Five Simple Steps to Increase Adwords Campaign Success

Google AdWords is a useful tool for your company. Google AdWords results are often at the top or sideline of natural search results. They blend so well with other results that customers don’t know they are paid. Customers simply see what they are looking for and click through to the relevant results. Google AdWords is a powerful tool that can help you grow your business. AdWords can help you reach your ideal customers by matching their needs with your products. This will increase brand awareness and sales.

You need to be able to run a successful AdWords Campaign. The basics will be covered: Setting up your AdWords groups and keyword research. Next, you’ll need to decide on your target audience. These are all great steps to take. If you want your AdWords campaigns to be more successful for your business, there are many things that you can do. These are the top five tips that will help you get more click-throughs from AdWords campaigns and a better return on your investment.

1. Fine tune your copy

Keyword research is only the beginning. AdWords ads should be written carefully. Consider the results you get when you search Google. There isn’t much space to put your copy in. You can still make every word count with careful planning. Two simple questions to ask yourself:

*What sets my company apart from the rest?

*What are the benefits customers can expect from doing business with you?

You’ll be able to create compelling copy that grabs the attention of your customers if you answer both questions. Make sure to include a call-to-action that tells your customers exactly what you want them do next. For example, click here to buy now or get in touch.

2. 2.

AdWords campaigns are only as good as the keywords they choose. The Keyword Planner helps you do this. It is important to select keywords that are similar to what customers type into Google. Negative keywords are also important. Negative keywords are search terms that you do not want your ads to appear for. If you place an ad for runners’ vitamin supplements, it is not a good idea to be found when people search table runners. Negative keywords can help you avoid spending AdWords money on clicks from customers looking for something completely different.

3. 3.

It is not enough to get the right ads in front the right people. It is important to be aware of where potential customers end up when they visit your site. Your ad creates expectations for your potential customers. Your landing page must fulfill the promise you made in your ad. If it doesn’t, the customer will leave and you’ll lose potential sales. Google also considers the quality and relevance of landing pages when determining how high your campaign’s Quality Score. To keep your visitors engaged, ensure your landing page is relevant to your AdWords campaign.

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Exemple:Our ads target people who are searching for specific things.Drupal POS systems.

We are looking for the following keywords:Drupal POS, Drupal point-of-sale

Ad CopyOur Drupal POS ads speak directly to our customers.

Landing pageThis landing page clearly focuses on a Drupal POS.

As you can see, everything is consistent, from the search terms that we target to the ads that we place to the landing pages we advertise.

Although this seems obvious, we have seen Adwords accounts where it is not. This can lead to lower quality ads and an increase in your Adwords score if you don’t get the right results.

4. Take Advantage of Ad Extensions

Google AdWords extensions let you add more information to your ads. These extensions will make your ads more effective for your business.

* Extensions for review.Advertise positive reviews and let people know how they have used your products or services.

* Sitelink ExtensionsYour ad will link directly to other pages of your website. Your ad can direct your customers to reach you, to go to your homepage, or to find an item in the store.

* Extensions to the location.This extension is perfect for brick and mortar stores. To make it easier for mobile users to find your store, add navigation help or a pin to your ad.

* Extensions for callsDo you consider phone sales to be a major part of your business? This extension includes a click-to-call button in your ad. Customers can easily get in touch with you.

5. Think Mobile

Internet usage is becoming more mobile. You might consider targeting mobile users more often, depending on the business. Perhaps desktop users, such as those at work, are more likely to see your ads. AdWords allows you to target specific devices so that your ads are seen more often. To get your ads seen by desktop users, you may make a negative mobile bidding to reduce mobile appearances. To increase mobile views, however, you can also make a negative mobile bid if your audience is predominantly mobile.

These features make it easier than ever to create a successful AdWords Campaign that will attract customers and increase click-throughs, and ultimately increase sales.

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What to Watch in 2017 for Mobile Marketing

In 2016, mobile marketing had a huge impact on the way brands interact with marketers. Marketers reached their audience through major trends in mobile gaming, mobile wallet, and social media marketing.

Brands will need to consider what the next big thing in mobile marketing is and how they can harness it to their advantage.

Mobile Coupons will be the future of discounts and deals

A recent survey found that 36% of brand marketers said mobile coupon delivery will be their primary focus for the next year. Mobile coupons can be used in many industries, including restaurants and grocery stores. Customers can get coupons delivered to their mobile phones in the most efficient and convenient manner possible.

According to studies, almost half of shoppers won’t buy an item if they forget to bring their coupon. This problem can be solved by mobile coupons, which allow customers to access the coupon on their mobile devices.

Mobile coupons are not only great for customers, but also for businesses. This strategy can help brands increase foot traffic, basket size, redemption rates, and customer lifetime value.

Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallet payments, although still relatively new technology are becoming more popular thanks to programs such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. Marketers are now using mobile wallets as marketing channels.

Marketers can have a constant presence on consumers’ devices with mobile wallets. Customers can view promotions from their favorite stores by opening their mobile wallet. Customers can get relevant messages about deals near them by using the location detection feature that mobile wallets provide.

The Challenge Marketers Face

Many companies are eager to find new marketing strategies that increase their mobile reach. Their ability to implement these strategies is the problem. Brands still face major challenges in implementing mobile marketing strategies. This is due to a lack of IT skills and integration resources. According to research, 26% of marketers lack the IT resources necessary for them to invest in mobile marketing in 2017.

Find Your Start Point

Mobile marketing can help brands maximize their impact. Marketers must first determine which strategies work well with customers. You can test out several different strategies in a small number of stores. Mobile coupons might work well with the store’s existing coupon offers, or perhaps offering a mobile wallet loyalty card makes more sense. Mobile marketing is a key component of a mobile-driven world. You cannot afford to miss out on potential revenue.

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