6 Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Brands on Memorial Day

6 Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Brands on Memorial Day

Your brand can get the summer shopping season off to a good start with the right marketing strategies

eCommerce brands have the opportunity to offer more relevant promotions during holidays and seasonal events, thereby reengaging customers and acquiring new customers. Memorial Day is a popular shopping weekend.

This weekend has been traditionally considered the official start of summer. Many brands offer discounts on summer-themed products like furniture, clothing, and gardening items. These discounts are not limited to the above items. You can make any time-sensitive offer for Memorial Day weekend.

These are easy ways to improve your Memorial Day marketing strategies.

Your marketing should be specific to Memorial Day

You can make your promotions stand out among year-round offers by using the holiday whenever possible. This helps you stand out from the crowd and creates a sense of urgency. More on this below. It also increases your chances of success. Yotpo data shows that seasonal and holiday-oriented campaigns have a 47% higher revenue than regular campaigns.

Strategy in action:

  • You can create a promo code, discount code or other incentive related to Memorial Day.
  • Summer items are the most popular item that people want to purchase during Memorial Day weekend. Make a landing page listing your top picks to get ready for the season or create a Memorial Day bundle.
  • To get shoppers excited about the season, use visual UGC with a summery vibe. This will make your sale feel more aspirational and motivating. This will encourage shoppers to explore new products in an authentic way.

Make Memorial Day weekend a time of urgency

Holiday weekend sales have the advantage of being time-sensitive. While it might seem unnecessary to add urgency to your promotions year round, it is necessary during a seasonal promotion. Because it plays into the customer’s fear that they might miss out on something they need or want, this works.

Strategy in action:

  • To motivate customers to take action immediately, use phrases like “this weekend only”, “limited stock” or “offer ends today”.
  • You can add a countdown clock to indicate when the Memorial Day sale ends.
  • Advanced messaging creates anticipation so customers can be more ready to take action once the promotion goes live. To give loyalty program members an early access, it is possible to create a sense of exclusivity.

Our friends at Eastside Co, one of the most respected Shopify development, marketing and design agencies in the world, shared even more tips on urgency, exclusivity and scarcity in their guide here.

Use SMS messages to engage customers

You need to create urgency in your promotions. Make sure you are delivering them in a professional manner. Because SMS marketing can be done immediately, it is the best way to promote time-sensitive products. After all, 90% of SMS messages are read in less than three minutes.

Strategy in action:

  • Profit from this limited-time urgency by offering curated product selections that simplify the buying process , allowing customers to buy in just few clicks .
  • Your messages can include a Memorial Day-themed graphic. Images are more engaging than text messages, so you should opt for MMS rather than SMS.
  • Use succinct and impactful messages to get right to the point. These Memorial Day SMS templates can be used to inspire.

Optimize your organic marketing

Organic marketing is becoming more important than ever. Getting in front of customers who are like you is a great way to gain new customers on a busy weekend. Most shoppers begin their search for a new purchase by searching Google.

Strategy in action:

  • Your Google Seller Ratings should be showing up in your listings. Google Shopping’s documentation states that your brand must have at least 100 seller reviews within the last 12 months in order for reviews to be displayed.
  • Use product ratings to make sure your ads stand out. Yotpo customers who use Google Shopping ads with ratings and reviews see a 24% increase of CTR.

For more information, see our Complete Guide for Google Shopping.

Sign up for trade access

Interest in promotions can be used as a motivator for customers to sign up to a program that adds value to your brand. This could include your email or SMS subscriber lists or loyalty program. This will give you more potential to convert one-time shoppers into repeat customers long past the holiday weekend.

Strategy in action:

  • After signing up, create unique codes that customers can use to get their information.
  • Customers who sign up will be given early access to the promotion or additional promotions, such as free samples.

Reclaim abandoned carts

A lot of discounts at once on sales weekends can lead to shoppers becoming distracted. It’s crucial to plan a strategy to recover Memorial Day traffic and abandoned carts.

Strategy in action

  • To remind subscribers of an item left behind , send personalized SMS messages.
  • To increase conversion, you can use customer reviews and visual UGC to retarget ads.
  • You can sweeten the deal by offering customers who return to purchase an additional offer, or creating a sense of urgency or exclusivity through extending your promotion for “one-day only”.

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