Holiday Instagram Post Ideas For Your Online Store

Holiday Instagram Post Ideas For Your Online Store

Instagram is more than a way to keep up with fashion trends, influencers and friends’ vacations. It is a powerful marketing and sales tool that businesses can use to increase their online presence during holidays. Instagram is a social commerce platform that constantly evolves to meet today’s consumer demands and keep businesses in line with new shopping habits.

A plan for Instagram marketing is crucial to achieving your holiday sales goals. Your Instagram account can be used as an additional sales channel for your online shop. It will spread holiday cheer and brand awareness, ultimately driving customers to your online shop.

Social media continues to grow as a tool for online sales. The most successful eCommerce companies will use an Instagram marketing strategy that focuses on holidays and converts seasonal customers into long-term customers.

Why should you sell on Instagram?

Instagram has more than 1,000,000 monthly users. If Instagram is not part of your holiday sales strategy then you are actively hindering your business growth.

According to Instagram, 71% of U.S. companies claim that Instagram is used by them to reach customers. Instagram also claims 80% of its users are following at least one business account.

Businesses can tap into large audiences of potential customers and do so at a very low cost. It is easy to create engaging and creative Instagram posts that cost little or nothing. Wix CRM allows you to create eye-catching social media graphics or videos in plenty of time for the holidays. The process is made easy by templates that are designed by designers.

8 holiday-themed Instagram posts

Insta holiday posts can be both fun and a great way of reaching new customers in a highly competitive market.

Here are eight ideas for holiday posts. Your Instagram posts should reflect your brand and attract followers.

01. Seasonal products

Bundles and products created for holidays are a great way of capitalizing on the holiday spirit. You can tap into the consumer nostalgia for holiday products and encourage more buying beyond your regular product lines.

If your company offers a seasonal product, Instagram can be used to promote it to buyers and create buzz. The seasonal promotion was perfected by Minnesota candle makers Coal and Canary with their newest Advent Nights & Xmas Lights holiday candles. The Instagram post features a holiday candle and gives viewers an opportunity to take action.

After you have created a Facebook shop and upgraded to an Instagram Business account, you can tag Wix Store products in your Instagram stories.

02. Giveaways

Everybody loves a good giveaway.

Giveaways and contests require that participants follow your page or share it. This is a great way to increase your brand’s visibility and gain new followers. They can generate excitement that is contagious and elevate your business to top customers’ minds.

You should establish clear goals and pick a prize to make your giveaway a success. Then choose the type and format of contest that you would like to host on Instagram.

Venvs Inclusive jewelry manufacturer, and Wix merchant, capitalized upon the Instagram contest with a giveaway called ’12 Days of Christmas’. The rules were simple to follow, and the prize of a $500 gift certificate was highly desired.

What giveaways could you create that fit within your industry or brand’s themes?

03. Sales/offers

Holiday sales are a long-awaited event. Seasonal sales can feel like a special kind of gift.

Online shopping is changing the way retailers shop. Rather than focusing their sales efforts on Black Friday deals, online shopping opens up a whole new world for them. Instagram is now used by online stores to offer great deals for their customers well before Thanksgiving.

Designer Melissa A. Mitchell used Instagram to promote her Black Friday deals and her new products.

You can also take advantage of the trending hashtags’ cascading effect to create your own brand-focused hashtags.

When done correctly, both tactics can increase brand awareness and engagement.

04. Inspirational content

You know the old saying that people won’t remember what you did or said, but how you made them feel? An Instagram post that makes you feel good can make your brand stick in your mind. Funny and inspirational posts are more popular than ever on social media platforms.

French homeware maker Vivi et Margot appealed to its sentimental side with a Thanksgiving post that was both relatable but also heartwarming.

Vivi et Margot expressed gratitude to healthcare workers, teachers and all those who helped them through a difficult year.

05. Lifestyle pictures

The hundreds of ads that appear at every scroll have become less distracting for consumers. Instagram has seen lifestyle photos become more popular as a result of a shift away from advertising that is branded and towards a more authentic feeling of brand connection.

Lifestyle photos are a great way for brands to promote their products while still fitting in with users’ content. These photos are a great way to increase engagement, in addition to the well-known flat lay branded flats.

This type of Instagram post is also done well by Vivi Et Margot. A cheery kitchen shows Charlotte Reiss as founder, and showcases the brand’s gorgeous homewares in a previous holiday post.

06. Influencers

You are missing the best opportunity Instagram has to offer by not using influencers for brand promotion

Ruby Love recognizes the power and influence of influencers. partners are with many who offer a community of followers, unique photos and additional traffic.

07. Customer showcase

Are you unable to afford influencers? Another effective way to build brand trust is through user-generated content (UGC).

You might consider sharing photos of customers using and unboxing your products. The Crafty Couple put a seasonal spin to their handcrafted furniture by showing a mantle that they made in a follower’s home. Customer testimonials can be posted or shared via stories.

Gathering USG is easy, as most people love being featured on social media by brands that they like.

To encourage future UGC submissions, make sure you tag authors whenever you publish their content.

08. Promote holiday events

Brands love to host holiday or end-of year parties and events. These events can be promoted on Instagram and followers will be notified.

Giving users a glimpse into your brand’s operations during holidays can help to strengthen their relationship with you. You might post exclusive photos and videos from behind-the scenes events such as holiday parties, media events, big sales, Santa visits, or other special occasions.

Fine Frenchie , a French bulldog-themed clothing and art shop , has used Instagram IGTV content to host the event. Customers were invited to create holiday ornaments with them via the live streaming feature.

You can also use Wix Video for live streaming an event to customers from your Wix eCommerce website.

It can make your brand more authentic and memorable by inviting your customers or staff to such events.

Increase sales and build loyal customers

Your holiday season is the best time to start gearing up your store. It can lead to costly consequences if you don’t do so. Consumers are looking for unique gifts and 60% of Instagram users report that they have discovered new products. This can drive significant growth for your company.

You can also create the perfect Instagram marketing guide for holidays to help you grow your following and capitalize on the opportunities that come along with a positive online presence.

The 2021 holiday season will see an increase in sales for those who excel at it. They will also be able to build loyal customers that encourage repeat business.