Five ways to retain customers: How to convert holiday shoppers into returning customers

Five ways to retain customers: How to convert holiday shoppers into returning customers

Due to COVID-19 holiday shopping moving online, eCommerce businesses will see a significant increase in holiday sales. If you want to get the most from the 2020 holiday seasons, it is time to look beyond the holiday calendar. Although seasonal sales are only for a few days you can make a lot of money from them over the long-term.

How can you maintain momentum? Avoid the churn. You can shift your focus from customer acquisition towards customer retention, and make seasonal shoppers lifelong customers.

Holiday shoppers can be a great source of customers, but they are more likely to leave than customers that you acquire during the year. Holiday shoppers have a very clear intent: to buy products at the lowest price for a particular date or event. Once they’ve enjoyed your online shop, how can you keep them coming back for more? A customer retention plan is essential.

What’s customer retention?

Customer retention refers to a variety of activities that foster new customers into loyal, repeat customers over the long-term.

You are not the only one who hasn’t considered customer retention. While most businesses are focused on acquisition, 18% are more concerned with customer retention. However, it is much more profitable to retain customers than to acquire them.

Let’s take a look at some statistics:

  • To acquire a new client costs 6-6 times more than to keep an existing customer.
  • Customers who are already customers are half as likely to purchase from you again.
  • Customers who are already customers spend 31% more on average than customers who are new.
  • Profits can be boosted by increasing your retention rate by as little as 5%, anywhere from 25-95%

Are you convinced that it is time to convert holiday shoppers into loyal, long-lasting customers?

Let’s take a look at the five best ways to keep them coming back.

  1. Email marketing
  2. Stellar customer service
  3. Customer loyalty programmes
  4. Special Offers
  5. Retargeting ads

Let’s now dive into each tactic.

01. Email marketing can win them over

Email marketing is the oldest digital channel, but it still performs well with a 4400% ROI. Marketing professionals consider email the best tool to retain customers. To win customers’ loyalty, you can build a long-lasting pipeline of emails. But let’s not forget the essentials.

Customer loyalty email campaigns are a must-have

  • Welcome email: They have an 50-60% average open rate, which is the highest for any email campaign. This is your chance to make your customers feel valued and seen by personalizing the “welcome” you send based on customer data. You can go beyond “Hi Karen”, and think beyond the personal greeting. You can also frame your welcome email to them based on the purchase. For example,you could say “Hi Karen” and give some tips for how to care for the item.
  • Keep new customers engaged with relevant content email: Send them a selection that adds value to the customer experience. If you have a blog, link to articles your customers find useful or entertaining in your email campaign. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have any content to share. It is possible to curate content from resources that are closely aligned with your customers’ interests and needs. You can also include a variety content formats such as blog postingsvideos and podcasts.
  • Never miss an opportunity for upselling. The probability of selling to an existing client is significant 60-70%. personalization is the key to upselling success. To suggest the best products for your customer’s second purchase, you can use demographic information and their first purchase. If you sell yoga clothing and your seasonal shopper purchased a purple top, send her a selection for yoga pants to match her top. You can suggest bestsellers and items on sale to help your customers make personalized choices.
  • Abandoned cart emails: eCommerce companies lose $18 million each year to abandoned carts. But don’t let that happen to you. Let shoppers know that you are aware of their hesitation and encourage them to finish the purchase by sending an abandoned shopping cart email. To ensure that you can bring the customer back to your store, automate the email to be sent sometime after the event. If a customer has left a product in their shopping cart, you can email it a coupon code that will encourage them to make the purchase.

02. Your customer service will impress them

Holidays are notoriously hectic for both shoppers and businesses. Due to COVID-19, eCommerce sales will rise this year. This activity requires that you are prepared to provide stellar customer service. A happy customer is a loyal one.

These are some of the ways you can let your customers know that you care.

  • Send customized thank you notes:Exceede your customers’ expectations and include a personal, branded thank-you note with every order. This is a great way to add a personal touch, especially during the holiday season. You can also print them and add your signature if a handwritten thank-you note is too tedious.
  • Increase your resources: Santa needs more elves, and all smart businesses need more support agents. So make sure you hire extra help this holiday season. It is a smart idea to find support agents that are located in different time zones such as Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. A global support team can help extend your support hours without having to assign long nights to agents. It’s also important to keep them happy! This is the ideal time to add livechat to support channels. Customers prefer to chat with live support over phone or email. Live chat has the advantage that customers can get real-time assistance and not have to be glued to their chat window. Customers can reduce the chat to get an email notification when an agent is available. Customers can also leave their email addresses to receive a reply at a later date.
  • Being proactive is Providing outstanding customer service means being proactive, not reactive. It’s important that you respond quickly to customer queries, but it’s also important to plan ahead and resolve problems before they occur. This proactive approach involves evaluating your support issues for the holiday season. You can identify the most common issues and address them in your FAQ page or store policies.
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03. Initiate a loyalty program for customers

Customer loyalty programs reward customers who continue to do business with them. The frequent flyer program is a popular example of this strategy. Customers who spend more money will earn more points and perks. Nearly 38% of customers sign up for loyalty programs in order to get rewards and save money. Members area can be added to your store to help you build your own loyalty. A Members Area allows shoppers to create their own profile and save all their information, including billing addresses and shipping addresses. They can save time when they checkout, which will help them save time the next time they order. You can also recognize loyal customers and offer them special deals and rewards. Make sure you promote your loyalty program if it is already in place. will send an email to the shopper to welcome them to your loyalty programme and to explain the benefits.

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04. Offer a special discount

Who doesn’t love a discount? Offer a special coupon code to your holiday shoppers who are new. Simply add the code to their Welcome email and Thank You note.


05. Retarget them via social media

Engaging with customers on social media is another way to keep them coming back. Create a social media account for your business, and encourage holiday shoppers to follow it. Keep the page active by creating eye-catching social media posts to highlight special sales, promotions, or other deals throughout the year.

Paid Facebook ads can be used to retarget customers. Retargeting ads are noticed by three out of four customers. You might have seen them as well. One morning you browse Asos for shoes, and then later on that day you see an advertisement on Facebook for the exact same shoes. The Facebook pixel tracks customer activity on a website and powers this magic. The Facebook Pixel displays your ad to customers who leave your website and start browsing Facebook. It is a powerful tool to increase conversions. It is also easy to set-up. Add a Facebookpixel to an online store and create a facebook Ad campaign. The pixel tracks all events in your store, including past purchases and product views. It then optimizes your Facebook Ad campaign using that information.

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Wix’s facebook ads can be used to create promotions quickly from your site’s dashboard. These promotions will be visible by your target audience. You don’t have to create audiences or A/B-test, nor track sales. Wix’s machine learning algorithm will optimize your ads to maximize performance.

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The takeaway

The hard truth about new holiday shoppers is that they can disappear just as fast as they came to you. You can convert some of these shoppers into loyal customers if you follow the strategies listed above. This is definitely worthwhile: Even a small percentage of customer retention, such as 5%, can have a significant impact on your profits. As you continue to attract new customers throughout the holiday season make sure that they are directed to your customer retention program. It’s amazing how many impressions a simple gesture like a handwritten note can make on shoppers.