Five obstacles that prevent effective onboarding

Five obstacles that prevent effective onboarding

Onboarding is a key component of a company’s success . It has been shown that organizations with strong onboarding processes can increase new hire retention by 82%, and productivity by more than 70% . Your new hire will be the first interaction with your company. It is important to manage onboarding carefully in order to ensure that they are happy and satisfied. A few minor hiccups or miscommunications can discourage new hires from staying. An organized onboarding program will help new hires to get used to the company culture and to understand their role. It also helps them to get to know their fellow team members.

We’ve listed five key challenges and tips for creating a great onboarding program to help new hires.

Problem #1: Communication during pre-onboarding is lacking

Many organizations do not engage with new employees after they accept the offer letter. Candidates may be unsure if this is the right time to make a decision or if the organization truly values them. Candidates may feel anxious or even discouraged from coming to work on their first day.

Tips During pre-onboarding, you can introduce strategies to build trust with your new hires. You can reach out to them to discuss any issues such as relocation or how they commute. To make them feel valued, you can send them a selection of company swag. It is important to provide the necessary tech tools for remote workers. New hires can be helped to understand their expectations by a quick call from their immediate supervisor.

Challenge 2: Never-ending paperwork

Many paperwork is required for onboarding. Organizations and new hires must deal with many documents, including I-9 forms and W-4 forms, offer letters, W-4 forms and withholding certificates. Contract forms and proof of identity are just a few of the many documents they will need. It can be stressful for new hires to have to deal with all the paperwork from their first day.

TipsDon’t wait until the first day of paperwork completion to help your new hires. Instead, complete the paperwork during the pre-onboarding phase. It is better to send documents individually, rather than sending them all at once. You can share documents with employees if you have an onboarding management portal. They can then e-sign the paperwork and send it back from their computer. Assure your new hires they are able to reach you at any time if they have questions.

Challenge #3: Failure to inform employees about the organization

Candidates research companies before they meet with a hiring manager. However, online research is limited in its ability to provide information. To be able to work effectively, they must have a good understanding of the organization and their work. They’ll struggle to align with your organization’s values, mission, culture, and principles. If this happens, they will only seek out ways to leave your company.

Tips Provide documents, videos and websites to employees during the pre-onboarding phase. It can be helpful to hold a separate session for each employee on their first day. This will allow you to explain your products, services and align them with your vision. You might organize a session for C-level executives to address candidates and interact with them if you are able to onboard several candidates in a single day. If possible, give them a tour of the office and introduce each department.

#4 Challenge: Not providing adequate training

Your organization, your team’s work methods, and even your work environment may all be unfamiliar to your new employees. It is crucial to create training programs that are appropriate. Your employees won’t have a clear vision of the future and will struggle to excel in their jobs.

Tips Once your new hires have explored their roles for a few weeks, you can introduce them to your training courses. This should be discussed with managers so that they can determine the knowledge and skills required for their job and then create training courses around them. If your new hire is a product marketing manager, they will need to be familiar with the details of their product. They can develop better marketing materials by giving a detailed course explaining your product and its target audience.

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Challenge #5: Don’t ask for feedback from new hires

It is not easy to find the right balance in employee onboarding. You can adjust your approach over time and set the pace for the employee journey. You can only do this if you get feedback from your new hires about the onboarding and recruitment process. You won’t know what is working and what isn’t.

Tips Send a survey to new hires during week two or three to find out what their views are about onboarding. Ask them questions such as what they enjoyed most about onboarding, what was the most difficult, and what made them feel exceptional about onboarding. You can then use this data to improve your onboarding process.

Becoming an Onboard Expert

A well-designed onboarding process is essential for motivating new hires, aligning them with organizational values, and encouraging them stay with your company over time.