Dragonchain Enterprise Interoperability

Dragonchain Enterprise Interoperability

Today’s economy is dependent on collaboration between interested parties, as well as the ability to quickly respond to changing trends. These challenges are still present due to insufficient interoperability. It is important to have a strategic infrastructure in place that allows you to select flexible software that meets your business’s needs and exceeds them. This will allow you to gain a competitive edge.

Dragonchain integrates our patented interoperability tech, Interchain, to make it easy for businesses to use all their disparate systems in order capture crucial data from all relevant resources.

Our frictionless onboarding process makes it easy to create a business blockchain. It takes just 3 clicks and less that 10 minutes. A business can connect to its own blockchain from any business system or network once it has created its own blockchain.

Dragonchain offers the tools and knowledge to help businesses overcome their challenges.

Hybrid Architecture Interoperable

Dragonchain is unique in its approach to interoperability. Our hybrid architecture is made up of multiple interoperable Blockchains. This allows businesses to run their own private blockchain and leverage multiple public blockchains for verification, security and measurable proof.

Sensitive business information is not removed from the verification process. It remains at the business level. The data is verified using a network decentralized blockchains. Once verified, it is secured by all connected public blockchains (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. This allows private and proprietary data to be kept with the business, and gives them the freedom to choose which information they want to share and who.

This data separation allows businesses to comply with GDPR/CCPA and other regulatory requirements such as HIPAA. It also protects personal identifiable information (PII), from end to end.

Our hybrid blockchain model uses traditional Software Development Kits, (SDKs), that can support many programming languages, including Java, Python, Java, BASH shell script, and Java. Businesses can use their existing engineering resources to provide value faster and with less risk.

Every interoperable blockchain can be scalable independently, giving businesses the freedom to choose the best solutions. Businesses can adjust their operations quickly by adding or removing systems as necessary, which saves time and resources.

Dragonchain’s interoperability technology enables businesses to access all data they need while maintaining data integrity.

Interoperable Smart Contracts

Dragonchain offers smart contracts more flexibility and real functionality. Our interoperable smart contract architecture is hybrid. They allow private and proprietary data to be kept with the business, and they are not shared across public systems.

Our interoperable smart contract can connect systems that might otherwise be incompatible. Smart contracts act as “glue code” between multiple systems. Businesses can also use our smart contract orchestration system to have great flexibility between them.

Dragonchain smart contracts can also be used as self-oracles, publishing and monitoring information from all sources for total automation. Our patented smart contract orchestration system allows businesses to add smart contracts to any step in a workflow process. This will increase flexibility and efficiency. Without rewriting the entire smart contract, any workflow can be modified, deleted, or added to without having to rewrite it. This saves time, money, developer resources, and developers’ time.

Dragonchain smart contracts enable businesses to create real-world applications using existing business systems and other blockchains.

Multidimensional Interoperability

Dragonchain is a holistic approach for interoperability. Our goal is to bring the maximum value to businesses and do so in a secure way. Asset and token transfers are part our interoperability suite. However, we recognize that businesses have more pressing needs than financial ones.

Interoperability of Asset and Token Transfers

Since 2018, our interoperability technology has been operational. It allows users to transfer assets or value from one chain to the next. Our goal is to ensure the security and safety of decentralized value transfers.

Interoperability in Security

Multiple public blockchains are used for security. The network of both private and public blockchains is more secure than either one. A 51% attack would be conducted on a transaction by a malicious actor. This would require the breach of five decentralized verification blockchains and each interchain (e.g., private business blockchain, five independent verification blockchains, and any other Interchains). Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain

We assign a value, which is the sum of all the current Interchains (Bitcoin Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain), to quantify the interoperable security. The Transaction Security Value (TSV), also known as the value of a transaction, is how much money it would cost to alter one transaction. Each transaction is currently secured by $4 billion USD annually.

Interoperability to Increase Utility

Dragonchain is unique in its ability to offer businesses the greatest flexibility in blockchain utility. Interchain lets businesses choose which blockchain protocols are best suited for their specific needs, rather than focusing on a single use case. Businesses can take advantage of the capabilities of multiple specialized blockchains simultaneously, without having to alter their workflows or infrastructure. Businesses can use this to combine capabilities such as quantum computing and decentralized storage.

Interoperability between Traditional Business Systems

Interchain’s most important feature is its ability to allow businesses to keep the software and systems that they use. We connect businesses to the interoperable infrastructure they need through the use of smart contracts and RESTful APIs. Businesses can use blockchain to solve problems that traditional systems cannot.

Fully Operational Interoperability

Since 2016, our interoperability technology is operational. In 2016 we made the first connection between a private and Bitcoin blockchain. We have connected many traditional business systems to private and public blockchain networks (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger. Businesses can use our first-mover advantage to get interoperable solutions that go beyond the box.

Our solutions are scalable so that they can meet the growing needs of businesses without having to worry about increased translation costs. If there is a slowdown in business operations, adjustments can be made quickly to increase margins.

Blockchain can be used to track historical events. Each business can decide how to use the technology. What can you do to use blockchain technology for connecting your business systems and processes?

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