4 ecommerce-related Companies to Begin right now

I am often approached by many prospective entrepreneurs who wish to begin a business when possible. They’re usually in their early 20s, living in the U.S., and working a job where they are unfulfilled and (possibly) underpaid.

They frequently want advice and, occasionally, to connect with my providers.

It’s a strange situation to join a random (or just a friend) with a leading provider. But advice is something I’m happy to supply.

In this post, I will offer four comparatively low-risk methods to begin a side hustle that could grow into a full-time enterprise.

4 companies to launch today

Facebook marketing consulting gig. Take an internet class on Facebook advertising and work as a consultant. Network your way to some regional engagements, price yourself reduced to begin (maybe $25 per hour), and knock the socks off your clientele. Sure, you’ll make a few mistakes. But if you push return on investment, you will quickly receive referrals and testimonials. Then raise your prices.

Build some success and create case studies from your customers. Following that, evolve from a consultant to a small agency by hiring assistants and teaching them the business. Focus your efforts then on client acquisition and train others to execute the advertisements.

A side benefit is that you can apply the knowledge you’ve gained from purchasing and optimizing Facebook advertisements to another enterprise.

Amazon product sales consultancy. This is like starting a Facebook advertisements gig, but the platform is Amazon. Take an online class in Amazon earnings, then seek out small regional businesses that aren’t on Amazon. Tell the company owners you’ll get them reside on Amazon and to drive sales.

All the company owner must do is pay you a small commission, send the merchandise fast, and perhaps cover a few Amazon ads to receive their goods kick-started on the platform.

There’s almost no risk for the company owner. All sales and profit will be incremental. And you should be able to drive sales for just about any business.

Again, as soon as you’ve some success, you ask for referrals, case studies — and increase your prices. If you’re successful, hire help and grow.

If you have some expertise in Internet marketing:

Media company. Create a site with a connected email newsletter and social networking pages. The secret is to begin in a market which you can monetize down the street — if it is possible to create a following, which requires compelling content which assists or entertains people from day one.

If you can add a good deal of readers — at least 10,000 on email and 20,000-50,000 on societal channels — your idea is sound, which you can monetize.

There are a number of ways to do that, including sponsorships, affiliate revenue , creating your own products, and consulting with other companies. But if you’re unable to attract subscribers, then perhaps the idea isn’t the best.

Purchase an underperforming ecommerce land. This typically requires considerable experience and cash to invest.

The problem is finding the appropriate company to purchase. There are many marketplaces to buy and sell companies, but they sometimes unwittingly comprise scams.

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A popular scam is the”pump and dump” A scammer generates an ecommerce business, purchases traffic, and develops the earnings unprofitably, and then sells the company to an unsuspecting buyer.

When the buyer gets the company, the traffic drops off, and the buyer is unable to generate profits.

Certainly you will find reputable brokers. Empire Flippers, by way of instance, is a market that vets every company listed on the platform.

Another alternative is to search Google for an underperforming company in an attractive product lineup. Start looking for social channels that haven’t been updated recently in some time, but merchandise pages still rank well in search.

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