Can a new slogan increase earnings?

My Wedding Decor has slowly evolved in the 10 months since I launched the website.

Four months ago I made two simple changes which might have been responsible for raising my earnings.

First, I changed the headline which appeared on peak of the website. The previous headline read:”Purchase and employ unique themed wedding decoration you would want for your own house.” Being an ex-housewares journalist, I aimed to appeal to couples who wanted intriguing decorative mementos they would exhibit in their own homes following their wedding.

Following a meeting a website strategist in my regional business networking group in mid-January, he commented that this headline may be merely a secondary incentive or driver for consumers searching for wedding decor.

Retailers must appeal to their shoppers’ most pressing psychological need or desire, and then, ideally, their second (and third party ) must ensure the ideal fit.

The key emotional motorist might be that my kind of decoration delights guests (satisfying the shopper’s need to impress), with a secondary logical driver may be a mixture of cost, accessibility, location, and ability to be customized.

Secondary drivers may appeal to logic and emotions. They offer an extra bonus, but they aren’t typically the primary reason you purchase items. On reflection, I agreed brides wouldn’t pace around their living rooms, stating,”I must find wedding decor which goes with this!”

After some consideration, I changed the headline ,”Purchase, rent and bespoke unique themed event decor” to expand the market scope. Here this headline, I also added a new motto:”We sell, source, custom-make and lease themed event decor from shore to classic for Australian couples, stylists, florists, wedding planners and event designers.” This was the second shift.

How fast did it make a difference?

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In the four weeks after my headline change and motto addition, my percentage of custom orders has come to be 29 percent — more than twice the 13 percent it had been for the nine months after my site launch when it was not obvious I provided this service.

November 2015 was my greatest sales period. But I had just a 0.40 percent sales conversion afterward. In the four weeks after my home page upgrade my sales conversion has climbed to 0.73 percent.

Better still, there’s been a 27 percent earnings growth in the period January 21 to February 18, 2016 over November 1 to 29, 2015.

Your organization, too, may experience an uptick in sales with the addition of an explanatory motto to your home page.