Entrepreneurs fool themselves about productivity

Last month, in”My experience with product reviews,” I said that I’d sent a nude selfie into Blenders Eyewear and was disappointed with its lack of reaction.

Then I tweeted out the column to Blenders. The team gave an immediate and enthusiastic response on Twitter, in the comments for the pillar, in my email, and on my voicemail.

That’s some client engagement.

The takeaway is that Blenders seeks nude selfies. The staff claims it’s going to set them on the office fridge. So please purchase Blenders sunglasses, choose nude selfies, and ship them to Blenders.

On to this month’s column.

There isn’t any lack of information on how entrepreneurs can be more effective and more effective. Through time, I’ve become better at both. But I sometimes think that I am being productive when, in actuality, I am wasting time. Here are 3 ways that entrepreneurs often fool themselves about productivity.

3 productivity cubes

Focusing on the pressing when ignoring the important. I sometimes focus on the incorrect quadrants of the Eisenhower Matrix (also referred to as the Covey grid), which can help prioritize things based on their significance and urgency. Quadrant 1 is both important and urgent. Quadrant 2 is important but not urgent. Quadrant 3 is urgent but not important. And quadrant 4 is neither important nor urgent.

Often I can be duped into focusing on quadrant 3 — things that are urgent but not important. These can include, by way of instance, answering emails and having low-value conversations.

The actual trap for me, however, is quadrant 1 — things which are both important and urgent. The dangerous part of quadrant 1 is that I feel exceptionally productive when I finish those items.

However important and urgent items (quadrant 1) steal your time from the ones that are important but not urgent (quadrant 2). And it is the important but not urgent items (quadrant 2) I actually have to do. Sometimes I have known for many years that I had to do them, but I put them off.

By way of instance, working on the relationship with your spouse or partner is almost always an important thing to do. Nevertheless, it’s very often not urgent — until it is too late. That is not a business example, but it’s emotional and personal for many, including me.

A business example of quadrant two is planning. Many entrepreneurs don’t need to plan since they aren’t”doing something.” However, as one of my friends told me lately, every 1 minute of preparation saves 10 minutes in execution.

Needless networking. Another entrepreneurial time waster is media. I am a fan of developing a large network. However, the worst way of media is meeting in person, such as with a coffee.

Tim Ferriss’s idea of just-in-time networking works for me. Ferriss asserts that you don’t construct random connections which may eventually be mutually helpful. Instead, start looking for individuals that you need instantly and network together.

A significant critique of the approach is that networks are often valuable once you build connections with time. But randomly going to community events or meeting someone for coffee isn’t a excellent way to construct a deep connection. You must spend more time with someone to construct deep ties.

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Too much preparation. Another way that marketers squander time is exploring a lot of and acting too small. Examples could be seeing the most recent advertising videos on YouTube, reading blogs about advertising, and similar efforts.

We’re all creators and customers. As entrepreneurs, we work hard to consume high quality content — whether it is from video or text or at conferences. However, it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to find out too much before taking action.

Entrepreneurs will need to be creating. That is getting into the stadium and making things happen that could drive you and your business ahead.

So what do you think? How do you procrastinate without realizing you’re procrastinating? Have you ever delivered a naked selfie into an appreciative brand? Let me know in the comments below.

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