15 Top Steve Jobs Quotes about Innovation

15 Top Steve Jobs Quotes about Innovation

Steve Jobs was a genius. Apple and Steve Jobs have launched a remarkable number of disruptive consumer products, from the iPhone to the iPod to retail stores. What is it that makes Apple stand out from the rest? Jobs’ innovative approach is key to many clues. These quotes are from Steve Jobs and give insight into the genius of the man who co-founded one the most innovative companies in history.

Steve Jobs’ top quotes about innovation

1.Focus groups are a difficult way to design products. Often, people don’t know what they want until they see it.

2.“Some people believe that customers should be given what they want. But, that is not how I work. It is our job to find out what customers want before they get it. Henry Ford said once, “If I asked customers what they wanted, they’d have told me a faster horse.” People won’t tell you what they want until it is shown to them. Market research is not something I rely on. It is our job to find information that is not yet on the page.

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3.“You cannot just ask customers what they want, and then try to give it to them.” They’ll be looking for something else by the time it’s built.

4.“Sometimes innovation can lead to mistakes. It is better to quickly admit your mistakes and move on to improving other innovations.

5.“Innovation is when people meet up in the corridors, call each other at 10:30 at night with new ideas or realize something that blows apart our current way of thinking about a problem. This is an informal meeting of six people who are called by someone who believes he has found the most innovative thing and wants to hear what others think about his idea.

6. 6.It’s easy to believe that ideas can be created by email or iChat in this networked age. The best way to create is through spontaneous meetings and random discussions.

7.People think that focus means saying yes, to whatever it is you are focusing on. It’s not. This means that you will not accept any of the other great ideas. It is important to choose carefully. The things we haven’t done are just as impressive to me as the things that I have done. Innovation is saying no too many things.”

8.“We are always looking for new markets to enter, but it is only when we say no that we can focus on the important things.”

9.You can live your life creatively if you are an artist. It is necessary to be open to taking what you have done and who you were, and to throwing them away.

10.“Innovation does not depend on how much R&D money you have. IBM spent at least 100x more R&D when Apple created the Mac. It’s not all about money. It’s all about who you are with, how you lead, and how much money you make.

11.“Creativity just means connecting things. Creative people feel guilty when you ask them how they did it. They didn’t actually do it. They just saw something. After a while, it seemed obvious to them. They were able to combine experiences and create new ones.

12.When you start trying to solve a problem, your first solutions are often very complicated. Most people give up. If you persist with the problem, persevere, and take the time to peel away the layers, you may find simple and elegant solutions. Many people don’t have the energy or time to do this. Customers are smart and expect objects that are well-thought out.

13.Focus and simplicity have been my mantras. Complexity can make simple seem more difficult than complicated. You have to be clear in your thinking to simplify it.

14.We had a belief that it was easier to do it right the first go than to have to fix it again. It is hard to emphasize enough how devastating those repercussions can be.

15.“The only people who believe they can make a difference in the world are those who think so.”