Google Feeds Your Desire for Success

Brand and product exposure are the key ingredients to Internet sales success. Organic search engine optimization (SEO), and pay per click(PPC) are two methods of getting publicity. Another option to increase product awareness, but often overlooked, is shopping comparison websites such as Google Shopping. These sites are fed through the Google Merchant Center. This product feed is known as the Google Shopping Feed or the Google Merchant Feed. The Google Merchant Feed allows retailers to submit product feeds and also allows merchants to run PPC ads through Google AdWords with Product Listing Ads. Similar to PPC ads but with a photo and a price, Product Listing Ads can be used. The potential for exposure for people who choose to engage in both solutions is greater than those who only choose one.

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These opportunities can only be accessed if the right elements are in place. First, retailers need to link their Google AdWords account with their Google Merchant Center accounts. They must also create a product feed that includes additional items such as the product UPC code and tax. A third requirement is that retailers set up a Product Listing Ad Campaign within their Google AdWords accounts.

To ensure that your Product Listing Ads remain active, there are some things you need to do. Make sure each product has a valid UPC code. Feeds can be accepted initially without UPC codes but could end up being removed from the listing due to missing information. Feeds are subject to expiration within 30 days. It is important that feeds be submitted each month at the 28th day. Feeds that have expired will cause the products to be removed from the product listings. It can take some time before they become active again. Merchants can arrange for Google to automatically fetch the feed at a specific time each month in order to prevent this from happening.

There are two options for retailers regarding the tax and shipping information of each item. Either retailers can submit shipping and tax information per product within the feed or they can create a storewide policy to tax and ship from their Google Merchant Center account. This is more convenient for stores that have a standard tax and shipping policy. You can arrange the way you want to handle shipping and tax by going to Settings > Shipping from within your Merchant Center account.

Google Merchant Feed gives retailers new ways to get customers. A proper feed allows retailers to appear on up to three to four pages of the Google search results page at once: in the organic listings, the paid search listings with traditional text ads, and in product listings. If a retailer wants maximum visibility from Google listings, they should link an AdWords account with a Google Merchant Feed.

Video for Your Website: Tips To Increase Online Sales

Having video on a website was not common ten years ago. Those who did include it in their online marketing plans were seen as innovative. Today, most business owners will answer yes to the question of whether they have video on the websites. Video is fast becoming the norm and not an exception. It is not how you use video that will make you stand out from your competitors.

Recent months have seen many advancements in video integration into marketing campaigns. These are some of them:

  • Quick Response (or QR) codes. QR codes are the code that appears similar to bar codes on many products. The app is free and users can download it on their smartphones. When they scan the code, they will be shown a website or video, special offer, email address, phone number, or even a telephone number.
  • YouTube. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, surpassing Yahoo.
  • Large screens. The majority of the booths at the country’s biggest trade shows display enhanced video. Many waiting areas feature video ads rather than television programs.

It is important to keep in mind that technology changes quickly. Video marketing will be more about personal stories than selling techniques in the future. In today’s ever-evolving world of online marketing and social media, story telling is what brings companies to life. You can achieve this through captivating graphics, an interview with the store owner, well-written narratives, or even a collection of photos. Customers don’t want to be sold anymore. Customers want to get to know your company and are more inclined to do business with companies that have a compelling story. Online sellers can establish trust and stand out from the rest by building it. Your customers should get to know you and your company.

Take a look at the bigger picture

Another key to telling your story is to not focus on a product or service but the whole picture. A sales pitch that focuses on a particular product or service can come across as too much. This is not a good idea for many consumers. Think of Flo, the Progressive Insurance lady. She doesn’t sell; she connects. Flo may talk to imaginary customers in commercials and give details about the product or the benefits of it, but she uses humor and her personality to relate to both the customer and potential customer. Don’t force yourself to be like Flo. It is important to be yourself. Every person has their own personality traits. If you feel you are not a good fit for the audience, you can either hire or feature another employee in your company. This is where it is important to remember that the script should not be a sales pitch, but rather a conversation. You can use an interview format if you struggle to write that way. Most business owners, marketing directors, and others have the information they need to create a great script, but they struggle to put it into words. Interviews are a great way to find gems for your video.

Video marketers are increasingly using cross-platform branding and extended promotion. Don’t just create a video for your site and call it done. Multichannel marketing is not effective anymore. You should incorporate your branding message from the video into other marketing strategies. Make giveaways that reflect the personality of the person you showed at the trade show floor. To drive customers to your website, create a QR code. You must ensure that everything is complete and the customer receives the entire package. You can also continue the message from a successful email or direct mail campaign in your video marketing. Beyond rewriting the copy into a script, there are other ways you can make it work in video. You can still evoke the same emotions that drove sales in the original campaign but make it interactive and compelling in video format.

Cross-platform branding can also be achieved through extended promotions or a series. You will reach more people if you send the same message every week or monthly, but with a different twist each month. One person might be drawn to the message immediately, but another customer may not recognize you as the right fit until week 12, when the message is most appropriate for them. Consistency is the key to extended promotions and cross-platform branding.

Dollar Shave Club features a unique character in its unusual videos. The character, similar to Flo is persuasive by using humor. The video was shared, tweeted, liked, and liked by hundreds of thousands. Dollar Shave Club put a lot of effort into creating that viral campaign. It featured a unique product and an engaging on-camera personality. The story was also funny. And it was closely monitored on social media.

Get mobile

Mobile video, which is a new aspect of video marketing, will continue to grow rapidly with the increase in mobile device use, such as smartphones and tablets. You must consider how your video will look on different devices when creating a video for your website. You must also consider the use of the video, as well as technical issues such as how it displays, whether it is compatible with other platforms, and if the audio is clear. What makes someone share or watch a video on their phone? People are extremely protective of their phones and won’t spend too much time browsing the internet or watching random videos. Give them a reason for watching your video.

This will affect how you promote your video before it is released. It will also impact where it is placed on your website, the marketing material that surrounds it, how it tags your video, and what description it gets. Before you upload or produce your video, make sure that it is ready for mobile. Consumers will want to see it as soon as it is available. Video is a great way for web wholesalers to share product news and can encourage brand loyalty as well as sales. It is an integral part of any online seller’s marketing arsenal.

E Video Productions was founded by Darcie King and Kristopher in 2001. EVP has produced effective marketing pieces for organizations such as Viking Yachts and Kimball Medical Center, AxonGlobal, Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore and HealthSouth Tinton Falls & Toms River, to name a few. Darcie was a studio camera operator at NBC30, CT and an editor for CGI Communications online.

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