How a 67-Year-Old Brand Is Overcoming E-Commerce Challenges with Brand Analytics

Imagine for a moment your business is in the middle of some significant changes. As a brand, you are diversifying your product range, expanding to new online stations and taking measures to solidify your worldwide presence.

It could be a recipe for overwhelm. After all, there are a lot to track. And the sheer volume of information can make it easy to miss issues and neglect mistakes.

However when Clarins experienced this specific situation, a much different outcome occurred shape.

By the time all was said and done, the worldwide brand was successfully handling sales across a broad selection of channels and markets — right in the middle of all sorts of change.

So, how did they do it?

If you’re looking for some inspiration to help direct your e-commerce plans, this is one success story you will want to read to the finish.

Facing the E-Commerce Complexities of International Expansion

Clarins has been providing consumers with highly popular product lines since 1954. It is a household name in Europe and Asia, and is widely known as the number one high-end beauty manufacturer in a lot of countries.

Yet even in the midst of many successes, the 10,000-employee firm says it faced new challenges in the age of accelerated e-commerce.

In a time when customers were turning to internet shopping stations more than ever before, Clarins’ e-commerce team realized the brand would have to find new ways to connect with clients. So they started to develop unique strategies for raising visibility on a global scale, with a focus on reaching wider audiences in North America.

Turns out, the procedure has been no walk in the park.

“We have an extremely large volume of merchandise pages throughout the world, and have to guarantee retailer product pages reflect our values,” Léonore Manciaux, senior electronic project manager, explained during an interview with ChannelAdvisor.

Her team soon discovered precisely how long it would take to track retailer pricing, keep tabs on inventory levels, assess product pages across retailers and much more.


“Those verifications were being managed by several teams throughout the business,” Manciaux stated. “Most were being conducted manually, and not nearly as frequently as they ought to be.”

Quite simply: Maintaining a worldwide presence was a really time-consuming procedure. From promotions and pricing to merchandise assortment and customer testimonials, there was a lot to track.

It was not long before Manciaux and her team set out to find a more efficient method to grow and expand — without sacrificing precious time and resources.

Finding a Better Way to Keep Ahead of Trends

Soon after setting out in search of a solution, Clarins found ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics — an innovative e-commerce intelligence platform designed to assist multi-channel brands handle online distribution, grow sales and protect reputations.

That’s when things began to change.

The brand launched the platform in a couple of test markets. “We began by launching Brand Analytics’ core offerings with our regional teams” in a couple of test locations including the US, the UK and France, Manciaux explained. Then, after collecting feedback from these first groups, the group decided to pitch the product to international teams in different markets.

The response was enthusiastic, to say the least. Within a year, Clarins had made the platform accessible to workers in another 12 nations.

Since the brand serves a varied selection of consumers in many distinct regions, Manciaux claims the solution has been exactly what every team required to satisfy its own unique set of expectations and needs. Some groups used the information to understand market trends and program promotions; others leaned on the platform to keep a close eye on customer review scores and merchant promotions.

“It would not make sense to feature a 20% discount if a merchant is offering 25% in exactly the exact same time,” Manciaux stated. “These are the types of problems ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics helps us avoid. It helps us understand the connection between pricing, stock levels and merchant performance, which is quite valuable as Clarins keeps growing.”

Looking Ahead to Future Growth

Now, Clarins is growing worldwide and creating new connections with all sorts of consumers. Global teams can get accurate, up-to-date details on everything from inventory issues to the quality of merchandise pages. And they are able to do it without sacrificing precious hours to guide monitoring.

“Before ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics, our Brazil team was manually tracking 200 product pages daily — and missed some inventory problems,” Manciaux stated. “Now, we could fix problems as they happen. And we have an abundance of data history which makes it effortless to work with retailers on any recurring issues.”

Clarins’ story is not just inspiring. Additionally, it makes clear just how much opportunity is out there once you have the ideal strategies and solutions in place.


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