Avalanche and Polygon now have BUSD available

Avalanche and Polygon now have BUSD available

BUSD can be purchased on several blockchains including Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain and BNB Beacon Chain. BUSD now also available on Avalanche, Polygon. Avalanche’s and Polygon’s BUSD support allows traders to quickly and safely transfer USD-backed stablecoins across multiple platforms. Users can now explore the Avalanche/Polygon ecosystem with BUSD faster and more efficiently. The BUSD team is determined to bring more use cases to its ecosystem in the future. Follow CoinMarketCap for the latest BUSD news.

Avalanche’s Binance-Peg USD smart contract address is


The smart contract address for Binance-Peg USD on Polygon’s website is


BUSD is issued on Ethereum via Paxos, and is regulated by NYDFS (New York State Department of Financial Services). Binance offers the pegged token service that locks BUSD on Ethereum, and also issues an equivalent amount Binance-Peg USD on other networks. For more information, visit the Proof of Assets webpage.

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Back to Crypto with Binance

The school year has begun, summer vacations are over, and students around the globe are returning to school.

Back-to-school serves as a reminder to crypto-world members that learning is a lifelong pursuit. We urge all users to return to crypto with Binance. You can switch gears in your summer vacation mindset by using technical indicators, crypto whitepapers and the metaverse.

Reconnecting with Friends

It’s great to see all your old friends again during the new school year. It’s the perfect time to reconnect with old friends or create new ones. If you are looking to make new friends and earn some lunch money, you might consider joining Binance Discord.

Timing is Everything

Time management is key to school. Whether you’re making it to class on-time, completing extracurricular activities, or having enough time to do homework, there are many things to remember. Crypto is all about time management. If you have other commitments, ensure you set price alerts for when you buy and when you sell. Consider dollar-cost averaging strategy, which allows you to buy crypto in fixed intervals (e.g. every month) over the long-term.

Making The Grade

Doing your homework and studying is key to getting good grades in school. It’s crucial that you do your research in crypto (DYOR). With the rapid growth of crypto, there is always more to learn. Binance Academy is the best educational platform for millions worldwide. It’s one of the most convenient ways to learn. Binance Academy has over 400 articles covering everything from trading basics to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

No Surprises

Always be prepared. If you have done your research and studied the dreaded pop quiz, it is not so frightening. While no amount of DYOR can guarantee perfect trade execution in crypto trading, there are ways you can avoid a negative outcome if an unexpected red candle appears. A stop-loss order is a way to protect yourself against large losses and prepare for unexpected price movements.

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Master of All

A good student is someone who is well-rounded in all areas of education, from art and history to maths and everything in between. Cryptography is no different. Do not limit yourself to one particular area. You should get out of your comfort zone to discover all that crypto has to offer.

Discover the fascinating history of Bitcoin and the mysterious origins of its creator. Cryptography is a great option for those who enjoy math. Artists can also explore non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, which are changing the way we experience and create art, music and culture.

All of this learning will make you hungry. In recent years, school cafeterias have made great strides in offering healthy options. We at crypto prefer to stay true to our roots and recharge with pizza.

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