#GROWTHAsia 2021: Asia’s largest customer engagement summit

#GROWTHAsia 2021: Asia’s largest customer engagement summit

What are the common traits of some of the top consumer brands around the globe? They put the customer first. This is one of many traits shared by the world’s most successful consumer brands. They are customer-obsessed.

It’s 2021 and “customer is king” is no longer a battle cry for businesses that want to thrive in the mobile-first age. It’s a core belief that must be ingrained in the company’s DNA, values and culture.

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with some of Asia’s most customer-centric brands to help you and your business learn from them.#GROWTHAsia 2021?Asia’s largest summit on customer engagementThis guide is for marketers, product managers, founders and anyone who has to lead customer-led growth in a mobile first world.

The virtual summit is brought to you with the support of our partners Mixpanel and AppsFlyer. It will feature top brands from Southeast Asia includingTiket.com, Zilingo, Pops, Kredivo, OVO, KlookAndFairpriceTo name just a few.

Below, you’ll find a list of 15+ top leaders who will be sharing their knowledge and experiences at the event. Keep reading to find out what you can expect from the event.

Interactive sessions lasting over 4 hours on a variety of topics

Over 4000 people loved #GROWTHAsia last year. This year, we have a new line-up with even more themes. From effective customer segmentation, retention strategies, and building a world class tech stack, we address some of the most pressing problems that brands can solve in order to unlock growth. Here are the details of all sessions.






Keynote: The Impact Customer Happiness has on Business Revenue

POPS is the largest digital entertainment company in Southeast Asia. It provides over 380 million subscribers access to the best entertainment that the region has to provide. POPS has been connecting brands and viewers for 14 years and building communities through relevant digital content.

Sarika, the company’s Chief Revenue Officer is responsible for driving brand growth. This session is titled The Impact of Customer Happiness on Business Revenue. Sarika will share nuggets from her experiences as a leader in mobile-first growth.

Session 1 – Effective Segmentation Strategies to Fuel Customer Engagement

Effective and practical segmentation strategies can make a big difference in customer engagement. Although it is often overlooked, the importance of having a well-thought-out and effective segmentation strategy is vital. This session will provide you with the following:

  1. Factors that differentiate user cohorts and prioritize
  2. Dimensions to define initial segmentation
  3. In midst of a lot of data, it is difficult to select the most important insights and variables.
  4. Segmentation data collection in the age privacy vs. personalization







Session 2 – Leveraging User Insights to Boost User Retention

Product teams and modern growth look at massive data volumes about user journeys. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming. It is important to identify the key user insights that must be tracked and how they relate to the overall goal of increasing engagement in order to avoid analysis paralysis. Our panel of experts will discuss the following topics:

  1. These are the primary metrics for engagement that must be tracked
  2. You should monitor the key milestones along a user’s journey.
  3. How to set goals for your product team that align with engagement metrics.
  4. How to transform critical insights into actionable strategies that increase engagement

Session 3 – Building the Best-In-Class Customer Engagement Technology Stack

Modern customer engagement has seen a paradigm shift and new tools and technologies have been created to give brands the cutting-edge. We have assembled subject-matter experts to discuss the evolution and best practices for building a customer engagement technology stack that fits your business’s needs. In this session, our panelists will share their insights with you.

  1. Discuss the evolution in user behavior and psyche, and their subsequent impact on engagement
  2. Discuss the importance and necessity of creating a customer engagement platform
  3. Let’s take a look at the complexity of an engagement stack.
  4. Deep dive into the challenges and how to build the best-in-class engagement technology stack



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Session 4 – Recalibrate and Recover. Reopen. Recovering from the Pandemic

While the pandemic may not be over yet, it doesn’t mean that your growth goals should be neglected. This session will explore how brands can rebound from the effects and become the new normal for growth.