5 Reasons to Hire Remote Workers

Your ecommerce company is growing. You need programmers, marketers, and customer service agents. But how can you get the best employees? It is simple: hire remote workers.

Often ecommerce companies start small. Maybe there was only a single entrepreneur working from a garage. As the business grows, workers connect from the local community and the company acquires office space, desks, and all the standard office accouterments. The company may even be excited about the camaraderie and relationships that functioning at the same office can foster.

Though a conventional office space and work arrangement may be fine, there are at least five good reasons that ecommerce companies should consider hiring remote employees.

1. High Excellent

The moment an ecommerce company opens up to the concept of choosing a remote employee — an employee or a contractor — that company has suddenly expanded its pool of potential ability to include elite workers from throughout the nation or even around the world.

Perhaps the best benefit of hiring remote workers is a business has a far larger pool of possible employees. The company may have hundreds of applicants as opposed to dozens.

Envision a mid-market ecommerce company based in Traverse City, Michigan on the gorgeous beaches of Lake Michigan. Traverse City proper is a city of about 16,000 individuals which functions as the hub for around four Northern Michigan counties with a combined population of, possibly, 150,000 folks.

Whether this ecommerce business was seeking a web programmer familiar with the MongoDB, Express, React, and Node (MERN) pile, chances are good the company could discover several, possibly even a dozen, good candidates. But if that search for a MERN programmer was expanded to all of the United States with a population of over 320 million, there may be hundreds or even thousands of applicants.

It’s quite possible that the ideal candidate for a job is right next door. However, when you throw a broader net you have a better chance of attracting and hiring high quality employees which are just right for your ecommerce operation.

2. More Productive

Several studies conducted over several years demonstrate remote workers are usually more productive than are employees who report to an office.

There are numerous possible causes of this increase in productivity.

An International Workplace Analytics survey, cited by AllBusiness.com, discovered distant workers were nearly two times as likely to work overtime when needed — 53 percent versus 28 percent of office employees.

Other reports have pointed out that not everybody is the most productive during”normal business hours” The aforementioned MERN programmer may work best between 9:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.

A Harvard case study from 2014 indicated at least a third of the higher productivity remote employees experience comes from a better, quieter work environment wherein the remote employee does not suffer from what researchers called the”cake in the break room effect.”

Remote workers might be better able to concentrate on work tasks, uninterrupted by co-workers and workplace sound.

Remote employees make ecommerce companies more productive.

3. Healthier, Happier, More Loyal

Many researchers consider the flexibility that working remotely supplies — both in terms of the hours worked and the place where those hours are worked — will likely make workers healthier, happier, and more faithful to the enterprise.

A 2016 report,”The Effects of Telecommuting Intensity on Employee Health,” found that individuals who worked at an office”were at higher risk for obesity, alcohol abuse, physical inactivity, and tobacco use” than were telecommuters. Office employees were also more likely to experience depression.

While the seriousness of a certain job (stress) can certainly outweigh the advantages of working remotely, it’s usually held that remote workers are a lot more likely to integrate physical exercise in their day. They’re more likely to be positively engaged with their communities and families. They take fewer sick days, and they’re less likely to stop, to work for another business.

4. Perspective

In politics, The New Yorker film critic Pauline Kael is frequently referenced as an example of perspective. During a speech before the Modern Language Association in December 1972, Kael said”I reside in a somewhat special world. I only know one person who voted for Nixon.”

Given Nixon’s eventual resignation, Kael’s acquaintances and friends might have been onto something. Nonetheless, Nixon did take over 60 percent of the vote in 1972, making 520 electoral votes to only 17 for George McGovern.

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Kael understood her perspective didn’t necessarily match other’s viewpoints. Similarly, a company working from one office area may also become separated from different points of view. When you employ remote works, you will gain from their distinct and unique perspectives.

5. More Profitable

Remote employees may create an ecommerce company relatively more profitable.

Given the comparatively lower cost of using remote workers and the incorporating productivity they represent, an ecommerce company may be somewhat more profitable if it hires remote workers.

For an assortment of reasons, remote employees often cost less than office workers. A company needs less office space, saves money on utilities, and purchases fewer desks. Turnover may be less frequent, so there are reduced costs associated with hiring and training.

What is more, since distant workers are, generally, more effective, companies are more efficient. Taken together, lower costs and better production should result in more profit.

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