courses that will help you reach your goals. There are many opportunities, so don’t limit yourself to the channels offered by your new automation platform.

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Dotdigital enables marketers to build personalized customer experiences. It allows brands and ecommerce merchants to engage customers via a variety of channels, including email, retargeting ads, SMS and chat. It is specifically designed to assist ecommerce marketers in delivering experiences that drive conversions and improve sales. The platform offers powerful tools such as AI-powered product recommendations, segment builders, and an eRFM segmenter.

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