Examples and tips on how universities use user-generated content to engage students

Examples and tips on how universities use user-generated content to engage students

For the foreseeable future, Gen Z will be the dominant generation in higher education’s first year student population. This will require a shift of marketing and recruitment strategies to match their preferences. What are the changes higher education should make to keep up with marcomm trend?

In our case, user-generated content is also known as student-generated content.

It is evident that Gen Z has a clear idea of what they want or need. Gen Z is a generation that values authenticity and practicality. They rely more on peers than school counselors or admissions officers when choosing a college. NACAC.

These findings are supported by research outside of higher education. A global survey by Bazaarvoice found that 73% of respondents aged 18-34 prefer brands to use user-generated content on their social media channels.

Although user-generated content isn’t new, institutions often overlook opportunities to adapt their content strategies towards authentic student voices. Although “authentic” is perhaps the most used word in marketing, I believe it’s a valid term. Students don’t need another polished, scripted talking head video. According to a href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C._Daniel_Mote_Jr. “>Dan Mote. Please put down the cliche lab coats and beakers and filtered beauty photos of campus (How to Market a University).

Students want to see themselves in content institutions. They also want to see students who look like them, have the same dreams and values, and are representative of the true student experience.

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How can you increase or start student-generated content? These great examples from social media can be your inspiration:

Twitter and University of Delaware

The University of Delaware was one of the university accounts I found as I looked through Twitter accounts. @UDelaware shares and posts content from students more often than other Higher Ed accounts. It is great that they have multiple sources of student-generated content to update their feed.

Retweet from the student’s Twitter account

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