Five tech tools to manage modern workforce

Five tech tools to manage modern workforce

Over the last few years, the workplace has changed dramatically. Many employers find that what their workforce expects from them is very different to what they were expecting from their workplace. Workers today want organizations that value flexibility and encourage career growth. It is crucial to move away from outdated HR processes that are rigid and inflexible. Instead, look for modern tools that put employees at the heart of your HR strategy. You can offer flexibility to employees and HR teams that supports remote and hybrid workplace models as well as the community these models often challenge with quality software.

These are five HR tech tools that you need to manage your modern workforce.

  1. Onboarding system

obsolete onboarding process will not dampen a new hires enthusiasm. It’s crucial to explain to new hires who your organization is, what they do, how you can help them, and what the main goal of onboarding is in today’s work environment. Onboarding management systems can make a great first impression and help to make your new hires feel valued.

Zoho People’s online onboarding system includes an intuitive candidate-onboarding module. This allows your organization to communicate and assist candidates with paperwork, even before they join your company. New hires will be able to learn more about your company, their manager, their team and their job responsibilities all within the onboarding system.

  • Time and attendance system

is essential for any organization with employees who work from different locations. Team members can stay connected no matter where they work by using time and attendance systems. Your employees can track their attendance online, so that it is visible to their managers, coworkers, and the HR department. Many systems have time tracking capabilities that allow employees to track their time when they are working on certain projects or tasks. Managers have a clear view of their team’s activities and can generate accurate and timely invoices for customers. Additionally, employees’ attendance and time data can be instantly fetched to process payroll with no errors.

  • Performance and learning management system

Modern employees value career growth and development. It’s important to have a comprehensive learning and performance management system in place to ensure that your employees grow.

Managers can easily run performance reviews at regular intervals with a performance management system. They simply need to initiate an appraisal cycle, choose the appropriate employees and performance modules, then select from the various appraisal processes and complete their performance review. Many systems allow employees to complete self-reviews, and receive feedback from their colleagues. Employees can also provide feedback and track KRAs in performance management systems that are effective.

To help you assess employee skills, a learning management system (LMS), should be integrated with your performance management software. You should be able to offer multiple courses online and cater for employee learning needs. Zoho People’s LMS allows employees the flexibility to choose learning styles and to complete courses on any device, even their mobile phones. Employees can easily create learning plans with a well-organized approach. They can also discuss their coursework with other learners. They can also meet with trainers via virtual sessions, receive feedback and complete assessments.

  • Analytics for people

People analytics are essential for organizations that want to keep employees satisfied, happy, and productive. This feature analyzes exit, onboarding, and training data to reveal the “why” behind employee-related issues. People analytics, for example, can be used to analyze data from exit interviews or performance data to understand why employees leave. This is useful not only for solving problems but also for streamlining existing processes, and creating new initiatives that are appealing to employees.

  • Communication system

Today’s employees expect organizations to keep transparency and encourage open communication. They look for organizations that value collaboration and keep their employees involved in important developments. It is crucial to create a communication channel that allows for communication from all sides. Employees can use a comprehensive communication system to start discussions, exchange feedback, interact directly with senior managers, view important announcements and brainstorm ideas on virtual whiteboards. They also have the ability to connect with other employees with similar interests.

Modern workforce management

The tech-savvy workforce of today requires technology that allows remote work, eliminates the hassle of managing employees, and offers a connected and convenient working environment.

Zoho People is our human resource management software. It provides all the tools that companies need to offer a seamless experience to employees and HR teams. It is the most effective way to meet the modern workforce’s needs. Learn More About Zoho People.