Growing Brick & Mortar with Digital Touch-Points

Consumers are increasingly able to access digital content from their mobile devices, which is changing the way they make decisions.

This is great news for retailers as each inquiry online is an opportunity for brands to influence buyers’ perspectives. Customers can be encouraged to visit your store and make their final purchase, or to repeat or up-sell.

What are these digital touchpoints?

Consumers today don’t just run to the store for a product. They may search online for information before they even realize they have a need. While they are out shopping, they may also search online. They might then analyze the product in-store, before returning home to use the item.

It is a digital touchpoint every time you communicate with your customer via the Internet. It doesn’t matter who initiated it. You can influence them by allowing them to search for nearby stores. A digital touchpoint is when someone joins your email mailing list and you send them an email. Smart retailers recognize that they can influence and reach potential customers by going to outside review sites such as Yelp.

These digital touchpoints provide retailers with opportunities to interact, especially on mobile. In fact, 93% of those who use mobile devices for research end up making a purchase.

Retailers have more opportunities than ever to reach customers in “micro-moments”, where consumers are actively involved in making buying decisions. The time lag between the moment your customer has a need and the time they see your brand’s message is closing. With the ease of accessing data via mobile devices, it is now more immediate. Your brand must be there in these moments to stay competitive. This means an online marketing campaign that is strong and leverages digital touchpoints.

Put Your Digital Touchpoints to Use

Each digital touchpoint can be used to help consumers make a buying decision. This will allow your business to generate more leads and sales. It is important to create a strategy that will make them work for your retail business.

Draw the points.

Although it’s possible to see general trends, digital footprints and customers’ progression through them differ from one industry to the next. It is important that you identify the key touchpoints for your customers and then determine how they fit into the overall decision-making process. What are their brand experiences? How can they learn about your products? Final purchase

Decide which touchpoints are important to you.

While most businesses would love to have all digital touchpoints in their business, it is possible that you don’t have the financial resources. Even if you have the resources, it is often a good idea to start small and grow. Take a look at your map to identify the digital touchpoints that will help you dominate your competition.

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Find out who your customers really are.

While most major retailers have extensive data about their customers, technology has made it possible for smaller and mid-sized retailers as well. With as few as 1,000 transactions, you can gather zip codes, run a data-appending campaign and build a strong profile for your target customer.

It doesn’t have to cost you thousands if it is a regular part of your daily routine. It is easy to ask customers their zip codes and other basic information while they shop at the store. Or, you can check receipts. You can then enter those zip codes into software such as BatchGeo.Batchgeo.comYou can also create a map to see where you are at the moment and where you need more help. Nielson’s zipcode lookup tool allows you to input the most popular zip codes.www.claritas.comTo receive data on your customers’ lifestyle segments, please click here

Although it’s not on the same scale as major retailers, it’s still a very effective process. It is crucial if you want to move on to the next level.

These touchpoints should be considered by your customer.

Think like your customers. What are their reasons for connecting with this touchpoint. What content or features are most important at this stage? What are the most important questions your target customers have? What are their needs? Which device do they use? These questions will help you plan your content.

Take into account mobile, desktop and print.

 Mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic in recent years. However, it is common for consumers to interact with brands in many different ways. Instead of optimizing your mobile experience only, consider what type of touchpoints are most likely to be used by each device. Don’t forget about traditional advertising media, like radio and print, as they still have a purpose for most retail shops.

To provide the best experience, leverage context

You want to be able to reach customers at key moments. How do you achieve this? To deliver these experiences, make use of signals like location and time. You can tell customers that you are near their store by telling them about current sales and giving them directions.

Optimize for every customer journey.

You don’t just need to make sure that each piece functions well. Make sure that they all connect into one simple, user-friendly path for your customers. So that the user experience is seamless and not disjointed, branding and messaging must be consistent across all platforms.

Measuring the effectiveness of each touchpoint digitally.

Many retailers make the error of measuring only a small portion of their online retail marketing campaign. If you have PPC ads, you will likely know your ROI. What about your blog? What about your social media networks? You should be aware that each digital touchpoint is unique. Not all will lead to direct conversions. They might be used at a different point in the buying process. You want to know why and how customers interact with each touchpoint, and how that influences their final decision to buy.

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Get expert advice.

It takes a lot of trial and error to develop a strong omnichannel campaign. A local internet marketing consultant can assist you in reducing the guesswork and helping you achieve better results.